Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Look at the time now...



Monday, March 30, 2009

AS Trial

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AS/A2 Trial exams starting tomorrow,

Good Luck to all the candidates!


Let us work hard for it.



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On 26th March..

Happy Birthday to my brother!!
Happy Birthday to Hao Ting!!

though its late here, but I do wish them personally on the exact date.=)


Saturday, March 28, 2009

A little too not over you

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p/s:I can't imagine my life without you, but I can always imagine your life without me. it will always be better.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thanks Adrian! hahaha

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I'm too boring here
and I know you guys miss me alot 'coz I didn't update right? lol
I told you I'm crazy today. haha.

I really got nothing to here besides the thing that I'm doing, and ya, I'm signing ebuddy talking to Terry first and Adrian came! lol.
Adrian will always be here whenever ever ever ever I feel boring. hahahaha. I'm serious.
Terry was so boring la. >.<

Perhaps I got nothing to talk to him? hmmm...

Ok well this is the conversation between Adrian and I. I would like to show it here to show my appreciation to you friend~! hehe.

edrin bo mood a! says:
y u at citc der
edrin bo mood a! says:
my mata still sepet ni
I say:
hahahahah college la
I say:
I say:
im here coz i came college
I say:
edrin bo mood a! says:
y u came?!
I say:
y not!
I say:
edrin bo mood a! says:
ur sis wif you ke..
edrin bo mood a! says:
why not a..
edrin bo mood a! says:
1.slow internet
edrin bo mood a! says:
edrin bo mood a! says:
3.so sien
edrin bo mood a! says:
edrin bo mood a! says:
lol..the real soalan is whya re you there..
I say:
no la im alone la dude..
I say:
er... i oso dunno why i chose to come CITC
I say:
I say:
why i kenot be here la!
edrin bo mood a! says:
yah lo
edrin bo mood a! says:
like suddenly miss colege ke..
edrin bo mood a! says:
like gila gila la
edrin bo mood a! says:
I say:
LOL apa la.. college ur dad's one is it? i kenot come la..
I say:
I say:
i never say im normal oso. i memang gila gila one
I say:
edrin bo mood a! says:
my dad is an ex tarcian oso k!?
edrin bo mood a! says:
edrin bo mood a! says:
you wan say lidat i salute lo
I say:
hahahahah lol not fun one
I say:

edrin bo mood a! says:
I say:
eh today u no class ah
edrin bo mood a! says:
how fun you want..haha..
edrin bo mood a! says:
no la
I say:
lol fun la.. as in.. aiyo. no one want argue with me la >.<
edrin bo mood a! says:
5 days onli thank god!!..owh you go tarc to see me is it!?!
I say:
lol u dream la u~!
I say:
i come tarc gap zai u believe or not~ XD
edrin bo mood a! says:
so sad..
edrin bo mood a! says:
say til lidat
edrin bo mood a! says:
edrin bo mood a! says:
i dun blif loo..
edrin bo mood a! says:
I say:
wat la. u are here meh! no right~ zzz
I say:
of coz la u dun believe. i talk crap la. zzz
I say:
u go read my blog im so crazy la
I say:
losing sane ord
I say:
edrin bo mood a! says:
edrin bo mood a! says:
apa jadi la
edrin bo mood a! says:
you dah high ke?
I say:
lol i dunno la
I say:
today damn crazy
edrin bo mood a! says:
awal awal pagi go citc..
I say:
and wth im not studying le...
edrin bo mood a! says:
hapy crazy or wad?..
edrin bo mood a! says:
siew lee!!! @.@
I say:
I DUNNO LA.. i know i won't be here so crazy ord la.......
I say:
:S :S
I say:
yes why shout my name!
I say:
edrin bo mood a! says:
edrin bo mood a! says:
i adi went ur blog la
edrin bo mood a! says:
edrin bo mood a! says:
i tot wad you added..
edrin bo mood a! says:
kena yum pulak
I say:
hahahahhaha wat la! omg im really crazy ord
I say:
I say:
I say:
u wait la
I say:
i wanna add sthg to the blog /gg
I say:
edrin bo mood a! says:
wait wad wad wad
edrin bo mood a! says:
edrin bo mood a! says:
i wait (hmmph emoticon)
edrin bo mood a! says:
for all i noe wad you add is unreadable to me
edrin bo mood a! says:
shitz u!!
I say:
wth... i kan dah write englishhhhhhhhhhh wht else u want la~~
I say:
edrin bo mood a! says:
I say:
eh there's one post i wanna translate le.. i waiting for u to online but u never appear~~
edrin bo mood a! says:
ok make sure
edrin bo mood a! says:
edrin bo mood a! says:
hahaha..these days bz bz
edrin bo mood a! says:
make date
edrin bo mood a! says:
many date..
edrin bo mood a! says:
I say:
u ah? why so busy! good la.. got other ppl ord dowan me ord la.. fine! hmmmmph!
edrin bo mood a! says:
edrin bo mood a! says:
i dating la
edrin bo mood a! says:
wif my gay frens
edrin bo mood a! says:
and me books
edrin bo mood a! says:
edrin bo mood a! says:
chill la..
edrin bo mood a! says:
you still my number 1..
edrin bo mood a! says:
I say:
I say:
I say:
hehehe im crazy ord la
I say:
edrin bo mood a! says:

