Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My dad is back!

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Immediately after I have decided to go to eat steamboat with my colleagues, my grandma called and told me about my father's matters. (will not be mentioned here, private! XD)

So, I was quite worry because of grandma's voice was like, so nervous or what. BUT, she said everything is gonna be alright.

Apa la.

Scaring me only.

I was really happy + excited after I heard my father is coming back from Shanghai, even it's not for the good purpose.

Who cares? Can see him then enough liao. XD

Then, he reached LCCT on Wednesday, flight from Macau to KL, since the flight from HK to KL all fully booked, so he has to go to Macau and fly back to M'sia.

We (My sisters and I) didn't managed to pick up him 'cos my brother will go straight to the airport after his work.

Well, he actually reached KL at 5.30pm, but we only see him when my bro sent him back home after don't know where they went to lepak at 9.30pm like that.

My younger sis so miss my dad until go hug him when he just stepped his foot at the front door.

Who says I don't miss him?

I just don't show it out by action, as what my elder sis didn't as well.

Walau. His voice si peh loud leh. Maybe used to it at China already. haha.

He was so busy until everyday go out and meet his friends and no time for us. XD

We understand, but he do spend time with us as well.

Somemore got one night, he was drunk and came in to our room and was like going to sleep at out place! omg! Then, of course got halau him out. XD

He said, " Im not mabuk, I just blur"

Wasai! Macam itu pun boleh eh?

So long, our family have never been out like this, all of us present.

On the last day for him at M'sia before flying back to Shanghai, we went to KLCC and IOI Mall.

And, that's the time we share, in the car.

We actually made a decision, and I truly hope the decision/planning will come true. Im so looking forward into it. (Shh.. don't want tell you first. XD)

Chilis and Isetan(outside)

Pictures speak it all. haha.

It's on the way to KLCC, in the train... Proving how fat I am. XD

My elder sis and younger sis.

My sis said this pic is so funny, "Why?" 'coz macam take passport pic la. XD

Our drinks, Iced Lemon Tea and Apple Juice.

Tastada chips! I want eat lah.

Chicken crispers. Nice! Especially the chips and corn. haha.

My father and I.

Hmm. Guess what they are talking?

Can see the difference? Tall vs Short, and, Dark vs Fair. XD

My sister punya shoulder.How much I wish it could be my honey's one.But the thing is, for the moment I don't have honey, darling, honey bee, nectar or what-so-ever it is.

My sis and my sis. =.='' ? haiyo. already very cute, don't act cute there please. XD

O_O What's the matter? " You dare not obey ? " said me.

"Sorry sorry dai lou !" said my sis.

"Give money!" XD

Bei dui bei aka back at back. Why the people looking at us? I know we are pretty. (Hmmph! tak tau malu one)

Sei gai bei! Make me laugh only.

Like twins? haha.

Wakau. The face damn qian da.

"Oh no!! Don't squeeze me! No no!!"

See.. Im not as violent as you. XD

*cry* Very pain one you know.

Obviously, Im not the one who point on mine nose. XD

Disappointment after knowing the truth. XD kacau only my sis.

Do you think it's romantic? Hmm. I would say no. haha.

Yoyo! Here comes the penceroboh! haha.

Let me proudly present you, ma papa and ma mummy.

I specially like this pic. "Ah woon you really very de kacau one!"

Mini Toons, IOI Mall

This is me. (=.='') at.... BIG PEOPLE restaurant. haha. please kindly translate it in Mandarin.

As all of you know, both of us very tebal muka one. XD (Those who don't know also pretend that you know, ok? hehe.)

Im the paparazzi. haha.

Ok la. Put one pic at my blog la.

"Rabbit" that my sis bought at Mini Toons. and.. no doubt, the spec is hers. haha.

My "piano". "What do you think? Hero protecting the loved one? haha. abuthen why rabbit hides behind you?" Haihz. Don't think too much, Siew Lee.

Do my sis looks like those stewardess? BUT, so sad is that, the luggage is not hers. XD

I like this pic, eventhough it's blur. At KLIA.

Huhu. I love KLIA.

Actually hor, I also don't know what happened to both of us.

Leng mou? Leng leh.

