Monday, October 27, 2008

Late.. again.

Posted by Siew Lee at 10/27/2008 08:01:00 AM
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Well, seriously I think that Streamyx hates me alot. XD My msn kinda of have problem, whenever I sent out my messages, my friends tend to get them after awhile instead of "instantly" (which what a Instand Messaging system should be). Fine. Then, I can't seems to upload photos to my blog. >.<>

SO FINALLY...........

I can update my blog already. =p

Nothing much happened last week. Just like usual college life should be.

On Monday, we went to JJ during our 3 hours break.But later found out that our last class, GP was canceled as well. All of them were SUPER excited. I mean, really excited about this. Somehow we went to the archade, and they were playing there (excluding Mei Mei and I). We saw Maggie and the gang there as well. haha. They joined us at archade. Mei Mei, my bro, Wei Yuan, Yoon Hung and I went back to college for Bio extra class. Yoon Hung drove me back. Thanks. =)


as usual, I don't really remember what happened for the whole week. What I know is that, I wasn't really in the mood to study for the whole week. And. wth. Exams are coming. Haihz. Beat myself up.

Some photos of the week.

Yoon Hung and Wei Yuan playing the drum with Doraemon song. XD


Wei Yuan, Yoon Hung, my brother.

Maggie and the gang. =p

Fuiiiyoh. His marks go up until 400++. XD

Okay. Cally's donuts and mine. Durian flavour. I just love durian. XD

Thursday "Pink Day". haha. Take 1.

Take 2.

This is beautiful.=p

Kinda sick. Deep thought.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weekly update

Posted by Siew Lee at 10/18/2008 06:45:00 AM
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One week didn't update already, so let me tell the story day by day ok? haha.This post will be long and with lots of pictures.

Usual college routine. 3 hours break spent to Physics. haha. Class ended at 2pm, but there's extra class for Biology, for those who are weak in it and to those who are intrested to go. But it only starts at 3pm. So, wanna know what actually the friends of mine did during the 1 hour before Biology?

Gamble at 301. XDXD

Look at those kaki judi in my class. XD haha.

Well, as you know, once you play cards, you won't ever feel like stop playing. haha. In the end, only Wei Yuan, Ching Jia, Wooi Liam and I went for the extra class. Abby and Kalai as well.

Ms.Geradline. Our pretty Biology lecture. =p She caught me when I capture this.

Waited my younger sister outside TARC to wait for my elder sister. We are going to eat ice at Kepong. XD You know, sitting in the car doing nothing is so boring, so we (my sis and I) start capturing pictures. haha.

Driver. XD

Kinda of heavy rain.

My younger sister who is taller than me.=.=''

My sister's sister who is shorter than her younger sister. XD

YEAH!! Finally we reached. haha. Kinda excited.=p

The shop. Quite famous one I think.

The menu. Looks so so so tempting right? haha.

The "Special Series"- ice cream in a wok.

The "Tank".

The "Snow".

Some random photos of the small shop.

My "Snow Cheese" with strawberry flavour. I love the cheese.. =p

Lychee and strawberry flavour.

Vanilla flavour.

My small 鸡仔包.

"Snow" with lychee flavour.

Overall I like the food there. Er, I mean the ice there. haha. It's different from the other shops. The texture of the ice is so smooth. XD and.. they have lots of choices.

While going back.... haha.

Rain rain rain.......

Tired yet happy. =)

'coz I saw rainbow. XD Im always hoping to see rainbow...

Can't really remember but I think nothing much happened. After class go to Desa Setapak wait for my friend, to give her the PBSM full uniform. My sister was with me, waiting impatiently. haha.

She ordered this lychee ice. She said she was too hot.

nice reflection effect. XD

nothing to do again. hehe.

She asked me to take this picture.

Wonder what I thinking? haha. nothing much, just I was thinking why is this ice tastes different from the yesterday's one. XD

Kinda blur in the morning. @_@ haha. Pure maths tutorial followed by Bio practical. We aren't the fastest today. In fact, the slowest one, 'coz we repeated the experiment for thrice.

3 test tube rack.

Seow Yen with her favourite colour that the test tube shown. Cally with her peace fingers. XD

Colours become darker as the concentration of lead nitrate added increases.

CK with his "Deng" shirt. haha. So cool. XD

Went out to The Egg House, at JJ for our lunch. Cally, Yoon Hung and I ordered omelete fried rice. While Mei Mei, Wei Chie and Wei Yuan ordered Nasi Lemak.

The egg is nice. really. XD

Cally loves tomato so much. haha.

After Applied Maths lecture then went to tuition. Philip sent me to LRT station after my class. Thank you so much. =p

Found this article when I went to binding for my chemistry practical book. Meaningful one.

Waited for my younger sister who finished her exam at 3.30pm. And I discovered one thing.

Do you know what is this?

Keep guessing. haha. =p

Unfortunately when I almost reach home, it rains heavily. Super heavy rain.=p Sit at bus stop to wait for the rain to stop.


It's so heavy rain until even you got an umbrella, it will be useless. haha.

Well.. I try to recall what happened, but I can't really remember. >.<>
Cally with her Garfield tissue. XD This picture looks like an advertisement for the tissue. haha.

We got nowhere to go, so went in to the lab earlier. Lab regulations. Somehow, I always smell smoke in the lab. =.=''

Physics lecture was canceled, no electric or what.
Chemisrty practical was doing the analysis for cations. Just observe the colour changes. The first time we are doing practical on our own. Im the slowest in the class. OMG. really have to think ways to do faster. >.<
Went to Block Q to take registration form for Jap language level 2.

Here comes the kaki judi again. haha.

Yoon Hung said I "wong" him. When I come only he keep winning. XD 2 Aces leh.

OMG right? Yoon Hung's card. getting 3 Aces. 'coz he was sitting besides me. haha.

Went back at around 6pm with Yoon Hung, Jian Shen and Wooi Liang. Traffic jam and stuff as usual. and it was raining as well.

Finally.. it's Friday. haha. T.G.I Friday? XD Attended lectures as normal. GP class was quite lively today due to those guys at the back. haha. And especially when Ching Jia did that action, Ms. Sarah was laughing non-stop. And I think she starts to like our class. =p
Stay back, wait for my sister. Went to bus stop. Saw Melvin, Ryan and Rodney were playing futsal. Even when it rains heavily, they were still playing. and all the people at bus stop start discussing and look at them like one kind. haha. I was sitting there and listened to what they said. XD Hao Ting was with me, playing the sudoku. Trying to beat my time.=p He "forcast" that the it will keep raining, but I said it will stops at 4pm. haha. Ok la, he won, 'coz he's the 有角的天使, and Im the 有翅膀的恶魔. XD
Sister came with her friend and we went to JJ, 'coz she said she's hungry and wanna eat McDonald's. Went back home after that. Eat sleep bath and here I am. XD

I think the whole week was raining. Since I keep mention rain here. XD


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