edrin bo mood a! says:
edrin bo mood a! says:
yah lo
edrin bo mood a! says:
but its good
edrin bo mood a! says:
seriously good
edrin bo mood a! says:
edrin bo mood a! says:
for me la..haa
edrin bo mood a! says:
wei i tgh spam rrefresh on your blog
edrin bo mood a! says:
no changes wan
I say:
what so good? i crazy ord u so happy meh
I say:
eh can u wait ah.. adoi =.=
edrin bo mood a! says:
edrin bo mood a! says:
ok lo..
edrin bo mood a! says:
edrin bo mood a! says:
yah i am
edrin bo mood a! says:
cuz at least you seem high and cheerful
edrin bo mood a! says:
edrin bo mood a! says:
better den gloom and doom
I say:
hmmm a good reason
I say:
but if im crazy means i can go high and low wor
I say:

Ok that's all for now first. The line here sucks especially there's more and more students coming in. lol. I keep disconnected from ebuddy. isssh.

Anyway, Thank You Adrian!!! haha.

p/s:I'm not so important to you. You can live without me. I believe it.



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Its 10.21am now.
I'm at CITC.
I don't think anyone will wake up this early to online,
especially those that are on holidays like me. =)
I guess I'm too crazy as I think I should just sleep until its time to wake up. XD
Why on earth you wanna wake up so early to online at CITC when you actually can online at your home sweet home! zzz

Whatever it is. I'm just too boring here. Trying to kill some time.
Aren't you suppose to go and study! Where's your bio, chem and maths!

Kill me please! arrrrrgggh!

Just ignore me, I'm talking to myself. Sooner or later I might need you to bring me to TJR. =p

Since I got nothing to do here, and I'm doing back what I've been doing when I last visited CITC and did the same thing here.haha.I'm crazy.lol.you know it, but don't really know whether you still remember it.


Swollen eyes

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我累了.I'm tired.

"我最初面红 现在双眼通红..

仍然无电话 等于告别了吗
初次感觉到 期待多么可怕.."


你不懂 因为你不曾想要懂


Friday, March 20, 2009


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Sorry I promised myself to blog today
but I got really no mood now.
you should know why.

being quite stressful lately I guess
keep having headache on and off

gonna blog if and only if my mood recover today..


Jian Shen's

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Jian Shen finally has his own blog, a public one I mean, after he claimed that he wants to follow trend.
Whatever it is,


go and have a look at his nerdy face and stuff. XDXD

This post gonna delete a.s.a.p..=p

I just gonna to see how Jian Shen gonna kick me.

hold on..
there's a cute pic of him..

for more pic of him.. go his blog..lol

Thursday, March 19, 2009

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This is our destiny..

On 15th March, Sunday, the Oh My Loves went out again.
but this time is Xin Ying's birthday.
and with more people.

Together with Kan Feng, Eng Aun, Kar Thye and Zhi Pin.
Seriously I'm telling you, I can't really remember what happened that day,
except for the fact that I was "arguing" with Kan Feng about that handphone thingy.
It was fun though, but, abit "over", as I see the couple keep sighing. haha.
It was kinda a suprise to see Zhi Pin there. He was my ex-schoolmate. He's getting more and more funny, though Xin Ying kept saying he's lame. but pity him also. haha. you-know-why.