Seriously, I just simply pose. haha.

Si peh long la her legs. ENVY! >.<"

Packing. *cry*

My papa and mama.

His daughters and him. XD

Me me me. lol.

Me and *ehem* my SIS. =.='' (some was saying, the one behind me macam my bf wor. *pui pui*)

Papa and Kor Kor.

Last pic of the day, last pic before his flight.

OFFICIALLY done uploading photos. haha.

p/s: I try to update my blog la, but the streamyx sot jor. I also cannot do anything. >.<"


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Okay, this blog should be continued from the previous one.

So, at first I thought of learning English at Lingaton, but I decided not to.

And, I told my colleagues I will be having English class on Tuesday, that's why I couldn't join them for the outgoing after work.

But, they ended up tuduh me purposely don't want go, because I didn't tell them I don't have class.

What la.

People very pai seh one mah. This outgoing was purposely created to farewell one colleague of mine whose going to work in a legal firm.

The reason I didn't notice them I have no class was because,

1st, not very very close with the colleague, so, if I go also go there become pokok.
2nd, people never double confirm with you, you dare go tell them " Tuesday I have no class, can I join? "

=.='' Not a necessary.

Cut the craps.

OT until 6.30pm then headed to the restaurant located at Genting Klang, near Kenney Rogers, a steamboat restaurant called Hometown or something.

We truly have fun when we were having our dinner.

All of us make joke, and enjoy the moment.

The colleague of mine was telling us stories at her working place.

Due to the first time working at "city", so she's so over excited.

The colleague of mine sent me back and she told me more stories.

Well, she's so happy to work at the firm near Ampang Park.

She told me about the LRT, the food, the people, their activities, her works....

It's actually not a very new thing to me, but Im happy that she enjoy that.

Since, some people don't really like to work at "city".

Say, the people's attitudes not good la, the people there look down at others la, and more.

So, this is the very first time of mine to eat steamboat with people other than my family.

Don't laugh!

And, this is the very time of mine to have outgoing with my colleagues.

That's why this is a very memorable one. Even with just simple food.

Everything will just go nice if you're in a bloody good mood. XD

Thursday, April 24, 2008


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The day before yesterday was 22nd of April, Tuesday. ( swt. I know it. You don't have to mention)

The exact week before this day, Yuek Che and I went to Lingaton and have a try class for English course that lasts about 2 hours.

The whole lesson was enjoyable and both of us have fun. We learnt quite alot, from grammar to pronounciation.

Now only I realised that, my English is bad. =(

According to the person in charge, the students here ranging from those who had become mother to TARCian. But, his impression on those students from TARC at Lingaton isn't that good, especially their attitudes.

I was actually having enquiries about Jap course, but end up listening about Eng course.

Too bad is that, because the Setapak branch is a new outlet, so currently they don't have Jap class. They plan to have Korean class as well. A good news to both of us. XD

But he also mentioned that Korean language seems not to be a "trend" at Malaysia. I don't know. But I guess what turns off everyone most is the cost. $$

So after the lesson, Yuek Che and I decided to discuss with parents first before making any decision. Actually, it's just an excuse we gave to let us have time to think carefully.

But I know the percentage of Yuek Che taking this course is relatively higher than mine.

And, as what I predicted, she decided to take. 22nd of April is the first day of her course.

I told her that, the reason Im not taking this course is because the level they taught is intermediate, so it's kinda easy for me. Yuek Che said she has the same opinion as I do, so, she requested to stduy for 3 months first.

Another good news is that, she is joining us at TARC to study Jap course.

Firstly wanna go Lingaton learn Jap one, but since they don't have it for the moment, so I just go for TARC's one. (Yuen Nee is also taking)

Well, the representative of Lingaton told us that, it's actually depends on what kind of intention you have on learning a language. If the intention is good, and you are willing to work hard for it, then, it shouldn't be a problem for you. But, if it's the other way round, no matter how good is the Language centre or how great is the teacher, you will still can't cope with it, and ended up complaining about that particular centre or teacher.

He told us this was because, his own centre experienced that before. And I guess, you guys will heard alot about this.

That's why I decided to take Jap course at TARC.

