Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A lil update from New Zealand

Posted by Siew Lee at 3/15/2011 06:17:00 PM
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YES I KNOW! Ages since I update my blog right?! I am not going to promise anything to continue blogging but I may occasionally come here and write things down. This is my blog, I do whatever I want LOL

So to update about my current life. I am currently in Dunedin, New Zealand to pursue my tertiary studies. Few things about here: cold and unpredictable weather, clean, relax, and small.

First of all, its about the weather. Dunedin is famous for its unpredictable weather. One second it was raining, the next second sunlight comes out. Its windy here, so when it rains with strong wind, an umbrella couldn't do much. I am slowly acclimatise to the weather, though I still barely can stand at times.

Its clean here, the environment and atmosphere, despite the really strong UV light. You get to see broken glasses on the streets but there's people cleaning up and they practise recycling and reusing here which are pretty good. Personal hygiene wise, I have no comment as I am kind of clean freak LOL.

The shop opens at 10 and closes at 4.30 or 5pm, even the mall, or maybe slightly later till 6pm. Some shops do not open on Sundays. The lifestyle here is pretty laid back, very much suitable to study. I still prefer working in a city though, but Dunedin is definitely a good place to settled down.

Dunedin is very small, really. Its more like a town than a city to me. According to statistics, its roughly 120,000 population here, compared to Kuala Lumpur, 1,627,172 population, you do the calculation. Everything is within walking distance, I mean, most of them. I walk everyday, to Uni, to convenience stores, to town and to gardens.

Before I came here, I did some research about Dunedin, in a nutshell, they say its a pretty boring place. I was quite worried at the same time I was quite doubtful about this but I prove them wrong, in some ways. Dunedin is not like UTAR in Kampar. Well, I have never been to Kampar, but according to my friends, its quite far to get from one place to another. In Dunedin, you see alot of pedestrians, so its not just you that are walking on the streets. Many cyclists as well, as they have the cyclist path on the road. Dunedin has cinemas, though I have never been there. Dunedin has 3 supermarkets and 1 farmer market(on every Saturday unless Christmas Day or Anzac Day is on a Saturday), they are not too far to walk to, ranging from 20mins to 30mins. Dunedin has "malls" as well, do not compare the one that you see in KL. Although Dunedin does not have high buildings but you could see stores pretty easily within Uni area. If you're looking for excitement like the one you get in KL, no, you wouldn't see it here. If you're looking for a decent place to study and relax, yes, this is the place. I have classes every day until 6pm, thus I do not go out often at night after classes. So I don't really see the point where you find this place boring. Probably at times you wanna seek for some "exciting" relaxation off your studies. What I do is just by sleeping, so Dunedin is my place.

I am supposed to be on my lab report writing but look at what I am doing now. geez. I am so laid back today.

Ok that's all for this time. till then :)

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