We first headed to buy present, a D.I.Y bracelet where I think we gonna have 3 of that soon. haha.
Then headed to KFC to have breakfast while waiting for the birthday girl.
oh ya we went Pavilion. hehe.
After Xin Ying's and Zhi Pin's arrival, we went walk around and stuff before deciding which restaurant to go for lunch where we stand in front of the directory and do the counting again. lol.
Madam Kwan's.

Hmm..I can't finish my fried rice. lol. you should really taste it. I don't know how to say. Then you will know why I can't finish it. (Kar Thye I kill you! Next time gonna finish it and you pay the bill! hahaha)
Ok I really can't remember anything else. (Oh my loves don't beat me up..>.<) Movie-->Slumdog Millionaire.
I kinda of insisted to watch this instead of Race to Witch Mountain..
A smart choice I would say.
Compared this to Curious Case of Benjamin Button..I would say both stand on their own style and I will slightly rate Slumdog Millionaire a little higher.
I don't really know how to describe the movie is, its rather more exciting than Curious Case of Benjamin Button, though both talk about real life stories.
Go and watch it yourself then you will know. =p
Somehow, I think the main actor, Jamal Malik, really likes Latika alot. Hmm..
A kind of destiny to let them meet after such..changes.

Went back eventually after the movie.
Thank you Kan Feng for offering to send us back, but still Xin Ying, Zhi Pin and I went back ourselves.

Kinda feel like I made many wrong moves on that day.
LRT was.. another wrong move. lol.
The machine eventually broke down and I think there's only 2 machine functioning.
but I still make it on time to meet up with my sister.
(zzz then why still bother to write about LRT)

The guys.

The girls.

They have their partners.
and I don't have.
used to be alone. lol.
but I have mine to accompany me! haha.

I bet you don't know what I mean. blek.

They were meant to be together..
and they will be together.

wasn't feeling well yesterday and still now, thats why never update. hehe.


Monday, March 16, 2009


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I don't know words can hurt so much,
till I heard this from my friends.

I never know strangers' words can be so distracting,
and I once believe that "Words from strangers could never hurt"
and disagree when Seow Yen told me this.

But now, I finally know why.

I know how is it to be accused from someone that you never thought they will say so.
I know how is the feeling when you heard those words, those annoying, irritating and disgusting words.

Do you even know us, or my friends, to be specific?
No, you don't.

Do you even try to think before judging?
No, you don't even.

Do you even think your words are harsh?
No, hell no. I doubt how if you know, will be the same.

I wonder,
with this kind of attitude,
how are you still able to make friends?

Though I don't know you
I don't judge you
I don't say bad about you
but you are definitely too over

I will not, do such things.
Because I know other people can see that and able to judge that
There's no need for me to do further elaboration

Can't you just shut your mouth off if everything you said is meant to be proved wrong?
Can't you just stop saying words that might hurt others, even if they aren't your friends?
Can't you just use your brain, if you ever have one, to think twice everytime before you say something?
Can't you just step back and think of the feelings of others where they being said so badly by you?

No, I doubt you have the ability to do so.

You never understand those feelings.
You never know how ridiculous it is to be said badly by strangers.
You never know the feelings from being accused.
You never know how hurt it is.
You never know.

We shall wait and see.
You will be pay back, by the same thing.

and you shall meet me,
and I will let you taste back the same thing what my friend had tasted.

and you shall tell me how great it is.

Jian Shen,
enough brother or not? Don't worry, I will prepare my machine gun with me. and I'll standby for you for this matter, anytime you want it.

Wei Chie,
say it out better than not. really hope I could help you in any way. but I know there's to certain extend that I can help, the rest is still up to you. ganbatte!

People, even if I have laser mouth, I don't shoot people for no reason. I don't say something which sound so silly.

Mind you words, strangers.


Saturday, March 14, 2009


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Friday, March 13, 2009

Long one

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I slept at almost 4am on Wednesday morning,
the day where I have the trial trial of Biology.
and we planned to have volleyball after our class.
and so I thought I'm really gonna handle it with insufficient of sleep. haha.

Everything goes well until Biology practical but out of a sudden it was raining. We thought we will call it off and make it for the other day but we still decided to wait and see. God blessed us, after our last class, Chemistry lecture, though it wasn't shiny hot weather, but still, we are able to have that play.