If I really got "heart" to study, I sure can handle it. ^^

So, anybody out there wanna learn Jap language as well? Can join us for the coming intake, end of May, at TARC. Further enquiry, please go to TARC and ask, or view at their website.

If you would like to ask me, that shouldn't be a problem if I know. But, pleaseeeee , show good manners. haha.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rainy day

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Today was so tired when I went to work.

From 8.00am to 5.30pm I kept nagging that I feel tired...

So, Im still at my counter, facing some scholars holder but the so-called smart students didn't get respect from me especially with their sour face and "good" manners where you really think that after I issued you the receipt and help you out with everything and not even a "thank you" ?

Smart? So what? Don't expect that I will salute you.

You don't show out ur good manners because Im just a "small" staff at Bursary or do you think that you don't have to say thank you to someone who is younger than you?

Both thinking are definitely wrong.

Well, some parents are just rude, even with the fluency spoken English which I thought they will be highly educated turn out to be such a good manner.

Do you think if you are going to ask me to borrow a pen to you, but there's not even an asking.

Just take it while it's just on the counter's table?

And, I found out that, more boys speak thank you to me than girls do.

And, I especially look down on those CAL scholars holder who show out this kind of manners.

If you think Im offending you, yes, I am! I am specially referring to those people who did this to me.


I got OT for 1 hour today. Even it's 1 hour, but I didn't actually do much.

Wow.. heavy rain. How to go back leh ?

Waited at Canteen 2 at 5.30pm for my sis to come, since I don't know what time she'll be there, so I just keep waiting.

OMG! Heavy + heavy rain... Mana dia ?

Sure traffic jam one.. She sure go somewhere else lepak until forget time

So heavy rain leh. I think I should go back home first.... If later she hasn't show up then how? I think...

Ok ok, I wait for another 10 mins. If she still hasn't show up then I will go back first, since the rain isn't that heavy now.

After that....
Of course she came la. I know she and ckt went out so I also very pai seh want ask them why so late or what. Im "bun" only, not "bulb". XD

Go back home and sleep la.

In response to my da jie:
Im not "stupiak" bun ! Sei gai bei~ ^^

Sunday, April 20, 2008

PIKOM PC Fair, 2008

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Okay okay, Im writing my new post now. Stop nagging.

I scare my friends will come and complain to me that, why am I keep asking them to update their blog but I didn't do that. But the thing is, they didn't do this to me, is just that, the world taught me to be abit perasan, just abit. haha!

So, it's the PIKOM PC Fair. And as usual, it's my sis and I.

I was supposed to buy a laptop, mp3, pen drive and webcam.

However, the laptop which supposed to be "present" to study at Taylor's turn out to be a "dream" in my heart.

MP3 which I supposed to buy, but I didn't, 'coz I didn't bring enough money. XD

But I bought a 4GB Kingston pen drive and a cheap palak webcam. haha.

At first I thought my pen drive is quite nice, but after viewing Joshua's blog, only I know what's considered a nice one. envy la.

My pc usb cable damn longgar. HAIHZ!

Then, went dinner at Kim Gary with Zheng Xiang's family.

His mother is so funny. Zheng Xiang seems to be very close to his mom.

Even though his mother wanted to send us back, but we rejected her kindness.

Hang around then went to 4th floor food court and..

Write my papa's birthday card there!

And... take pictures!


Everything is alright at my working place. My colleagues are nice. The work loads are lot.

Yeah. Finally I'm at the counter. Haha. too excited to learn new things.

But, yeah, Im still the careless me.

Sometimes typing error, sometimes give wrong receipt, sometimes key wrong amount..


Biasa la.

I'm always blur blur one. XD


Happy Birthday to my Papa, 19th of April.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


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When it was 10pm, I was as usual switching on my computer and begin my "night life".

Then, I feel there's something wrong with my computer, where everything I type will be in capital letters. But the weird part is, the numbers will also appeared to be those symbols which is so unusual.

So, I decided to restart my computer.

Damn. CTRL + ALT + DELETE cannot works. The button at start for restart also the same

So, I shut down the computer.




Beh tahan liao. I leave the computer to "rest" for a while then only try to on back.


Why still cannot one?


