Tuesday, August 25, 2009


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..because its great to have it once in a while

playing the Romantic Classics cross-genre musics which we bought the other day on the player
soon we search through the cupboard

we found many good CDs
tuning to old love songs
remind us alot of our pasts
and then to timeless classics by some famous musicians

while we were viewing our photos
from the childhood to our trips
we talked we laughed we enjoyed

I love the 6 hours we spent on musics and reminiscing in our pasts
I never knew the feeling can be that good


Monday, August 24, 2009

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and I've been sleeping at 4am the earliest for this whole week..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

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I've lost my beloved strawberry bottle..

sisters said I look damn emo indeed I think so as well. how could I lost it? how? how?! I shouldn't.. *cry*

not really in a mood to update the journal of the day.
till then..

I need a new bottle..=/

Friday, August 21, 2009

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I don't know why but I suddenly feel that I kinda agree with the following statement.
"We tend to do things that we hate others doing them to us.."

at first, I wasn't quite sure how this saying comes about not till I have experienced it myself.
most of us, I would say, might like to say things like, "I hate liers", "I hate fakers" and so on so forth. well its quite common and most that said so, don't appear to have this personality that they hate. so it doesn't proves the statement that I stated above.This is the common situation.

but, let's make things this way.
A tells B some stuff that B wanted to know. C interested to know as well and asked B, but B asked C to ask A. and C gets a lil pissed off why isn't B telling C.
so there's another time where, B wanted to know what C and D were talking about and B asked C. and C did the same thing as what B did to C. C asked B to ask D. and B gets pissed off as well where C isn't telling B.

so you see the connection?
B isn't liking the way C did that to B, but in fact, B did the same thing to C as well.

maybe we're just not that sensitive to notice this little matter but when little matter turns big, only then will you realise the importance of tiny things.

think twice for your action
for they might be others weapon to kill you

in most scenario, there's reasons as to why this decision/action had been made or taken. and most of the time, those reasons are unexplained and maybe they can't be explained.

being understanding or put yourself in others' shoes is not an easy task but at least, for what that you dislike other people doing it, you don't do it as well.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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we got nothing to do..
very sien..


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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go live your own life la don't come ruin people's life

I'm fine with you if you ever wanna ruin your own life or what-so-ever but please don't come ruin my life and mess with my life

so distracting enough

its just so because of you that we have to bear with it.. DIE OFF la.

can you ever use your damn brain, if you ever have one, to think RATIONALLY, act MATURE enough and stop causing so much problems?!
behave yourself la


am already very stress with my exams
and now you're like one on-set nuclear bomb that can set off anytime
external factor which I can't avoid at any point


Monday, August 17, 2009

they stayed

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G.I. Joe and The Proposal
to be frank, I just love to watch movies in the cinema, I don't know why.
well I just wish to have some fun, maybe a little will do, by watching two movies today.
the former one was not bad, action movie, not much storyline to be elaborated, handsome guys and hot girls, nanotechnology, and some crazy scientists.
the latter one which I heard alot of good reviews about it, and it turned out to be quite overrated for me. its just purely my opinion. its a comedy, I must say, but er, I don't laugh most of the time that I think I should laugh. well my sister did enjoyed laughing. storyline was.. hmm, quite lacking of what it seems to be having in a romance movie.
these two don't seems to entertain me much. lol.

one thing is, I love to go out with my sis. =) too bad my younger sis couldn't join..

things happened, and they will never disappear.
its just like those cracks on the wall, how much you try to recover it to the original ones, they will never be like one because there will be scars, and they are no longer how they are.
we chose to forget, chose to ignore it and chose to erase it, but they're still there, always existing.
for things that happened, they stayed, deep down in a corner of my heart.
I can choose to forgive it, but I can never forget it.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

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slept at 2am yesterday.. and I've been waken up at 2.30am by a weird but a kinda scary dream which I literally forced myself to wake up.. (sorry if I waken the 2 person that I sms-ed to..)
and I slept back after I've calm myself a little..
6.45am, it came to my suprise that I woke up at this time. I've never wake up at this time before on Saturday if I'm not waking up for a reason.
yet, I woke up, because of another dream.

sigh. disturbing.

thanks to ah sok whom I sms-ed to at 2.30am and she left me messages at msn 'coz she thought I can't sleep so she went online.. >.<

and thanks to YOU who never reply my message.. and for not asking at all.. I thought you're the one that I could turn to at that time but turned up to be quite disappointed..luckily that dream wasn't that scary till I've to yell.
you know who you are


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


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the time that I JUMP off from my bed and realised that I've been snoozing my alarm for few times and the most important thing is.. AS results are out!