We have our play with our gang, of course, and 2 unknown people which joined us..er..I shall call it suprisingly.
Participants: Wooi Liang, Jordan, Keith, Tharma, Jian Shen, Yoon Hung, Hao Ting, Wooi Liam, Ching Jia, Hui Ru, Yuin Yee, Abby, Cally and I.
Wei Chie, Shu Ying and 2 unknown people joined us for a while as well.

Most of us are the first time to come across with volleyball except for our "coach",Cally, which Chai Liang said she looks like one, and so we took more than 1 hour (I think) to just warm up. And by the time we were all in the spirit to really have a game, it started to rain again. good thing was, a small match held before the rain struck us, 11-7, my team won. haha. and you wouldn't really wanna know how we actually play the game.
but who cares, it was fun! hehe.
Apart from the not-knowing-how-to-play thingy, we actually have lots more fun parts. I couldn't really recall every single part of it. but overall its just fun. (I really don't know how else I can describe. haha)
You guys should really actually see how Wooi Liang serve the ball by saying "Who's next?"
and Alvin with his classic ballet dancing move.
Jordan with his mostly not-in-the-court-serve.
Jian Shen with his shake hands and hug with Ching Jia.
Ching Jia with his betrayer-move.
Cally with her ter-hit-the-ball-face. you did like thrice la. oh and you catch the ball from Abby.haha. if you do remember this.
Yuin Yee with her can-we-all-play-the-game-face.
Abby with her no-I-just-used-to-one-hand-grip-face.
Hao Ting with his in-ah-face. (sorry ah.hehe.)
Yoon Hung with his ah-ma-you-go-back-home-shout. deng. can't you lower that voice. >.<
Wooi Liam with his shit-the-ball-is-out-again-face. nevermind. you tried at least.
Wei Chie with his without-me-the-game-is-not-perfect-face. wth. haha.
oh and I'm with the standard 6 girl look and why-the-ball-don't-like-me-face. lol.

We separated after that and I joined my sister with her friends along to 4 Happy Season.

As the name suggested, this is the 4 seasons concept restaurant. We bravely went and chose winter despite the fact that it was actually raining. We were like who-cares-I-just-want-to-go-into-winter. haha. The place is so photogenic itself and there's no reason that you don't take out your camera or phone to take a snap shot.

My pictures are still in my phone and I'm lazy to upload it, so later ya. =p

Unexpectedly it was freezing inside and we have to borrow the sweater from them in case you don't have to use hammer and defrost me. lol. so we sat there and chit chat and waited like 1 hour before I made my order as they were still waiting for their other friends arrival. I couldn't wait more or not I can faint there. The food was okay, I would say, but definitely not for my seafood spagethi. what a bad impression for me on my first try for seafood spagethi instead of the normal chicken one that I would go for. sigh. too bad.

After the meal and stuff, we walked back home and I reached home around 8pm. I was really exhausted, though I don't think I move alot for the volleyball, but with all the factors sum up, I still felt tired.

and people, guess what, I slept at 9+ pm yesterday. yes! I slept, amazingly. haha. It was the first and ever that I would go and sleep at that time you know. 9pm normally its just oh-I-just-woke-up-from-my-nap thingy. but but.. I speechless. haha. so ya, I slept nicely from 9 to 6. and I felt aching in my bone where I ter-slide the ball while playing and not enough of stretching.

I thought it was a right choice of mine to sleep so early as I have 8-4 class on Thursday, which is today.Today I was kinda alert and yes, today is the birthday for 3 friends of mine.

Happy Birthday to Xin Ying!
Happy Birthday to Chong Keat!
Happy Birthday to Daniel!

I don't have any study-feel today as.. the classes were too "free". I was copying the notes while chatting with Seow Yen at Pure Maths lecture. I was talking to Lee San while having Applied Maths tutorial as the teacher wasn't teaching. lol. if continue to be like this, really no exam mood. no no. gotta make myself into the mood.

Out of a sudden, Mr. Low came into our class and announce something which was actually asking the "special class" as what he said, to go to Sports Complex during 11am, which he claimed to say that we don't have class that time, so asked us to support for the launching of the TARC Open Day. We are supposed to have our lunch break of course we don't have class during that period. =.= We went, and with all the journey to Sports Complex under such weather, its really killling. As expected, we went there and did nothing, or you can say we serve no purpose but to make the hall more filing as Dato' Ong Kah Ting was giving his speech. I think Cally and Abby pranked by Fly Fm right before we reached. hehe.

