Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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Thanks to ji mui@ Zheng Xiang for fetching me to college today~~

really, thanks alot..


p/s:out of a sudden, I feel like wanna eat Ramen..the promise?haihz.


Friday, June 26, 2009

where some memories are kept

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This post is gonna be long, I think, with photos, captions and stories..=)=)

AS exams ended on 10th of June, which I guess all of you will know about it if you do notice my post about my excitement on that particular day. lol.

The gang planned class trip, particularly to Genting for N times..and finally this is the successful one. san fu sai.. and its 2Days1Night over there.

Date:11th and 12th June 2009
Participants:Wei Chie, Wei Yuan, Yoon Hung, Jian Shen, Hao Ting, Jordan, CK, Alvin, Wooi Liang, Wui Liam, Ching Jia, CS, Jasmine, Mei Mei, Hui Joo, Shu Ying, Yuin Yee, Ming Xian and I.

Gather at Titiwangsa bus station at 8.30am, supposingly. lol. Some of them reached late and.. hmm ok I cut the craps. and hmm, bro lost his hp.=/
so we finally bought the bus tickets for 9.30am session. thanks Jian Shen for queueing.

didn't sleep well on the "night" before..was on bed at around 4.30am I guess. and I planned to sleep on the bus.. but the bus is quite small and hmm.."overcrowded"..
and of course its because CK sat beside me and we just can't stop talking. lol. about Chin.

saw mist while upon reaching and am freaking excited 'coz it was freaking hot down there.

went to hotel for check in and what you can see is only people, people and people! gosh. its holidays what to do..hmm and we can only check in at.. 1pm,if my memory don't fail me.

went on to settle our stomach,lol,McD. the most expensive McD you can ever get.haha. while Jian Shen, Yoon Hung, Wei Yuan and Jasmine were waiting for the check-in thingy.thanks for waiting..=)

so this is my bro camwhoring and Mei Mei besides him.

look at Ching Jia.lol

hmm for your information we booked 2 rooms for the 19 of us.though we booked 2 deluxe room but its super small! lol.

I like this photo more than the ready one.

At the boys room..

Alvin with his video cam..

bro kept say "don't take la don't take" but kept posing.lol

The tall ones.

look at the shoes..

JS with the twisties. Pressure. =p

Hui Joo with her dear piggie soft toy.

Ching Jia the intruder at girls room.

with Wui Liam's leg.

after settling down at our rooms, we headed to theme park without hesitation..
we chose Pirate Ship as the first station to warm up.quite a long queue but we camwhored around to kill time..when its finally our turn,we shouted like mad cow eventhough its not scaring at all. lol.

then its Spinner as you can see. its even longer queue here. but hotter.lol. and I love Spinner 'coz you can feel like "flying".lol

the purple.

what kind of face Yoon Hung. and why is Jasmine not facing me? only Wei Yuan.hehe


CK tried to force me to delete the previous photo.=p

YH,Wooi Liang, bro,and JS.


see..he's so greedy.haha

headed to Sg.Rejang Flume Ride only to find out a very long queue so we plan to choose another ride.bump into ah sok here with her friends.

then we headed to Space shot and queued. very long queue.
damn scaring and every each of us tried to make each other not too scare..

and it was raining, out of a sudden.. can't even see First World Hotel in this photo..

he purposely one. lol

JS and bear bear,theme park partner.

[disappointed 'coz have to stop playing and wth we only played 2 rides that time]heading to have some light meal..

but glad to know that the rain stop after we finished the refreshment and of course we straight away went back to the previous station, Space Shot. no photo 'coz I was too scared. lol.
the queue is shorter but still takes time to be our turn. when its finally us, omg, just just..scared la..I don't know how to describe. ok luckily there was Jordan and bear bear with me if not I think I will cry.(jkjk)

and the 4th station will definitely be Sg.Rejang Flume Ride.. it wasn't that crowded as before but still, this one taken most of our time.. and when it was finally our turn the sky turned dark. some of them didn't play and went shopping or do whatever they want.lol. have no idea. left Wei Yuan, Jasmine, YH, CK, JS, Alvin, Ching Jia, Wui Liam, Wooi Liang, CS, bear bear, Hui Joo and I.

