Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In a mess

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/30/2008 07:59:00 AM
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Can anyone tell me what's going on?

It's so annoying, you know. I hate it. I seriously hate it.

No I don't hate you. I just hate the way it is. IM TOTALLY PISSED OFF.

p/s: Don't have to make me smile if you can't or don't want. It's just.. don't have to force yourself. It's ok...


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brother's Birthday

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/28/2008 07:20:00 AM
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Well, let me tell u guys that, Im actually not really in a mood today. haha. Sorry if I ever throw any temper or what to you guys, but, Im being honest to my feelings, I said out because I feel so, eventhough it might hurts, but that's my opinion. And.. after I pour out all my temper or feelings, I will be okay. Hmm.. Dont't say Im hypocrite or what, I just think that we should let the bad things over, don't have to think about it. So, why not I give people a chance? Well, that's what I always do.

Okay, so shoo away those bad things.

First of all, Happy Birthday to Wei Chie! My brother here is officially 18 today! haha.

Our planning for today wasn't that smooth at first. 'coz we change from Sunway Pyramid to Sg.Wang then to Times Square.

Thanks, to Wei Chie and Wooi Liang who waited me for don't know how long. Then we headed to Sg. Wang. Got to know that Wei Yuan and others are at Times Square when we reached Sg. Wang. First time going out with Lee San and Chai Liang, the cute couple in our class. XD Straight away go find food first, 'coz seems like everyone hasn't take breakfast yet. McDonald's is the place. (fast food, again XD)
Eventually decided to go sing K at Low Yat instead of roller blade. I said I got my leg cramp this morning and my leg was still pain. Luckily there's still room for us, eventhough we will be only singing from 1.30pm to 3pm, which is obviously not enough for us. haha.
Our next plan was supposed to be watch movie, but, wth GSC don't have show until it's around 5pm. Went to sit at the Marry brown's place and supposed to DISCUSS what to do next. ended up chit chatting there for around 2 hours. XD
Lee San suddenly came out with the idea that she thought of buying cake for the birthday boy. We were whispering, and Mei Mei was guessing what we were talking. haha. And, Mei Mei got the correct guess. so geng! Eventhough Wei Chie was just right opposite me, but he totally has no idea about what Lee San and I were talking. XD
After a long discussion, of course only Lee San, Mei Mei and I, we decided to buy a cake at Secret Recipe. Problem occured, how are going to take the cake to their place? haha. Then asked Yoon Hung and Wooi Liang about their opinion. At last, we used the lamest reason in the world to "cheat" them there, where the cake is placed on the table at Secret Recipe. XD
Take our own sweet time to "swallow" the cake and chat over there until it's around 7pm. Mei Mei and Jordan left earlier. Lee San, Chai Liang, Wei Chie and I decided to take bus back to Wangsa Maju. It took us for about 1 hour to reach Wangsa Maju. Wei Chie and I were having our "brother's talk" in the bus. Luckily the traffic wasn't that bad.
3 of them wanted to take their dinner at Desa Setapak@Wangsa Maju. Lee San and Chai Liang are actually quite easy to mix with. haha. They are talkative and fun. XD
Went back at 9pm and this is the day. =p


Brother was so excited 'coz he thought Jordan wouldn't able to make it. =p

Wei Chie, Mei Mei, Yoon Hung, Chai Liang, and Lee San

4 jugs of Iced Lemon Tea. >.<

The 2 of them are trying to be taller than Wooi Liang(left). XD

Look at the heels. OMG. how can she walk with that.

Birthday cake. =)

Happy Birthday to Wei Chie and Wei Yuan.

Inverted cake. Cheese chocolate I think.

Cutting cake.

Server of the day. XD jkjk.

Both of them (Wei Chie and Wei Yuan) insisted to give us back the cake money.

Yoon Hung.

Wei Chie with his claypot porridge.

Lee San

Chai Liang's food.

Chai Liang.

Lee San again. I got nothing better to do since Im the one who's not eating. XD

Sorry for the late update 'coz I was so so so so lazy to wait to upload the photos. hehe.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pasar Malam

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/27/2008 06:30:00 AM
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Before I talk about the pasar malam, let me recall back what happened on Wednesday.

We went to a tuition centre called "Summer Kids" at Danau Kota, to meet with the person in charge there for the part-time tutor job. At first I just go in there to accompany Cally, but then due to my cincai-ness, I agreed to teach the Form 2 Science subject. I wasn't prepared at all, as a tutor, or even in the subject. wth. Okay, so I will be having my trial class today, after college.

