Wednesday, December 31, 2008


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What do you do when you are all alone?

What do you do when you suddenly feel that you are so lonely?

What do you do when you feel that out of a sudden you lost contact with the world?

What do you do when you feel weak?

What do you do when you lose your confidence?

What do you do when you feel like crying?

What's wrong if you hide at a side?

What's wrong if you once cry?

What's wrong if you once felt weak?

What's wrong if you once lost yourself?

What's wrong?

I'm glad..

after all those think-a-lot..

after all those tears..

after all those "mind torturing"..


I'm still standing on my own..


-Happy Birthday to myself-


17 already.. >.<


Monday, December 29, 2008

Movie ticket price

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I'm sure you guys enjoy watching movies, especially in theatre.

No matter its with your loved one, your family, your friends or even alone..

imagine the big screen, cooling environment and a tasty-licious popcorn to lighten up your day..

but.. hey!

wtf is this?
Directors laud call to raise Hollywood movie ticket price
By : Meor Shariman

increase Hollywood movie ticket price to rm 20?

this is so so crazy...

firstly I choose to watch it in theatre because I'm way to lazy to download.

secondly, you just pay for let's say rm 7 the cheapest, then you can enjoy the good quality and..wooh.. big screen.

but now, if they really increase the price to rm20,

I bet,

everyone will actually step back and think,

downloading the movies isn't a bad idea. =p




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My sister and I were too boring.


nah we done alot alot alot alot of talking already...


can't you see my status at MSN is always "Online" and seldom to "Busy" nor "Away"? That proves that I'm seriously FREE. XD

so if you do see my status isn't "Online" which means I'm not.


omg I'm growing fatter already.. no no no... >.<

Watch tv

nothing to watch though..


this is what we did..

little angel.

my left hand.

little devil.

on my right hand.

I ain't good enough to draw them.

I mean, I'm not good in drawing. =(

At first I wanted to draw a pig..

and I tried to figure out..

but ended up like this..

Failure. >.<

So now I really proved that I ain't good in arts. =D



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Since I've been so lazy to update the blog, so now Im gonna write here ALL.
Don't worry.. it won't be too long.. =D

Went out to Pavilion and Times Square to shop with my sister.
Crowded, on a Friday.
Tiring yet happy day.
Nothing much to describe.
Just walk walk walk, try try try and buy buy buy. get it?

The Christmas tree and I. =p

My sister and I.

Short break at Starbucks.

KLCC small "reunion" with 2 ji muis, Kah Wai and Zheng Xiang
Damn you Kah Wai waited you for 30 minutes. XD
That 2 fella there didn't have enough sleep, oops, I mean Zheng Xiang didn't sleep actually. =p
Watched Bolt at first.
and decided very last minute for the second movie, Yes Man.
queued at 2pm for 2.30pm show.
How great is that. =p
Both movies were great, hilarious I should say.
Bolt just like normal animation movie you could think of.
So to Yes Man. but the storyline for this, sucks. haha.
Sakae Sushi for lunch.
Great meal. =)

The 2 guys were sleeping after Bolt. =p




Da Frank's house
Went back to college first to copy the time table for the coming sem.
Very "Christmas-sy" environment at college.
You can easily spot people wearing Christmas hat. =)
Both my sister and I waited Frank@gum gum to fetch us at JJ.
oh and Big Apple donuts for him as well.
long time since we last saw him so we have great time spending to STEP each other...
haha. we do chat of course.

The guy I spotted with Christmas hat. =p

Green sockie. =p Thanks.


Da Frank,pokok besar, gum gum. XD

Christmas tree in his house.

His room. Tidy isn't it? =)

He never know what "soft" is. hahaha.

Very blue-ish and very dark as well. XD

Garlic bread.Tasty-licious.XD

Daniel Chong, Pei Yi, me, my sis, and photo before we leave.

Christmas eve
Thought of joining my bro for the countdown but couldn't make it. sorry. >.<
went for tuition class and eventually meet up my sister to shop for gifts.
and she's going to have a small "interview" with the Zheng Xiang there. =p
as I was too boring, so I start to make a little havoc over there. haha.

Zheng Xiang.another not-sleeping night? =p

We do look like arguing. XD


hehehehe. I told you.

off-ed my phone and just got the message from friend when I finally get up from my sweet dream at 1pm. >.<
Sorry ya.
so I really thought I'm not going out on Christmas, that's why I off my phone. =p
so okay I made up the last minute decision, again, to go out.
well this time just a very short outgoing.

KLCC small "reunion" with Sze Wei, Sook Peng and Wai Yee.
hmm~ we finally have time to gather after long. =p
sorry for being late >.<
30 minutes somemore. adoi.
so I reached there at 11.30am, not the last one though.
haha. Wai Yee was the last one.
We were first at A&W, then headed to Burger King.
sitting at the very last place at A&W and causing so much trouble for the staff there. XDXD
from 11.30am to 4.30pm.
5 hours.
non-stop talking.
Luckily we went Burger King, free refill. =p
From North to South, East to West, up to down, left to right, to and fro.. hahaha.
we talked alot. I mean, really alot.
Girls.. what to do. XD
I know, we really gonna meet up next time like this, to talk, again. =)
All the best to you guys!
esp Sook Peng who is going off to USA.