Since we got nothing to do there and so went off to Canteen 3, supposingly called as Cafetaria to have our lunch. Crowded as usual. Saw many SSSH friends there. Roti Telur doubled, thanks to someone. and Lee San and Seow Yen bullied me! how can. T.T

We were late for Biology tutorial class, but it was still okay. As I said earlier, the whole day don't have the study-feel. We were discussing the questions halfway, but suddenly talk about DNA of plants and human, eukaryotes I mean. There it goes, Physics lecture next.

Cally, Lee San and I went in to Physics lecture to make havoc. haha. Okay, not Lee San, 'coz she was sitting at the other column. I was supposed to have my so-called nap there but because someone asked me to shut up and don't go into Physics class and so I decided to make some noise there. haha. Since today is CK's birthday (it is still now) so he won't be charge for calling to maxis number for one day. So he really use this thing kau kau. He first called Seow Yen while we were on our way back to Biology tutorial class earlier, and I asked him why he never call me and called Seow Yen instead. He said because of the name arrangement. I told him " Ah-ma you also never respect huh? You 重色轻友 ah! ". lol. and so he decided to call me while he was in Physics class.

You guys must catch me for saying this. He was in Physics class while he made the phone call to me.
CK:"Eh you know you very noisy or not..?!" (in Cantonese)
SL:"hahahhahahahahhaha...." (basically can't stop laughing)
Cally:"Harlow.. Siew Lee ah.."
SL:"yes yes..hahahaha.."(still can't stop laughing)
Cally:"Where are you ?" (whispering)
SL:"I'm..I'm in..DK2..Physics physics.."
Cally:"Oh okok..I come find you.." (lol)
SL:"K...k.. I wait you.." (XD)
SL:"CK too free already..omg"
Cally:"Today is his birthday..later we use eggs throw him.."
SL:"lol. okok we use volleyball throw him.."

and Cally and I goes on with some throwing thingy.
and we just can't stop laughing.

Thogh I think we really made alot of noise but that doesn't stop us from further full using of the benefit! haha. I asked for "again" from CK. and this time its Jian Shen turn. I think he was somewhere over the rainbow since he look kinda not in the situation though the whole bunch of us knew what was actually going on.

So Cally passed the phone to Hao Ting and Hao Ting scolded something before passing the phone to Jian Shen. (damn you Hao Ting. hahaha.)
I think Cally told something to Jian Shen before passing it to him.

SL:"Study study.. "
JS:"!@$...."(don't know what he mumbles..)
SL:"Study physics.. physics..study~!" (I was still laughing though Abby told me JS know nothing about this)
JS:"Siew Lee ah.. 什么毛阿?!!!!"
JS to Cally:"Straight away off phone la if its Siew Lee.." (zzz..)

Basically I think he's the only one who didn't know what was going on so we were laughing all the way. and there goes the Physics class.

Chemistry lecture and Applied Maths lecture were another "free" classes. I thought I can gater some study mood for Chemistry lecture but today was only about acidity. Well, its fine. I have tennis with Tharma and the gang. Though my bone is still pain but i don't care, just go only. XD

Participants: Tharma, Chai Liang, Loke, Melvin, Hao Ting, Wooi Liang, Lee San and I.
Basically Lee San and I don't really play since we don't know and so we went to the corner and "practise" ourselves. Tennis was fun! really fun. But you guys please la, don't hit the ball like badminton can or not! The ball also quite expensive one leh. Pity Tharma.
and and Hao Ting hit the ball and aimed my sister and taaa-daaa, got hit by the ball. not me of course. or not I will chase the whole court with the raquet and hit him. XD
So ya, short play with them but its still fun.

I still wonder how my hand will turn like tomorrow.

What a sporty week. hehe.