So it's Thursday, the should-be most happy day. haha. Actually I don't know why Thursday will be the most tiring day, since the class is also ending at around 3pm. XD Wanted to stay back at first, but then it started to rain so I went back home instead. Went to swinging again. I told you, swing is the best thing I could do and enjoy now. hehe.

The picture that I took the other day.

With my younger sister's "peace". XD

I like this pic. XD

So as I said, Thursday should be tiring and stuff, and for a pig like me, I should be sleeping straight away after I got back home, but I didn't. XD Read newspapers, walk here and there, sms, then watch tv and it's 6pm already. Have our "sisters' gathering". Basically, we talk. haha. Talk all kinds of things. And the conversation will not have single moment of boredness. Im serious. XD It's been so loooooooong time since our last gathering. haha. Ya la, everyone is busying with our own things. At first we thought we couldn't make it to pasar malam, 'coz the weather like.. okay, well, we made it somehow. haha.

Nasi Lemak that my elder sister bought.

Basically i don't what it is, but inside is prawn and yam.

Put zai gou. 4 of it. Why got 4 ? XDXD

Tokoyaki. 3 0f it.

Takoyaki with octapus in it! XDXD

Can see the octopus?

My elder sister with her big eyes and the drink, loh hon goh.

"I don't want to let you take!" XDXD

I put the one whole Takoyaki in my mouth. haha.

And come to Friday. Cally said I laugh alot today and asked me why. Well, I seemed to be, but I don't know. I slept so early on Thursday, 10.30pm, amazingly. (Jian Shen said he will kena Toto! XDXD) I fall asleep actually. haha. Too nervous about the trial class and the transport to get back. But, as I thought I will be energetic today since I slept for 8 hours, and I turned out to be a little bit more tiring then I expect. Then what's the difference if I sleep early and sleep late? XD

I was listening to Wooi Liang's story and, hmm, don't really have any comment. Good luck to you. Do what you think you should. And he's the new member of our gang. haha.

Today is the last class for us with Ms. Andrea. Actually, she's not bad. Today's environment is just so weird. What the hell is going on la?

Went to the tuition centre after Bio lecture. Cally wait until I got up only drive away, as what my dad did as well. So I got this good habit from him. Although quite dangerous to get up to the building by myself, since it's like quite empty and it's a new building, but, I never think of it. haha. However, Im aware of it.

My trial class will only start at 3pm. I reached there around 2.15pm. Quite nervous since it's the first time and I don't have any "real" experience before. So, I leave the rest to God since I have prepared before this. When the class started, I was totally crapping and I don't know what I was telling them. Okay then, after like 10 minutes, I got better and used to it. So started to teach something. Basically just a revision for them 'coz they are having their final soon. And.. thank God that what they asked I could answer. haha.

Class ended at 4pm. *sigh of relief* XD There's this one girl in the class who make the class more cheerful and thanks for it or not I really don't know how to come over it. haha. So I will be teaching them, next Tuesday. Still not the fixed time yet since I only finish class at 3pm on Tuesday. I walked from the tuition centre to the bus stop out there near JPJ. Seriously for me it's a quite short distance, around..... 400m? or more than that. Im not too sure. But it's kinda of dangerous if you walk there. XD

So lucky to get bus and reached LRT. Got message from my younger sister, who asked me to wait her, where she's only taking monorail back from Times Square, which is so far. =.='' At first I don't feel like waiting her, but, because Im so kind *ehem*, so I waited her at the bus stop near my house instead at the LRT. I took the bus back first and wait her there. I reached the bus stop near my house at around.. 4.50pm and so waited her patiently there. Saw alot of new cars passing by. And the car with the plate number WRK 1001 caught my eyes. haha. It's a mini cooper. WTH. Black colour. Super yeng. haha. Then it's a very new car with WRU 5060. XD I know, I got nothing better to do, that's why. No choice, I really can do nothing. haha. So it's 5.30pm when she finally reach. 40 minutes of waiting. I must challenge myself for waiting for more than 40 minutes next time. haha.

Finally reach home and started to feeling not well. omg. It's like dizzy+ vomitting. But luckily the feelilng is not that strong.

Im here, now, typing the blog for the past few days.

What's actually going on? Why is everyone so so so moody? I mean, why is everyone thinking alot? It's like, so many problems. Gosh. I tried to make it good, but I guess I failed to do so. Im so sick of it. No, Im not back-stabbing. Im telling you guys, why wanna lose the hope? Why wanna make it until like this? We stay in a group, don't we? Or it's just physically? I really hate it this way.