My younger sister was back. And I was complaining to both of my sisters, impatiently.


"Is it possible because of the Shift button"

"I don't know oh..."

"Noh.. ok liao..."

Chiu... just because of the Shift button.. I waited for 1 hour. >.<"

Then.. I thought can online happily..

Who knows.. suddenly, no connectivity is detected! =.=''

WTH.. Why treat me like this?


This is just a crap post, to show you how frustrated that I felt and how good is my arts of crapping!

Thank you for reading and sorry for wasting your time. XD


p/s: after reading Zheng Xiang's blog, I truly feel that he's a good writer and a good friend. XD

Saturday, April 12, 2008


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This is only what I can say,


For those who don't know Chinese, sorry la.

Thank you to those who have been answering my questions regarding A levels or colleges.

Thank you Kah Wai, Fui Yen, Ka Wah, Zheng Xiang, Seow Yen, Qi Kit, Kian Nam, Frankie and Jing Rong.

Thanks to my sis for forcing me to Taylor's. XD

Thanks to whoever I didn't mentioned your name above.

Specially thanks to Kah Wai, because I really really really get many help from him. Oh ya, and your shoulder! hehe.

Specially thanks to Jing Rong, although only once I asked her the question, but I truly get lots help from her.

Specially thanks to Fui Yen, because not that close with her, but still willing to tell me more about TARC A levels.

Specially thanks to Ka Wah, for helping me around about A levels and Taylor's.

Specially thanks to Yue Fen, for not letting me alone at TARC and accompany me.

And more.

Thanks to Keat for letting me zat. XD

Thanks to those who chat with me.

Thanks to those blogger who blog and let me spend time reading your blog, especially Ooi Tong. XD

Thanks to Yuen Nee and Yuek Che for letting me to think something out of A levels.

Thanks to Sam for letting me to ask you those "love" questions after not more than 10 times chat.

Thanks to Cao Ge and Aska Yang for singing those nice songs.

Haha. XD

Sad? Blur? Uncertain? I don't know.

Posted by Siew Lee at 4/12/2008 05:27:00 AM
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If you really read my blog, and did chat to me this few days, perhaps, few weeks, you will actually know that I have something very difficult in mind. Yeah, no doubt, about my studies.

And if you really understand, experienced and felt the feeling before, you will know my current situation. So helpless, like the person aiming no way in my imagination, walking rather running here and there, sobbing over to just get rid of this.

I don't know what' so sad of this, to choose the college. But I just do. Emo girl. Whatever it is, this is my 3rd post today. I just wanna type whatever I feel, which I may not have it next time. Even it's not something supposed to be recorded down, but I just want to do so!

After reading JR blog, Im getting more sad. I don't know why. Maybe it's something I felt before, so I am actually hurting my old pain. Duh.

Don't listen to sad songs when you're in mood like this. I don't understand why Kah Wai will tune to sad songs when he was emo-ing. Now, I truly understand. You will just switch to Cao Ge, or Aska Yang. So that you will feel more sad!



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Make your dream comes true. How much I wish I could.

Somehow I have to give up, give up to the reality.

Not to say give up or what, it's the reality, where, I wish I could never face it.

JR told me her secret, reality mah.

Money is the root of all evil.

I know, I really know.

Im one the person who think dream can always be achieved, and that's what makes me not to accept the reality of this life. XD

Actually, JR asked me to go sleep and wake up and think again, because like this it's less biased and more healthy.

Haha. If she didn't tell me, I wouldn't realised. Im actually in a very blur state.

All thoughts, opinions, ideas, decisions, problems rush into my mind.

I could think, but not properly, just like the non polar covalent bond, which has one one side slightly negative and one side slightly positive, but with no net charge.

So do I. Like the symbol of Libra, 50-50. Just that I couldn't classify it into both well.

Lalala.. I don't know what am I crapping.

So hard

Posted by Siew Lee at 4/12/2008 04:20:00 AM
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It's really so hard la..

Don't say Im very indecisive or what, the fact is, it's really hard to make this decision.

After I asking around my friends, even some seniors, both like saying 50-50 to TARC and Taylor's.

Some say, A levels, you need to work hard on your own, however lecturers are important as well.