What a long post!
I kept thinking "when is this going to end.. when~ tell me when.." and I kept writing.. =p
and since you guys kept saying how come I write such short short post and nah! this long enough or not~ XD

p.s: I can't really remember single details of volleyball play but still enjoyed. waiting for the next play. =p

p.p.s: Cally's bracelet was so gorgeous, if you guys do notice it today. =p The fella who gave this to you must have good taste. the bracelet suits you.

p.p.p.s: Congratulation to Sze Wei, Wai Yee, Sook Peng and Joyyi for the good results! and its so fun to talk to second biggest, Sze Wei, for 40 minutes wei. =D never tired of talking to you. hehe.

p.p.p.p.s: WTH tomorrow got Pure Maths tutorial class. Cannot go back at 12pm already. >.<

p.p.p.p.p.s: I gonna stop here. I don't wanna get whack by people. Seow Yen asked me many times when am I gonna finish this. >.<



Wednesday, March 11, 2009


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Random one.
Since I've never uploaded my pic to my blog recently,
so I decided to put one here,
in case you guys forgot how I look like. XD

The photo above was taken after my gym session and there's open day going on just right below the gym.
One good thing about the open day is that, the air-cond is on. =p

Purposely put this photo to make myself to stay energetic for tonight,
as to prepare for the trial trial of Biology test.
Aza-Aza Fighting!

Hope I can really stay up late to study.
Its been a while to back to "night cat" life. =)

Ciao first.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


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Monday, March 9, 2009


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..as usual, though not all the time.

With my wild mood swings, I'm kinda back to normal now.
Although I don't seem to solve everything, but at least I have control over them.
Thanks people for the encouragement and stuff.
Though I know only me, myself can help me to overcome obstacles after obstacles.
Its you, who decides who you want to be.

When you fall hard, you cry hard, and you learned to climb back.
I'm glad that the fall that I have, made me an even stronger person that I ever thought of.


Sunday, March 8, 2009


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Sorry, I'm kinda in a sombre mood.
People, don't ask me why I hide many things/secrets.
Guess as you like, but you never know the answers if you don't ask me.
Accuse me as you please, because I know clearly what I have been doing.

Any questions or ponders that you wish to raise,
just come to me.
Don't ask the 2nd party or even 3rd party,
they don't know well.

I think my friends are wise enough to know this.



Saturday, March 7, 2009


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Just to clarify this,
in case you guys keep asking or keep guessing.
If you ever find those posts recently about heart broken or something similar,
with the slanting words of "you" and "me",
I'm definitely not talking about myself.
I'm talking about someone else, someone close to me, and this someone definitely knows it 'coz I told him/her. hehe.

"I don't wanna make a guess anymore.Its rather to know by asking straight,instead of making the wrong guess.It hurts, sometimes."



Friday, March 6, 2009


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..because I never expect things to be like this


“Why you have to go and making things so complicated?
I see the way you're acting like you're somebody else
gets me frustrated..”


Thursday, March 5, 2009


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"Everything will be fine at the end.
If it is not fine, then it is not the end yet."

People, be strong, no matter what.
Things can just twist and turn in the next seconds.
So you never will know how things gonna be.
Don't jump to the conclusion first,
when you have just seen the hypothesis.

Life still goes on.



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Nothing lasts forever
..but there's something that we can never forget

If you found something that you can never lose nor forget,
keep it, hold it, appreciate it
in anyways you can think of..

Deep inside my heart, there's something that I will never forget..



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Watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button today, finally.
We were late, as expected.
Quickly ran to the counter and pop corn section, and finally into the cinema.
Since we were late, so I don't expect to get any nice seats.

The story was actually smooth out all the way.
I can't really find any climax or there is none.
This guy,at first known as Benjamin,(coz he don't know where is he from, so of course with no family name), born at the year of 1918.

I wouldn't say its a very very good movie,
but its not that bad.
Though its a throughout-life story,
so you will expect it to be a little bit boring.

Nothing really much to ponder about the movie,
which I supposed I will have.

Anyway, next show will probably be Love Matters or Seven Pounds..

*lol my player is playing "fong shao..fong hoi so yao..match with the title. XD*


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

For you

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I got this really cute..strawberry.
hehe thanks!

though it really looks like apple..

p/s:Specially dedicated to you..happy?
faster say thank you~ =D


Minnie Pig

Posted by Siew Lee at 3/04/2009 04:45:00 AM
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Almost all the people in DK shouted when it was raining right before 4pm,
before we ended our very last lesson today.
It was extremely big rain
Barely can imagine it unless you see it yourself

Very big rain.and I still take my own sweet time taking pictures. haha.


I walked through the almost-flooded path all the way to canteen 2
so that I won't leave my sister alone.
(SEE!! I'm so good. still bully me everyday. T.T)

We were waiting patiently for my ji mui@Zheng Xiang's arrival..
We can't go anywhere if he's not here
('coz he's the driver hehehehe)

The driver of the day, with her mother besides him. =p

Minnie Pig~~ very cute and comfortable. haha.