What bothers in my mind, it's that, am I not trying hard? Am I not doing my best to be in the group? I don't mind, if everyone eliminates me out. I don't mind if you guys want me to be alone. But I just don't like when Im in the group but I feel I ain't. Should I say frustrated? I always hope, tomorrow is a better day, and Im still hoping. I just hope things get better, don't stay like this, am I wrong? WTH!

Don't worry, Im still optimistic. Im still looking forward for the good things, in friends, in life.

People, talking about being single and couple. Im neutral in this matter. Be happy and appreciate no matter in which stage. Im not biased towards single nor couple. We have friends when we are single, we have companion when we couple. When it comes, it comes.

Anyone out there got anything that wanna "shoot" me or what-so-ever, just come. Don't turn here and there, just tell. Especially when it only involves me and you, I mean, two parties.

I will stay strong, no matter what. Who knows one day I gonna stay alone or being lonely again..

Okay, I don't what Im crapping.

p/s: Happiness and sadness must be shared. ok? hehe. XD


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


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Well, it's was DK 3 for the first lecture. I was walking all the way to the back door then find it was locked and went to the other back door and came down all the way from the back door to the other end of the seat. haha. Crapping.

Saw my darling's face like so tiring and exhausted. Felt so sad for her. She must be really really tired. But her determination is there. hehe. All I can say is, good luck.

Our chemistry lecture today was totally.. speechless. I can't find any better time to sleep. LOL. But I was listening to his lectures la.

Got back my Biology results today. Kinda of shock. Didn't expect it to be like that. I promised to myself that once I got my Bio results I will post my results here. So here it is.
Maths- B
Kinda of happy I should say, 'coz there's improvement in the Maths and Biology. Work hard for Test 3.

Went to Pizza Hut, again, at the 111th outlet near my house. XD
Play at the small playground for children under 10 years old for a while. (Pictures please refer to my darling, Cally's blog haha.)
I just don't know why recently I tend to eat fewer than usual, and I ate 2 slides of pizza. Oh ya, cheezy wedges as well. Thanks to Cally. XD

GP classes for 2 hours then went back with Cally's new baby, her blue Viva. =p Thanks!!
She's a good driver I guess, haha. Careful driver, hor? XDXD
Then, again, I forgot to give back Jian Shen's G1 and G2 blue pens. haha. 'coz he hasn't pay me the 10 US dollar. wahahaah.

I just like the feeling when I reached home, there's some noise in the house. XD 'coz my 2 sisters are there. So it wouldn't be in a very sleepy mood. Slept at 6pm then woke up at around 10pm. OMG. I just couldn't wake up when Im forced to. T_T Then only go take my so-called dinner. By the time I finished, it's around 11pm already. Someone please wake me up, scold me or whatever or not if I continue like this, I really don't know what's gonna happen. T_T

Okay now, Im here, with my don't-know-how-to-do Chemistry tutorials. haha. and Im enjoying this.

One of my favourite snack. XD

p/s: You must smile, okay?


Monday, September 22, 2008


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By the way, I slept so early yesterday. XD

So, I woke up early this morning. Nothing much about today since weekend should be days for relaxation. haha.

Watched few episodes of F.R.I.E.D.S. Don't really know what's the story about, but quite funny. hehe.

OMG. Rain heavily over my place. Got myself done and headed to clinic. A place which I don't like to go but I have to. >.<

I know Im too bored today. So, Im just here to express my boredom. hahahaha.

Some random pics, too boring, so I got nothing better to do. XD

Honey stars!! haha.

The Capricorn cup.

"They have great insight" XD

Try to read this sentence.

"Patience is one of their virtues"

Capricorn. I just love this cup. XD

I like this food. But don't know the name. haha.

Very tasty. =p

I found this little don't-know-what thing and amazingly it's a love shape. hehe.

Artistic? haha.

With my face in it.

What am I looking? Always the future. Not to say it's bad to look back, but not too much.

Im here to scare everyone. XD

I like this pic. haha. Eventhough my grandma somehow came and asked me "Why you wanna site besides the door?" LOL.

Up to you to believe or not.. this is what a Capricorn girls should be...

"Don't bother to tell her 'everyone is doing it, you should do it too', or 'I think you should do it, it's good for you', because she will do what she wants to do only. "
(but there's exception, sometimes)

"She likes to control and hide her weak emotions. She will never try to change anyone, but she will learn to accept them as they are"
(Im a weak girl you see. XDXD)

I love my life and I know, there's many things to do in my life. Im going forward, are you following me as well?


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