Wui Liam

Ching Jia, who always prepare to take photo.=p

bear bear..and Hui Joo behind.


since the queue was so long so we kill time again by taking photos and chit chatting. and we even screamed on behalf of the people that were on Mine Train.lol.

it was so cold while playing this ride and suprisingly I shivered.I was feeling really cold.lol.with no jacket and shorts.=.= but it was still fun eventhough the water that splash on us was dirty.

5th station was Rolling Thunder Mine Train,which is just besides the previous ride.I took, a total of 3 times of this ride.lol.its not scaring at all.not at all. haha. just for the sake of feeling the breeze. 3 times with 3 different seats. different excitements. but again, the gang conquer the train and we make noise like its our own house. lol. shouted and tried to make the others scare. XD it was really fun.

then we kinda like separated into groups after that.

some went Spinner. some went Double Deck Carousel. some went Matahari.at first we wanted to go for Grand Pix Fun Kart but it was closed. so we went to Matahari, the ferris wheel. this time with YH as well. can have a overview of the outdoor theme park at night..very nice view.

ok I think I missed a ride, the tea cup. I think its before Space Shot or somewhere there.can't really remember.but it was fun to see YH, JS and Alvin playing that. they turn the tea cup really fast.haha.oh and I remember teaching bear bear the way that won't make you feel dizzy.

Super Toboggan. I nearly fall here 'coz I can't stop the "car".lol.this one kinda fun.the speed is fast.

then I went back to Spinner again 'coz I just love Spinner.lol.the view is even nicer at night and the wind..omg great. =)

too bad didn't get to ride Cyclone 'coz its crowded all the time even at night and Cockscrew which is still under maintenance. (which opened on the second day..zzz)

not-so-complete group photo.

and a complete one..

on escalator..

Alvin overexcited..

and Idk why is he shaking in every photo..lol

YH with his emo face in ferris wheel..


finally, we ended our 1.30pm-10.00pm play at outdoor theme park. though everyone seems to be exhausted but we still have to take our dinner..not much choice left and we went for Old Town.

I like to take photo when they're not ready..

w/o bear bear and I.

they don't have French Toast so I go for this kaya and butter double toast.

My mocha which failed to keep me awake. lol

then, some of us who managed to finish meal first went back to hotel first. so do I. I really wanna take a nice bath and at least,take a short nap.
walking out there is really cooling. though its cold but I love it.

ok then after the earlier batch bathed and the later group came back as well. talked, played, walked before we go our late night show, "Blood-the last vampire" at 1.15am.

the fun of being in a big group is that, whenever you go, there'll be laughters, jokes and fun. its just a short distance to the Cineplex but its not dull.the dead-face that you saw before do not appear here because the night is still young.lol.

in the lift.

the gang in the lift.

the show is not nice. lol. haha. though I was really sleepy but I do keep awake all the time but I kept complain to CK and bear bear whom sat besides me that the show is not nice..
oh ya we saw many other classes of A-levels students there as well, in the same theatre.

and hmm we planned to stay at Starbucks for the rest of the night but we can't stand the smoke so we back to our small rooms.
some of us slept first and the others continue to play in the other room.
ok I slept 'coz was having slight fever and not enough sleep and so I don't know what happened in the next room, but I heard they have great fun playing truth or dare until 7am.
we have to check out at 12pm the next day so most of them don't have enough sleep except Yuin Yee and I.lol.
the boys room is so..messed up.imagine up to 10 persons slept in that room.
hmm then 12.30pm session to back to KL.thanks Jordan for buying us tickets.

byebye Genting. =/

time to lunch and since most of us do not wish to travel much as we had used up most of the energy the day before (except for Yuin Yee and I,again), so Pizza Hut@Genting Klang for lunch.

JS,YH and Alvin. YH was hyperactive although he had not enough sleep.

and then I went back earlier and I heard the rest continue with their da gei session.wth damn geng.They don't even know what tired is. lol.

Some night views at Genting..

Flying Coaster..


I think its Wei Yuan and Jasmine in it..

Space Shot..wuhuu~


taken inside ferris wheel..

top view..

I like ferris wheel as well.. not scared of height..bear bear and I tried to move the gondola and get warned from someone.lol

and the photo of the day..

first ever class trip, enjoyed. =)=)


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