Taken inside the car.

We canceled our plan to Feeling's Cafe and headed to JJ instead.
Well, McDonald's again. I'm seriously sick of it. >.<
Nothing much to elaborate.
He's still so funny,
with his
and he's always in shuffle mood.
Very wild mood swings. haha.

Small little McFlurry. Thank you. =p

Same pose. haha. Coincidently.

He realised something's wrong with the burger..

half cheese!! WTH~

and he's mixing it with sweet and sour sauce..

while he was trying to say his famous quote..
notice something wrong?
he was going fine with the first phrase..
but he mumbles through the others.
and I kept taking his picture
where he refused to take with me..
and I got this from him..
in Cantonese.
and he sent us home, safely.
very good driving skill. =p
*thumbs up*

The picture of the day

He's still single and available.
(promote abit ya..XD)

Another enjoyable day,though I was half dead even when I first arrived college at 7.40am.
and I'm still here blogging after hours of not-resting.




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"I lay by the window listening to the rhyme of pouring rain
I felt and I touched.."



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Just wanna make this really short.
Actually I thought of not writing this,
but I scare later kena bash by someone.

It was Monday,
er... a not so blue one. =p
Got back my GP papers, still ok la.
After class and stuff,
went to gym again,
but this time with Seow Yen.
To Melvin:Don't worry about that.Just say that you have TOEFL.I won't kill you or what. haha. you can always join us next time. =p

At first I thought the place will be crowded as diploma students are back,
but I was wrong, 'coz.. its the first day la. people won't go there.
but badminton courts were all full.

Having gym with Seow Yen was unexpectedly fun
she was making fun all the way
and trying to teach me some new way to slim my body
and make sure I did what she taught
so funny

and she make me a ride home as well.
thanks. =)

by the way,
you finally know how to park car at Sports Complex!

Tell me ya if you wanna join me again. =p
It will probably be the two days scheduled.

Great day ahead.



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It's like catching lightning
..the chances of finding someone like you

but this time I saw an awesome view of lightning
just right in front of me
i got so amazed
and forgot to take picture down.

its really one in a million to get this chance..

"It's one in a million, the chances of feeling the way we do.."


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


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Monday, March 2, 2009


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“暧昧 让人受尽委屈 找不到相爱的证据
何时该前进 何时该放弃



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I don't purposely write them in Chinese you see..
but where do you find such bombastic words.



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You are reveling in good energy today -- if you start to feel off, just wander a bit and you should get back in good spirits. Almost every aspect of your life turns into a fun game!

Yeah I've got the spirits today to finally start off with some revision.
I managed to do so,
although with the sombre mood.

and keep raining..

Why must it rain?

Not good to remind me of things that I don't feel like refreshing
Not a very good condition to study
Not a good timing to rain

Stop raining!

It make me feel no mood at all
after a mixture of things messed up
yes, I mean, thingS.

"I hate my flexibility, I hate my sudden mood swings, I hate to be in dilemma."


Sunday, March 1, 2009


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I crave for them. =)

Recently really love to read books,
or watch drama/movie.
If you give me money,
I will spent all of them at books and movies tickets.

I just feel that I have to be filled with something,
though I don't know what the "things" should be.

"Waiting for the thing, that could make me smile again.."



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"We are fine, but WE aren't."

It was rather a suprise that Friday was a sweltering day,

though recently the weather changes like how woman changes clothes. =p

Chemistry practical today was about to test the organic compound containing in 4 solutions.
The testing for hydrogen gas presence is rather fun,
'coz it was the very first time to hear the "pop" sound coming out,
where I usually know this in theory, not through experiment.

Testing for aldehyde is very satisfying
where I got silver mirror formed.
very nice thingy in the test tube.

Thanks CK for holding it.=p

Headed to Sports Complex again,
for gym.
Met Melvin there and have a small talk while waiting for my sister.
Quiet and solitary moment at gym.
but I enjoyed. =)

A very quick one,
but ultimately satisfying.
Sat at canteen 2 for some rest,
and headed to basketball court to find my fellow friends.

Playing basketball with jeans?
lol. in formal shirt?
but they look so much into it.
and they don't wanna leave the court.

Went to JJ McDonald's for our lunch
and I headed back after that
while the others continue with their "da gei" session.


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