Saturday, November 29, 2008

Twilight, KLCC

Posted by Siew Lee at 11/29/2008 05:19:00 AM
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I've watched Twilight! *winks*

The hottest movie in the town! haha

Well well well.. I don't know about this Twilight movie nor novel eventhough it's like damn famous in UK or what.

I just saw this little movie name when I was too boring and clicked the "upcoming movies" in GSC site.

Since my cousin wanna date my sister and I, so we go for this movie.=D

It's the second day after they released in Malaysia(yesterday la). The theatre is full, as unexpected by my sister. XD

Went in with the large pop corn with me and 2 cokes with them. KLCC TGV's pop corn never tasted nice for me, except for this one, which I don't know why. haha. =p

Edward was glowering at Bella. Kinda scary one. =p

At hospital. He said something like, "then you shall enjoy your disappointment". ROFL.

This is where he said he can read people's mind but not hers. Sex, Money, Sex and Cat. XDXD

Don't know what piggy monkey style. XD

"How if I'm the bad boy?"

"I trust you..."

"I will take care of her".. " I think I heard this before.." hahaha. XD

"Do you believe in me?".. "Techinally, yes.." XD

This is so..unique, romantic, fun, crazy... u name it. haha.

"I've made my decision.." Prom.Dancing with legs floating.haha. =p

The couples.

Edward and James.The one with ultimate sense of smell.

Oh the "big" co-star.=p

The Vampires. The Cullens family.


Say he's handsome, charming, cute, attractive.. and HOT!!


and the silver Volvo car as well.. *winks*


The movie was fairly okay for me.Eventhough it's a romance movie, but, er..... I kinda like "huh?" throughout the movie.First, it's a love at first sight, kinda, but.. I can't find the link where why they love each other and actually, I don't really think Bella loves Edward as much as Edward loves her. I don't know, personal feeling. I just find it kinda weird. Second, maybe because it's from a novel, so they actually cut off alot of stories that we should know. I haven't read that novel yet, but this is what always happened.The ending is like giving a hint to us that there's still another movies by this novel series. =p Too bad that I think TGV actually censored many of the kissing or whatever scene it is. =(

Eventually wanted to have lunch at Kim Gary while my sister was queueing for ticket, but found out that it is actually closed. >.< style="font-weight: bold;">Subway 'coz I never try that before, but, the 2 of them are not as "fat" as me,haha, so went off to KFC.

KFC is actually renovated..which..made it look more spacious and they have more counters now.Then I wouldn't have the feeling of not going in, 'coz I will never feel "there's a long queue, there's never my turn". haha.

Regular X-meal. Blame my sister for her lousy camera skill. haha. XD

2 peace! hehe. While waiting for my cousin to buy her food.

Emo? LOL. Thinking? Nah...

Whee~~~ =p

Shop around KLCC and I wonder why it's so crowded since it's only Friday.>.<
Well, I think sales is going on and perhaps it's the end of the month? hehe.
Even LRT is crowded.. haihz...
Anyway, the third movie day for me within this 2 weeks of holidays. =p

When you can live forever,what do you live for?......


Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thursday

Posted by Siew Lee at 11/28/2008 04:24:00 AM
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Seriously, I never think Thursday or a day can be this happy for me.. haha.

If you are wondering what I am saying,

let me tell you..

I'm currently having my loooooooooong holidays, till next year. which is approximately 7 weeks la.

So everyday seems to be quite lazy for me, eventhough I really think holidays are not enough for me.=p


I went for my tutoring today for 2 hours.

Reached home and it started to rain. Well.. this is not the point.. =p

Went on chit chatting with my elder sister. I guess she seriously need some BREAK. 'coz she's getting her short term memory loss, so-called Alzeimer's disease.XD

Went to night market with my mother.

It's been long time (I guess) since I last helped my mom to buy vegetables and stuff.

I don't know why, but I kinda love to shop around supermarket or market to look for fishes, vegetables, fruits and etc.