6 outings..all together in 10 days.
I'm broke. =(

8 more days to college reopen.. >.<


Sunday, December 28, 2008


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Cally's birthday! Happy Birthday again~

This is mine from you. =) Thanks alot. Very lovely.

This is urs from me. =p Hope you'll like it.

Winter Solstice festival

I do eat 18 of it. FULL with ginger taste. >.<

Merry Christmas!


Lot 10

Times Square

An enjoyable day..should I call this? =p

Jordan's birthday
Happy Birthday ya! although abit late.. =/


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


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Feelings you have for each other will not known unless you voice them..

regardless of what feelings..

"I think its like this.."

"I guess she/he will think like this.."

"I know she/he will act like this.."

These are just if's.. aren't they?

If you really care for your companion, sometimes you just have to notice the subtle hints they give you.

yeah.. subtle hints..

if you do care for your companion words, you will sure notice it..

no matter how small the hints are..

that's if you do have "heart" in doing so..

p/s: I hope you do. =(


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Anything la~~

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Ok la....

So I ask you, you want anything or whatever?

Anything la...

Anything as in that anything or this anything..?

Whatever la...

Oh so, whatever as in that whatever or this whatever..?



Can't figure it out?


Think a little bit more...

Taaaa daaa....

I have Whatever, but I heart Anything...


Whatever sounds abit..... >.<

although it's in yellow.. =p

So I don't know this non-carbonated drink taste like how..

since I haven't try this..

but they have Ice Lemon Tea, Peach Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, White Grape Tea, Apple Tea and Chrysanthemum Tea...

it's either of this..



Monday, December 15, 2008

Jusco Au2

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I decided to have this same title with my sister 'coz I seriously don't know what to put since this post is about the outgoings I have for this holidays.

The rice I bought that day from pasar malam, the day when I met Jing Rong.

The other day Wai Hong suggested to have a small "reunion", so-called, for 4 of us, from the Red Crescent Society last time in my secondary school. So it was held on 8th of December.
Supposingly it's on 3pm but due to some reason it was changed to 4pm.
Well, the 2 "gentlemen" didn't turn up at 4pm.
Leaving Seow Yen and I waited there for about 1 hour.=p
Anyways, I have great fun talking to them.
Err... sorry for shooting again. =X

This is Wai Hong, who said, "...just wait for 30 minutes only mah.." haha.

This is Tee Kim, who is always blur but not so blur compared to last time. =D The one who been bullied by me for having Digi number. XD

Well.. about Seow Yen's photo.. I dare not to take 'coz she was sitting right besides me and I scare anything happened to my phone later. =X

On the same weeks' Friday, I went to swing, not alone this time, together with my sister and.. 2 cute boys. =p

Cute boy no.1.

Cute boy no.2

And us. =p

Okay, yesterday, Sunday morning, going to afternoon, I was awaken by my cute little naughty cousin who shouted... " YOU WANNA GO TO JUSCO OR NOT?? MY MUMMY ASKED YOU ALL. IF YOU ALL WANNA GO PLEASE BE PREPARED." Okay la, something like that. She shouted in Mandarin which is of course, and then both my sister and I decided to go since it's a nothing-to-do-normal-Sunday for my sister and an another-normal-holidays-day for me.
This cute little naughty cousin has a brother, 8 years old and she's 6.
So both of us, I mean, my sister and I were having fun in the car, with the lively and cheerful conversations between them. Of course, the new Jusco located at AU2 near Setiawangsa was kinda a "refreshment" for both of us, the still-yet-to-be-look-waken-up us. =p
Well, it's a new building, so everything is "new",the shoplots are almost the same amount as the one at Wangsa Maju but, over here they have more and more and more restaurants. haha.
One thing that quite suprised me is that, they actually have Subway, Baskin Robins, Sushi King and Tropicana Life over here. haha.
Headed over Pizza Hut for our lunch eventually.

Cute little naughty cousin.

and her brother. He's cute as well. =p

My sister whose too free to take my photo while I was still eating. =p

Well, both of us actually headed to a bread shop and I get abit over excited when I saw breads. haha. Not abit actually, is alot. =p
They are just sooooooo tempting, especially those huge breads. XDXD
p/s: I actually enjoy breads quite alot. haha.

Stolen bread. What a name. =p

Mayo Cheese bread. Ooooooooh~ Cheeeese~~=D

Golden leaf. Another cheese bread~ =p

You see.... so cute right? XD

That's actually blueberry bread.

and more breads....

Not to forget the sushi~~~ XD

So this bread is really huge ok. =p

So I ate pizza, popcorn and sushi, just left McFlurry, then I will be having all my favourite food for the moment in a day. =p
Kind of bliss and happy for having all my favourite food, but, it still like lacking of something....
Just something...

p/s:Do you know why?


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