and I quickly ran down the staircase and switch on my desktop to check..while the page keep showing me the connection is interrupted and continues for few times.. and my heart beats so fast that I can actually hear the beating..and so the page loaded within a blink of an eye.. and phew! I was relief..

that I don't really expect my results as in, I don't try to expect to get what grade for which subject..
hmm I was truly satisfied as that I got a for my 2 science subjects, while expected maths to get b. and I got the shock of my life that I actually got b for my GP..that kinda delighted my day =)

and so went to college and found out no one was there..hmm went into biology lecture and practically do nothing. so went to Lee San's house to wait for the 4a Chai Liang to finish his dotA. with Shu Ying and bear bear there as well.

and er..lunch at TBR and drag some time here and there.. and off to sing k session at Greenbox, Sg.Wang. thought it would be quite bored at first as there's only 5 of us, Jordan, Chai Liang, Lee San, Shu Ying and I, but it turned out to be quite fine.

met up with bro and Mei Mei to catch a movie at Times Square. we wanted to watch that what His Majesty or something but missed the showtime so we go for Overheard. not a bad movie I would say though it kind of lacking a theme. but overall the story is fine and actors are great. =)

decided not to back first as it will be quite a heavy jam so we walk around TS while gossiping.lol. and hmm went back at about.. 7pm..

so here's the fun part.lol.

you know everytime that I ride on Chai Liang's car, there must be some kind of "adventurous" or "driving" trip.XD

and this time they wanted to send Shu Ying back.. but, this lil girl here don't really know the way back..
so ok, we TRY our luck. and we went on and on and on and on the road that we're searching way to Pandan Perdana. note, we took the pathway back through MRR2 at first but the lil girl said use the Kg. Pandan way.. which, is wrong, I guess.lol.

so hmm we went round the Kg.Pandan way but we finally decided to back to KL first to figure out the way. ok and hor you know the Chai Liang very very daring..he can even drive the opposite way. I don't know how to describe this. its just you are suppose to turn left but you turn right, you are not suppose to u-turn where there's double line, and you are not suppose to drive at where the opposite car comes! =.=

its kinda dangerous but thank God that am still here writing this post.

and er we tried to figure out the way back to the KL main road but hmm traffic jam everywhere! arrghh. and we're not familiar with the place so I just simply@try to give directions which you know I failed in this. XD ok whatever it is. we took some time to back to TARC and waited for Shu Ying's father to fetch her back.. by the time her dad reached it was 8.30pm..

and all of us were starving all the way where most of us had our previous meal at 1pm..quickly settled down at restaurant and have our order. oh I kinda like their food but a lil pricey if compared to other similar restaurant. (bro actually had 3 bowls of rice and he said he still can have some more. lol.)

went back and rest for a while. quiet atmosphere as sis wasn't here and off to bed kinda early, 12 something?

anyway, its a great day afterall.

its just that we have to quickly switch back to study mode tomorrow.

all the best, pals.

A2, I'm coming!



Sunday, August 9, 2009

out of my randomness

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I want to watch...
The Proposal *16.8.09*
G.I. Joe *16.8.09*
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
Harry Potter
Obsessed *not showing*
Public Enemies *not showing*

I don't mind having a movie marathon if you're willing to accompany me..lalala~~
faster come date me for movies la I want to watch them at cinema!! >.<

btw, I will definitely miss my sis sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!
*burst into tears*
you better miss me ah
*burst into tears again*
though its within my reach but its quite far as well so I can't visit her everytime
*burst into tears and again*

ok and AS results is coming out
save me
that's the first thing come across my mind when I woke up this few days..
too stress

end with my story here with 2 spoons of rice in my dinner plate besides me.. bah! =p


Friday, August 7, 2009


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A warning first, this post contains mainly of photos so if you're not interested can just close the window..bah! haha

classes ended very early on every Wednesday so I have plenty of time to study so I can go do my own things.lol.

so yesterday I followed my sis everywhere she goes to Carrefour to shop for her stuff and we had McD! lol I don't know why but I was excited to eat that,probably because I was starving. oh ya it was raining really heavily yesterday but it stopped quite a while after that. still,the refreshing air is there.=)

so ya walked around Carrefour very briskly as Yau Wai is a fast-pace type same as my sis.unlike me, slow like turtle according to my ah sok.haha.

then it was 3+ that I reached home and I have to go out again at 6.20pm..
managed to grab a short nap for about 2 hours and forced to wake up.

so it was CLF that we're meeting up.though I knew him early but this is the first time that I'm meeting this Japan kia..a very talkative one.constantly find topics to avoid boredom.lame one at times but can't fight mine.lol.mumbles through his words which makes my sis doesn't understand most of the times.XD

a very nice dinner..enjoyable one =)=)

at about 7pm..

at about 8.30pm..

the salt and pepper which I play with..=p

Carbonara Spaghettini

Traditional Tomato Spaghettini

Pan-Seared Cod.

