Saturday, November 21, 2009

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Thought that I couldn't make it for Lai Meng's carnival due to A2 exams..but luckily I don't have any tough paper(s) the following week so I made myself to this carnival, just a visit before Lai Meng gonna move to Bukit Jalil.

Many of them we couldn't contact so there's only Jing Rong and I (for 6B) that actually went. later that I found out that Kah Ern and Jun Yuen went there as well.

Lai Meng is the Lai Meng that I've been studied for 7 years (including kindergarten). Nothing really changed, perhaps, the people. Many new teachers are now teaching the new generation (wow I sound so old) and many of my former teachers either changed school or retired. The classrooms are still the same, of course with new high-tech gadgets that we didn't have the chance to use. The places are much cleaner and lighter. I remember back then, there's lots of bats at the hall stage and the staircase. That frighten us, some of us, either because of its dirtiness or darkness. haha. memories still. The school band that I used to join has better facilities now. New instructor of course. oh they have those brand new uniform and lyrics stand. envy man.

Walking down the corridors and path, I realised that actually Lai Meng is quite small. haha. I always thought that my primary school is quite big maybe because I was younger that time. The canteen, in my view, is much smaller, which, of course, it doesn't change in size in any form. haha!

Anyway, my purpose wasn't for the carnival, just for visiting my old school. so I did not pay many attention on what's going with the carnival, so did the dinner at night. but this 80th anniversary dinner was quite nicely celebrated, from the way they make the stage and stuff. but I didn't join wholly because of the pricey ticket.

So after the carnival my sis and I went to KLCC to meet up with ZX.
Watched Surrogates.
Ate Chicken Rice.
Had tea-time at Dessert's Bar.

sorry la I feel so lazy to write 'coz its just the normal things that normal people will do with normal movie and normal outing. lol

Friday, November 20, 2009

this is food blog

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as the title suggest, its just an unexpected coincidence that I actually had to blog about food, in a series. LOL

this is Sunday. and my sis is still at KL. so she must drag us out no matter what LOL even its only Jusco..
I ate McFlurry+ Sundae Cone in a row! so nice! I wish to had more! haha!

bro brought back many fav!! =)=)
I remembered last time I don't have the chance to eat as much as I can 'coz I will end up either fever or worst, sore throat.
but but but..these durians were from Pahang don't know whose de dusun and they were delicious!! omg its been a looooooooooooong time since I ate durian AND such heavenly-tastylicious durians!
and the best part is, I'm not limited to eat how much durian like last time I only had the chance to eat max 2 or 3.. so today I EAT AS I CAN. LOL!
(no photos to show 'coz all the durians look the same! haha!)

its Saturday and I went to library happily thought that it would open until 7pm..
and I totally forgot that it only opens until 2pm for normal days. (sigh although its A-level exams period, but not THEIR exams period)
so yea I called up my sis and asked her to accompany me to Little Tree to have lunch.
She was just waken up and happily take her sweet time to do her business while I was hungry till I don't know how to describe. LOL
so ya we went there and eat and study hehe.

my sis likes to take photo more than me! =p

issshhh the pink bottle really kacau~

I was supposed to study.. but I really can't! so I was pretending to study neurones lol

Finished my Applied Maths p4 and Biology p4 today! wuhuuu~~ such a relief! kinda heavy papers for today. so gonna relax myself although I was kinda tired..
had Pizza Hut and KFC with my family.. yes! with my sisters as well. owh she came back today =p
such a simple meal but was a great one =)


my sis's wastage!

suddenly there's this group of people celebrating a child's birthday.. playing birthday song somemore. nvm. malay version somemore. lol.

since they said I should rest myself so my sis(the cyberjaya girl) drag me to Pasar Malam..bought quite handful of food to treat myself. oh and my sis paid for that haha! 'coz she has to pay for my accompany =) (blek!)

