Monday, March 31, 2008

A happy day =)

Posted by Siew Lee at 3/31/2008 05:36:00 AM
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Basically, today is just a normal day.
How normal you would ask ?
Very very very very normal..


How normal la ? =.=''


I woke up at 11.30am as an usual phenomena, and I managed to have a cup of HL milk and a big plate of wantan mee. Yum yum. Good start of the day.

Time passed 12pm but I still got nothing to do. Flip through the prospectus given by Taylor's University College and Sunway University College, read and compare the cost of studying CAL in both colleges.

Duh. Tuition fees aren't the expensive one, but the rest do. =.='' TARC fees are so tempting!

Sit besides my sis who was actually playing the game called "sushi do" by Seriously, it's just a normal game. Since I got nothing to do, I find it quite interesting, just for that moment.

My cousin's family came. Ee Won and I were good cousin in sharing talks. haha. We have same idea. Of course, we seldom meet and by the time we meet, we will have more words to say compare to my sisters who I always see. ^^

They went back. I have my time with my sister, just chat. Girls like that. XD

Switch on the TV, got to watch One Millionaire Stars and Project Superstar. I don't really agree with the style that Adrian present, perhaps, he got the look, and of course, vocal is still something he has to work harder.

Tiba-tiba, I feel like eating McDonald's. (It was 10pm). I suggested to both my sisters and both of them OF COURSE agreed. Dialed 1300-13-1300 and waited for few seconds before got the person in charge. Luckily it wasn't that busy as the previous call I made. 4 medium sets of Fillet-O-Fish, and one 9 pcs nuggets.

Maymay was out in Project Superstar. For me, she has a good vocal. ^^

Cliff was out. Duh. C'mon, Adrian? Hau and Will better!

Dong....The clock strikes one time.

TMD. why so late haven't come.

"Aiyo.. 11 liao ah.. " Popo said.
"Call and SUE kau them la..." My brother
"Ar... I thought the McDonald's arrived jor..." My younger sis
"Starvation-ing" (didn't say anything) My elder sis
"!@$#@%E&%*^(&*) 1 hour jor!!!!!! " of course it's me!

"Hello thank you for calling McDelivery........."
"I would like to ask, I have made an order an hour ago and the food still hasn't arrived."
"Can I have your order number, please"
"Okay, I will check with it and I will call you back as soon as possible"
"Okay, thanks."

"Call again la... " My brother

Biiiiiiiiiii....... FINALLY!

"ei ei.. why the nuggets left 5 only ? " My younger sis
"oi.. how many u ate? " My elder sis
"4.. my main target is the nuggets! " me

Pai seh la!!

And so and so..

I enjoy the moment where 3 of us eating at the dining table. So funny !

So, I said it earlier, a very very very normal day.


I still feel happy.

Why ?

No reason.

It's as simple as many people wish to be.

Don't be so greedy, sometimes.

This is enough.

Cheers. =)


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