Probably because I like to eat? haha.

Hmm.. quite satisfying after we bought lots of stuff. >.<

Saw Jing Rong there as well. UNEXPECTED one. Sorry la, I was kinda in a rush when I met you, didn't get to talk more then have to walk away. >.<

Went home happily with our dinner as well.=p

Not to mention it was still raining..

Nothing much to update nowadays, since my daily routine it's like wake up-->eat-->watch tv-->online-->dinner-->watch tv-->online-->sleep. XDXD

To those who are rushing their assignments or busying with their studies, gambatte ya! =p

To those who are having their sweet, lovely, fun, and happy holidays, enjoy your holidays ya!!

Oh wait.. why is this happy Thursday?
'coz it's been a "fully-used" day for me. =p


Thursday, November 27, 2008

50- 50

Posted by Siew Lee at 11/27/2008 04:26:00 AM
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I was awaken by one shocking, hmm.. or to say, bad news..

Wasn't able to sleep back.. keep rolling on the bed..

Obviously insufficient sleep...

Er.....actually I don't know what to say, but let's just pray, for him.

Well on the other hand,

today is my mom's birthday! =p

No big celebration.. just a cake and a song. ^_^

"Happy Birthday Mom" <3>

My mom. ^_^


Saturday, November 22, 2008

The 100th post

Posted by Siew Lee at 11/22/2008 01:28:00 AM
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Well, I just come to realise that it's my 100th post on this blog..

Woohooo~~ nothing to celebrate actually =p

Thanks to all the readers who read my blog..

Hmm.. even you don't read it I will still continue writing.. haha.

Talking about High School Musical 3: Senior Year, I bet everyone has watched it, or not heard about it, I FINALLY get myself into theatre to watch this movie.

Actually I do hate TS's GSC for some particular reason, but now it's getting better. Reached there at around 10am. Should have reached much earlier than this, but due to some reason as well, I reached there approximately 15 mins later. Hang around TS, but there's nothing to see, since it's so darn early. See how they open their shops. XD Went to Borders eventually, as one of the place that I can go. Walk here and there, up and down, left and right, to and fro.hehe. Waited until I bought the tickets. Got myself a "Double Cheese" bread from Bread Talk or not I will die of starvation. XD

Went in late for the movie, as usual, haha, but we're still not considered late yet. duh.

The poster.


Waltz in rain.

Dance for the play.

Couple in the show, couple in real life. =p

The 2 couples.

Exchange partner.


Troy& Gabriella.

Pizza and strawberry. XDXD

They look sweet together. =)

Owh I love the part Chad asked Taylor for prom. XD

Kelsi and Ryan

The girls.

Rehearse for the play.

3 main actresses.

The boys are back.=p

2 best friends, Troy and Chad.

Ms. Darbus.

Gabriella at Stanford.

A good friend, Chad.

She looks good here, but not in the movie. haha. Tiara Gold.

Amazingly she dances well. hehe.

OWH the "Rocketman". haha.

Jason. He's cool. =p

Pinkish princess. XD Sharpay.

Drama queen. =p

I like this dress, although it's so pink. XD

She rocks as Sharpay. =p

The "Evans" twins.

This scene was funny as well. XD

But I have to admit that she's quite pretty. =p

Hug hug hug. =)



The photo of the day.=)

The movie was okay for me. The greatness is still the music and the LOVE between the couples. haha. But the movie was abit draggy, since it's like lack of story. The storyline was moderate for me. But the lyrics for the songs are better now. I love the spirits of the characters. Hmm.. instead of losing hope, but find ways for solutions. Not bad not bad.. =p Somehow, I feel kinda of sad, or to say, touched, since it's about graduation and about separating. =(
Well, life still goes on however.

Kinda of rush after movie. Was searching for some stuff but didn't found. Went back home tiringly.
And I basically forgot what happened after that. >.<

p/s: Thanks again~


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