I think again we went to Little Tree to study kononnya 'coz the noise besides my house is totally irritating!lol so hmm yea we went a little bit earlier than the other day.

we left the nice coaster over there =(

the same set..

now that you know why I'm only growing fatter but not vice versa..



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after discussing and deciding for several times, we finally made it to our first steamboat party! hoorrayy! =)

its on the day after 2 days of our last day in A-levels.
well, you know, this kinda of things, also girls do one la. as we always say, "boys wait eat only! XD"
okok but we, Lee San, Shu Ying, Seow Yen and I enjoyed the whole process of playing, fooling and buying around. esp where we chose for food LOL kept comparing and choosing. truly like the pasar ah sam ord =p
reached ls house at 9.30am I guess..had our breakfast and then headed to Jusco to start shopping. nope this time is not shirts, this time is for food!
fish products..prawns..taufu..ngam chun dan..noodles..and more!
walk till tired. I wonder how can I feel so tired even I do have enough sleep.
not to forget few bottles of beers =)
we even walk till sit on the floor while deciding which beers to buy..
(I'm seriously a noob in life besides my studies.boooo! =p)
oh ya! one thing to mention! ah sok had the NICEST parking that I've ever seen from her! lol! so I took a photo for her and her car! haha!

and we went back to ls's house to had a short nap before we start preparing those food.
nothing much..just cut 'em up and wash 'em up..
but was quite exhausting 'coz the basin is lower and you've to bend down everything you wash..
and since I'm not pro in cutting so I will be the one to wash.. LOL

so almost everyone arrived when everything is ready to be served..except for Jordan! everyone was yelling for hunger haha! ok but Jordan brought us some fruits as well so thanks ya =)

this post shouldn't be so lengthy but I don't know how I made this 'coz I still have pictures to show. but its ok if you don't want to continue reading, 'coz you can find all the photos in facebook =p

to be continued

really nothing special

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actually..there's nothing memorable for this day..
but I think this is the only day that I actually did study in the library..
I woke up early in the morning.. bersemangat korbar-korbar (dunno correct or not) wanna go library study.. ended up 8am in college and library hasn't open..

so I went to CITC.. and went online of course. takkan I wanna eat there.wth I know.
and omg there's quite some number of pupil that wake up at this hour and online!!
I mean..I better sleep than doing so! haha!
ok and out of a sudden, it rains heavily!! omg! and I was still stuck in the CITC..
but but the rain stop la of course or not I would already go back. (oh no dear I can't just continue fb-ing in the CITC coz by then I will freeze till death! LOL)
so I continue my nerding session at library..without failing..
but only before I had my lunch with ZX the couple.
I still continue to study after lunch..but errr not really that efficient..'coz you know....... you just had a carbs/glucose meal and so you need some time to digest..and when digestion is going on, you can't really study, for..hmm at least 1 or 2 hours. XD (what an excuse =.=)
then I saw Alvin and Wui Liam there as well! oh and Alvin thought I have been in the library studying for 8 hours, which in fact I don't =p
hmm that's basically what I remembered..
then I think I went back and sleep or online or whatever it is
taa-daa! =)


Thursday, November 19, 2009

this is pictures blog

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This marks the last day of my A-levels. sadly not everyone in our class came to college. =(
We had this "mini" photography session with those that came. basically we didn't have the "heart" to study already. so we were just fooling around.. haha!

Chai Liang

ah sok solving Maths questions..

steamboat list

the lame queen

the "left-row-gang" haha!

finally get her photo..

with Ms.Evelyn. Applied Math lecturer.



suddenly the electric went off.

with Mr.Chau.part of SN9G..

she was trying to be taller..


new lecturer..


and after that some of us went to Old Town to celebrate Wei Yuan's birthday..
Happy Birthday to Wei Yuan!
(although abit late)

to our dota king..=p


obviously posing~ I mean my

birthday boy..

and the girl behind him..=)

picture of the day..

ended my A-levels..


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