Garlic Mashed Potato. best served with the sauce provided.

Strawberry Shakes

Death by Iced Chocolate

Melting Pot with Marshmallows


thick strawberry taste =)

the black lady..

love this shot!


lovely sis in pink..

feel like bringing all the pillows back! =p

pink VS black..



acute appendicitis

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well this is nothing to do with my activity but I went out late as well.
to visit someone in the hospital.
I still remember I've been visiting the HKL quite often during form 5.
it was so funny when I told my ah sok that I'm going to hospital where she thought I fainted which is weird if I really fainted I can't be sms-ing telling her that I'm going to hospital right..lol.but she's just too anxious when she first heard that I guess.
have some difficulties in finding the ward as the visiting hours is over.

my sis..acute appendicitis.

the hospital full of Malays.

hope for you fast recovery.. then your McD, Burger King, KFC and etc are waiting for you..lol


its about what you think

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been "invited" by my sis to help her friends out for their assignments, a group interview regarding sex appeal ads.
to be honest I have no idea about this before this. I mean, I don't have any particular thoughts on it nor I have done any research regarding ads before the interview so I just talk whatever I think spontaneously.
good thing is the interview is conducted at night at our dearest TARC..
10pm view of TARC is very different from morning's one. so quiet and cooling besides a lil hazy.
and that nights' moon is so round and so bright!!
its been don't know how long I've never seen moon. lol am not joking.
I was too excited and stunned to see that so I was keep shouting at my sis about this.lol
the interview was fun, filled with opinions but lack of interactions with each other..

see! round and bright! =p

fav kill time activity.lol

she's promoting my strawberry bottle!haha.


warm warm =)

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I've been having many activities recently.. but didn't post it up as I was quite reluctant to do so at the first place, secondly I feel kind of "stress"? I don't know how to describe the feeling but it was a feeling where I wish to switch off everything besides having relaxation.but overall I enjoyed all the events and happenings that I've been involved. =)

Besides the gathering which I had at KLCC, Yoon Hung has invited most of us to have steamboat at his house. at first I couldn't make it 'coz I got no transport but thanks to Jasmine/Wei Yuan and Bro/Mei Mei/YH who made effort to send me. oh thanks to bear bear as well 'coz he's the one who drove me at last.hehe =p

so after the gathering at KLCC, I teman-ed Swee Ying for about 20 minutes while waiting for her father's arrival..talked alot about our recent life..=)

waited at Wangsa Maju then drove to hostel to wait for the 2 guys. slept in the car with the bloster..lalala~~ nice le nice to hug! =p

a lot of waiting before we actually had our steamboat.. at TARC.. at his condo..
but the feeling was nice though I don't eat a lot besides meat balls! =p

too bad we didn't have the chance to play besides swimming pool but nevermind there's many things waiting us out there..I believe.

but still we had quite some fun, especially the "special" show. lol. shhhhh..secret!

then bear bear drove me back at 11pm..

thanks again people =)

in the car..hehe


aiyoyo so sweet.. =p


Alvin with the fan.. don't kill me >.<

Wei Yuan..er.. with JIAN SHEN AH UR HAND!! (trying to make everyone knows that its you =p)


Thursday, August 6, 2009

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i don't know how to console people coz i don't even know there's anyone who can console me.
don't find me if you're emo coz i don't find others when im so.
don't ask me why am i being so moody coz if the reasons can be told i would have done so.
don't look reasons from me coz if there's any valid reasons i would have told you.
don't question me on what you're not certain coz that doesn't mean that im not certain as well.
don't try to tell me that you're stress coz i can see that and i can feel that.

because i am always swinging.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

6B'2002 gathering

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A very memorable day, for me, and the other 19 of us..
Lai Meng 6B'2002 gathering held successfully at Chilis, KLCC
We shared, we laughed, we talked and together we made this moment another bits of our unforgettable memory.
refreshing back what we did in the past,
talking what we are doing at present,
and discussing what we'll be in the future...
its so amazing that after so long, that you're gathered up with those that shared the earlier part of your life again.. seriously reminiscence.
though we might not know the details or every single updates of each of us, but at least we share part of it and get each other up-to-date..
a very short 4 hours made all of us once again click together.
the feeling is indescribable..

Thanks to all of you..=)
and very thankful for having this gathering, especially those that made efforts to make this gathering a successful one, e.g the organiser and etc..

till the next gathering then..


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