Sunday, September 27, 2009

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and the most important..feel good..stay happy and smile more, says he.

I was thinking, what makes me feel happy, practically?

owh endorphins, I need you ;)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my Muslim friends..
Happy Holidays to those having their holidays.
and those having exams like me, happy studying. lol

first day of Raya, and I waken up early in the morning to Petaling Street.
its been such a long time since my last visit.
I don't like the weather over there 'coz its freaking hot but this day was an exceptional as it was quite cloudy and I love it. =)
had the famous porridge over there.
the street is full of Chinese as well as visitors.
but I just don't understand why those cars are driving into the street. freaking annoying.
had the loh hon goh and fried sweet potatoes as well.
didn't have the chance to eat tau fu fa. =/
take some time have a walk over there as the weather is so cool.
visited the temple as well.

"early" in the morning sms-ed ah sok to prevent I fall back to my dreamland. haha.
sms-ed other people as well. suddenly have this urge to sms friends. lol
and so some busy study at home. ah sok going to have bbq. Lee San is coming back to KL.
ls somemore say I very random sms her. cannot la now. lol
oh she asked me out to yam cha at 11pm. wuhhuuuu =)
chit chatted until 1am only back home.
so nice talking to them eventhough only 3 fellows.
back home and continue to disturb my sister until 3am..
this day I talked so much..I can't even remember when was the last time I talk so much..

been watching many dramas/movies in this month..
Vengeance, District 9, The Ugly Truth, Tsunami at Haeundae
The Man in the Vineyard, Love or Bread, Burning Flame 3, Boys over Flowers, メイちゃんの執事, With the view of meteor shower..

didn't realise I've watched so much.
A2 ah =/


you have only 10 minutes to save the one you love

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being drag to watch movie with cl,ls, and tharma. haha out of a sudden cl wanna watch movie so he drag 3 of us to watch Tsunami at Haeundae.
before the movie we still have plenty of time so went to pet shop to see dogs. but those dogs like so dead. all sleeping besides the toy poddle. oh and the pet shop is so smelly. lol
since today is the first day in M'sia for this movie so its kinda full in the theater.

google search this movie and get to know that this is the no.1 blockbluster in Korea. this movie was not bad for me. quite funny at times and touching as well. graphic is nice. hmm but kinda no comment after watching the movie. haha.

its quite sad you know when you've already know that its going to happen but you can't do anything and you can't change it.

but the professor ended up with his wife so its still quite happy to see that.

hmm you do know movie isn't logic all the time right? so we were talking about the rope that they used to save the 2 fella on the yacht. the rope can't even withstand the weight of 2 man. weird huh.

i love having popcorn while watching movie! hoho~
(ignore my randomness hehe)

what do you when you have only 10 minutes when everything is going to an end?


because they are never pretty

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so my sister is
again back to KL and her favourite thing to do is to drag me or us out to watch movies with her. haha. she planned this like week before we actually go for the movie.
The Ugly Truth

do you know that those posters have their meanings?
lol if you watch the movie then you will know

some funny scene below

"don't teach the teacher.."

"wtf?!.." LOL this scene is funny

this as well

in the lift

this show is truly 18SX. haha despite I'm still months to go 18.
owh I tell you this movie rocks! muahaha..
I enjoyed laughing throughout the movie as well as my sisters.

Sakae Sushi for lunch. oh my kimuchi ramen..not nice one haha. I want my sis's bento! =)

and shopping next.
tiring yet enjoy. <3

sometimes, the truth is ugly.

more photos click here
the ugly truth official site



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for this special date that they say, 09:09 am 09/09/09 is so precious to the extent that I totally forgot this and I was still happily having my sweet dream that time. lol.
and I totally forget that its 09/09/09 when Lee San asked me out for movie with Shu Ying.
I only realised this when I check facebook lol
3 of us were discussing about this movie outing the day before
I was busying wtf-ing the line 'coz I keep cannot send out messages
Lee San busying confirm with both of us
Shu Ying busying check showtimes
by the time Lee San and I can chat, Shu Ying can't
and when Shu Ying and I can chat, Lee San can't
but in the end we've decided to watch Vengeance at KLCC

this show was ok for me but heard many reviews said this is quite a disappointment from a director like Johnnie To. but I think the 2 girls did enjoy laughing which I had no idea what is so funny besides that Fat Lok. haha

ohh something to mention is that, Shu Ying was super pretty that day. ok she's already very pretty but that day she wore sleeveless top and mini skirt with a very high high-heels. o.O you can already imaging that? ok don't nose bleed infront of your pc thank you. lol.

overall a nice day with them as a mind-relaxing activity after MOCK.


princess's day

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I think I missed out Mei Mei's birthday post so I'm gonna write it now
we were still having our MOCK, if I'm not mistaken it was Chem p5.
sudden heavy rain when we were still in the exam hall
I guess everyone did plan to have suprise for her as hmm I was asked to lie that I'm not going to celebrate or stuff like that.(was scare to answer her when she asked me why am I still standing
ok then they were figuring way to bring her to the place to celebrate bla bla bla coz it was heavy rain so they can't straight away go to Jusco bla bla bla Alvin was still sleeping and stuff.
so hmm my bro cheated Mei Mei for the day lol pity him
ok cut the craps la we finally made it to KFC and she loves the suprise (I can see your eyes red red de ohhh hehe)

the durian donut as her cake lol scare her out 'coz dunno who ask her to eat it. but its nice you know lol

purposely take photos to drag time. haha

looks like family photo

and the real cake

Happy Birthday to Princess Mei Mei. ok I wrote this xD

the real cake and the fake cake haha

you can ignore the 2 person behind lol

aiyo sweeeet =p

but bro don't look here aiks

JS wanna challenge the donut but failed haha

anyhow it was a great day with laughters and full of suprise for Mei Mei. and please forget about the joke that Ming Jie made. >.<

and hope Mei Mei would enjoy the day

Happy Birthday to Mei Mei!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

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ok la I know my blog is rusting but I seriously got nothing special to blog about and all my posts are quite sad and dull. there are most of my feelings so you couldn't expect

but this post is gonna be dull again sorry.

trials results were out and some was quite expected.
truly bad.
truly sad.

I'm sad not because I didn't prepare for exams and got bad results.
I'm sad because I still don't really know the way to "answer" or "tackle" questions which I had this problem even since AS.

and I'm sad because my Alzeimer's seems to be coming back at the wrong time. I can't remember things easily and I forget them easily. if its only for normal stuff it would be just alright but if its for my studies, please don't.

I don't know how soon is A2 coming but its time to prepare and its kinda late I would say to actually just get started but its better than not starting at all.

good luck and battle for the best.

Make your decision wisely, for you might not know how it could turn out to be.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

light in the darkness

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I've been calculating
and calculating

its a very mere chance
low possibility
but still I'll try my best


so Trials for A2 are over, and I know I didn't really prepare..just, don't hope to see too bad results..
A2 is next and that's seriously getting on my nerves


getting even more stress


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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lemme tell you what I had been doing for this whole holiday..
watch drama
thats all
no revision
no study
but..I got read my novel la wtf

so..I am going to start my revision now
(ok I do know its very late..)
pray for all the best
ganbatte everyone for the MOCK exams.

p.s:Thank you ya for motivating me lalala~~


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