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To our long distance relationship

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/24/2011 12:25:00 AM
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LDR, a.k.a. long distance relationship.
Malaysia-- New Zealand= approximately 5400 miles away (8600km)
United Kingdom-- New Zealand= approximately 11951 miles away (19232km)

As of the time I'm writing this, he'd probably just landed in Birmingham airport.
Where should I start this post from?
Showing you a photo I took when I took my flight to NZ..

no I did not take this. lol. Jakun like me will be all excited when I see sunrise/ sunset. no time to pull out camera ok.

When its still MY-NZ

Hard or not?
SURE hard..
I reckon, for every couple this is a definite challenge. For a newly couple, this obviously is a very very big challenge to us. Ever heard of the word "tong chi tao"? some phrase in Cantonese implying that two people that always and literally stick together all the time. Separating us is like a pain in the ass. (ok not exactly like that but you get what I mean)

time difference..
If you haven't know yet, NZ has GMT +12 while MY has GMT +8.
In layman term, NZ is 4 hours/5 hours ahead of MY.
Don't be shy to use your friend, Google, he does a really good job all you need is just search "Dunedin time" then it will give you the answer.
I have classes early in the morning at 8am (not I like I attended, well most of it), and probably ending classes at 1pm the earliest. By that time, he would probably just woke up.
Sometimes I stayed up really late until 4am in the morning; sometimes he woke up (or did not sleep at all) morning. (to be exact, I stay up late eventhough its not for LDR. yea very kns)
Its been hard, to stay up late/ wake up early.

I have two clocks on my laptop/in my phone, just to make sure that I am on the right time and to make things easier. (now I guess I have to add another clock showing UK time..)
wonder how will a person not confused by the bright pink clock I showed above.. at least I will be confused by it. So many "hands" wei. ok maybe I'm just dumb. *slapmyself*

get connected...
Everything seems to get harder when its on LDR. We literally have to chat everyday just to make us feel that we are with each other. Calling costs, still, he spent so much just to call me so that I won't feel lonely. We text everyday eventhough its not entirely necessary, just because we used to text so much back in MY so it had become one of our habit to have each others' text every now and then. Until one point that his phone bill had gone up so high that he has to stopped texting a while. Even so, we didn't stop texting.

because this way.. we feel connected. Being miles apart, we need something to make us feel we are connected in some way.

I believe.. keeping each other connected is important in LDR. Of all, I think being able to express or open up feelings to each other is utterly important in maintaining the relationship. Not just updating on everyday life, but also what you feel, your thought, your dream and etc. Doing that once in a while will make you realise a lot of your relationship.

well of course I did not ask you to "boil" your phone (direct translate as in talk on the phone) for several hours until your phone bill goes like that. Oh he's using Maxis not at&t. lol. Too bad Google doesn't have one for Maxis so just pretend that's Maxis logo you're seeing.
If that's the amount that he has to pay for every month or even only one month.. I guess he would already be more than crazy to handle this..

yea like this.. haha
Opt for cheaper way to connect if we run out of credit or what. Like snail mail.
Not that of course, it would take forever to tell something that had happened like 2 weeks ago.
Just think of every way to connect each other like msn, skype, facebook, twitter, email and even blog.

not the "real" person..
Almost everynight, we have our Skype on and we will able to see each other. Even we have nothing to say at all, we just leave it on. At first we felt hard, we could see each other, we could hear each other, but we could not touch each other, could not hug each other, could not hold each other hands.
Often I miss him by my side, where I could really interact with him, in real.
I miss him (his shoulder actually), so that I could lay on his shoulder.

being in a LDR, I should be more than prepared to handle/overcome this.
Especially at night, when a sudden lonely feeling strikes me.

To the extent that we keep each other in accompany for too much that we have to let each other to have our own space with friends and etc.

Nobody asked me this before, but I think, many would be really curious, what makes me, or us, dare to try LDR?
He has faith in our relationship.
Notice that I said him, instead of us. I admit that I didn't really have strong faith in it at first.

because you never give up on me.. that we could overcome obstacles one after another..
because you're the light, that will endlessly guide me when I'm lost, bring me back on track to where you are..

and you ask, what about when its UK-NZ?
a trivia here: Name the city that is furthest from London.
Google search it :p

Ok I will be kind here (kononnya).
Its Dunedin.

Its the 7th month that we are having this LDR. We don't know how long we have to be in LDR. We don't know where the future will be, to be honest.
We are like the ordinary couple that would have fight and disagreement. Argument and cold wars that follow.
To go with the flow.

After all, what we need to believe is that,


photos credit to Google search images.

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I feel like writing my blog today.. but where I should start from?


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