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Everyone struggled to write "About me", or "Describe yourself". I'm not everyone, and I'm not writing "them", literally. Thus, I am not struggled to write this.

(*ehem* are you sure?)

Honestly, I struggle too. Its just like knowing yourself so well that, you can actually know how many hairs do you have, how deep is your eyebag, how big is your eyes and all the other measurements. How can I, living as myself, for the past 19 years, realise the subtle things of myself, and maybe the big picture that I portrait, in order to manage to write one good post about, myself.

I guess, the most basic thing in the post, is to introduce myself. My name, as the title of the blog suggests, I'm an idiot who likes to talk. ok no, my real name is Siew Lee. It might not be hard to remember but many struggled to pronounce it correctly. Don't worry if you're one of them, I can open a tutorial class to teach you about that, not. 

As I mentioned in the 6th line of this post, I am a 19-year-old student going to 20 this year. I am a lady, if you don't know yet. Maybe you don't, but its ok. Result of not too much feminine. I shouldn't be happy about this fact, theoretically, but, the fact is that, I enjoyed being this way. Why? You will know why.

Student doing what a student should do. I'm studying in the University of Otago, doing Bsc (Human Nutrition). No its nothing to do Food Technology and Food Science but somewhat related to Food Nutrition.  Working hard to get into Dietetics program but lazy me that will not even study until the very last minute.

A very realistic person that loves money, somewhat materialistic but work hard myself to get what I want. Aside from studying, I also picked up a part-time job in a Chinese restaurant. I think, if of any word to describe me, workaholic can be one of them. 

There's way too much to describe a person, and unfortunately I'm of the very long winded blogger that will go on and on and on when I started writing something I am interesting in. Let this post to be continued by more facts about me. In the meantime, read my blog to know exactly who I am...


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