Then they said, TARC lecturers are not bad actually.

So why still ask me go Taylor's ?

Good lecturers and better facilities?

TARC got sports complex with swimming pool, tennis court, badminton court and gym.

How about Taylor's?

So what do you mean by the better facilities?

Perhaps the computer lab?

Perhaps the lecture's hall?

Perhaps the lab?

Perhaps the class room?

I don't know, and no one tells me about that.

Some say, if you go Taylor's, you get freedom, staying outside.

Then, you have to pay those high cost of living.

Some say, TARC almost all Chinese woh. Then how's their English level?

Taylor's not alot Chinese lah.

That's actually very true. But, not to say their lecturers are using Chinese during lecture, no such thing.

Some say, it's just A levels, and you are getting same cert from CIE even which colleges u go for GCE A levels. So, why you wanna spend so much to Taylor's?

Some say, not so confident with TARC woh.

Some say, go Taylor's to get more input, from the lecturers I guess.

I don't know how's both colleges lecturers, I just heard from what others said.

For me, if I choose Taylor's, I must bare the peer pressure, as what Jing Rong told me.

Yeah. Those thing like, "You go there results must be very good, at least 3As la."

If not, they will think like you waste money go there not for study.

One more thing is, Taylor's is famous for it's Pre-U course, so, all those smart students appear to be there.

It's so stress to face with them, actually.


Not about tuition fees, how about cost of living?

Food? Accomodation? It's killing me.

JR said, Taylor's has more reputation than TARC, which most people think.

So, most people think = the truth?

According to Taylor's representative from Pre-U department, from 700 students, 70 of them got straight As.

Of course it's alot compared to TARC.

But, it's just 10% out of 700 students.

Ooi Tong said, why don't you spend your money to enjoy your Uni life at London instead of spending RM24k at Taylors for just 1.5 years?

Somemore he said,go to Taylor's to meet stylist people, so-called high-class people.

Yeah, JR also mentioned about it.

I actually quite scare, to meet people that's probably one class higher. haha.


I admit that I would put Taylor's as one of my choice apart from the popularity in Pre-U course, because, I would like to experience the life at there.

In contrast, I feel so scare, for meeting people from different life style.

JR said, Taylor's is like the "Yin De College" in Meteor Garden. Where all rich students study, and I will be Shan Chai. XD

I can actually feel that, I could not give up Taylor's, just because I want to experience the lifestyle. But the reality always keep my away from reaching there. I am so suffer. I don't mean to say I don't like TARC, in fact I like the environment. But, I just couldn't tell myself that, I am not going to Taylor's.
Maybe, maybe I just need some time, to say goodbye to Taylor's.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang

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Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang, SMK Puteri Titiwangsa

I thought this year I would miss this event, but I still able to join it.

Eventhough it's a very boring event, however, it's a memorable one.

You will never forget the prize you get, the wishes you get, and the proudness you feel. =)

Even you will nervous until you forgot to bound, or forget to shake hand, even forget to smile at the VIP, you will still feel happy.


Even it's just a trophy, a cert and a RM50 voucher you got.

Two NS friends actually came to the event, which I was quite suprise about it.

Our "Tokoh Pelajar" goes to Miss Yuek Che.

"Pelajar terbaik SPM" and "Pelajar terbaik SPM aliran sains" go to Miss Vivian.

Congratz to both of them. Though I had known this earlier, still feel so proud of them.

This kind of event it's best to have lots of friends gather altogether to take pictures!

Especially with the "jubah" on us.

My school



All of us

With Ah Sok, Seow Yen

My grandson, Vivian

A picture with her

With my son, Xin Ying (p/s she's tall)

The ever sexy Eveline (XD)

My lou dao,Chiew Yen (holiday for NS)

Another tall one, Wei Wei

Irene, Me, Wei Wei

With Lai Lai, Sook Yee (NS as well)

Two smart students, Yuek Che and Vivian

Oops.. Sorry la my bf,Ain for taking this photo!

Come hug! Yuek Che, Ain, Me, Wai Yee

It's me before going back!

Due to some reasons, pictures which contain Sook Peng's face cannot be posted. haha.

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