Saturday, February 28, 2009


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Friday, February 27, 2009


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I wore the slipper today and nothing happened!
God blessed me. =)

what an opening for the post today.xD
actually I have a "small" talk today with Seow Yen,
at Applied Math lecture.
and of course, what we said are obviously Private & Confidential.

Its been long since we have such topic,
and yeah I inspired something,
and I realised something.









I start questioning myself.
I start to think, as usual.
I ponder.
I asked.

In deep thought,
of questions after questions,
and answers after answers..

and still, these are to no avail..
I still have uncertainties.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bad day

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You can express yourself much more clearly -- and creatively -- through writing today, so it's a good time for blogging, poetry, email and anything else that involves words on paper or screen.

That's the horoscope reading for today.
It was so true as I truly have mood to update now.
and when I have the mood I really will spam my blog. =D

Its my lovely Wednesday today, 18/2/09.
Another wonderful day where my class starting at 10am and ends at 2pm.
I just love Wednesday. hehe.

Indeed I thought I'm gonna enjoy my Wednesday to the max,
so I slept at 3am 'coz Im so confident that I can wake up at 8am.
(as you know, I sleep quite early recently, so 3am is no longer a norm for me ^^)

Get scolded early in the morning
with those faces
all the way to college

Biology lecture was abit of boring but still manageable.
still, kinda hard to digest.
I need to ask some pro to teach me.

Biology practical was a.. gloomy one.
I changed the microscope for 3 times,
and still I can't manage to view the slide properly.
and I was among the first to get the microscope.
Managed to answer those questions
and my drawings were good except for the fact for being a little small.
Kinda glad that I still have time
where most of time was wasted on focusing, changing, focusing, changing, focusing and changing the microscope.

Rain after Chemistry lecture.
forced to go back.
and thanks CK for the ride to LRT.

I dislike rain, for certain reasons.

What a day! haihz.
It wasn't a really gloomy day for me,
but yeah, something happened just now
and that really pissed me off.
until I have this "WTF!!!!!!" in my personal message.

What do you mean I have bf?
Are you trying to say even if I have one, its wrong?
Its more to say, if I don't have one, then you have to worry, no?
Are you trying to say Im cheat you?
Are you doubting my words?
If so, just say it out!
Don't do things behind.
Its just a manner, to respect people.ya know.
I'm not 3 years old or what, though I'm not that mature.
But I don't think I'm that stupid.
Its 21st century, we have what we called "discussion".
I don't want for more,
just the room for opinions.

and its now 12.40am
Tomorrow is a better day,
its going to be, right?
it better be!

p/s:I'm still coughing and my wounds are still itchy. I don't wanna fall again. =(



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错愕 惊讶 担心 害怕 尴尬

固执 执著 怪胎












p/s: Sorry for not being understanding, sorry for all the stupid things, and sorry for being should know who you are, don't you?



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I actually love sports alot, for your information.
Its just that, I love to be lazy as well. =)

I went to gym that day,
since they finally have treadmills!
Its so-called blue Monday, but I like Monday,
for this moment,
as we are having only 3 classes. =p

I bet everyone of you know that,
they have this new gym just above badminton court.
you still don't know?
go find it out! hehe.

We spent like 1 and 1/2 hours there,
not entirely working out,
but most of the time.

I love the feeling where you feel sweats coming out,
and your body is burning fat,
and you're decreasing the poison,
and you're building your stamina,
and you're having fun!

You're supposed to be more energetic after work out,
as far as I concern.
but, my sister, she almost fainted there.
and she wonder how I can be still so steady there,
when she was almost fainted.
=p =p =p

She claimed that she hasn't eat before this,
so do I,
and I have low blood pressure,
and she's pretty more healthy than me.
how could this happen?

Cut the craps.
After workout session,
its camwhore session.

I look darker, am I? yes I do feel that I look darker after gym. why!


This scene is supposed to be very beautiful..
never notice such place in TARC before?
perhaps I have good eyes,
perhaps you should slow down your pace.. =)

A refreshment after gym at TBR
and sisters reunion after reaching home.
Laugh, laugh and laugh! hahaha.
Dolphin and penguin huh?
How can that be even linked together!
thanks to my younger sister.
I'm hyperactive after gym, I don't know why.
its hell ya a very good day for me~

I love my strawberry..=p

p/s:Ryan why so pity eat alone~ next time I accompany you ok? haha. then we can continue our "fight". =p



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So yeah, after the KTM things,
I kinda feel like,
this year isn't going to be easy.
despite the horoscope or zodiac readings,
I truly believe that nothing is easy in life.
But, it's slightly tougher this year.
I guess, I just have to be even stronger.

I kinda suck in wearing shoe besides sports shoe or something similar,
so that day when I wore slipper to Mid Valley,
I suppose I can do well with that since its not the first time wearing it.

I eventually fell down that day,
on my way to Bangsar LRT station,
as in,
really fell.
you know 四脚朝天 @ fall like a panda.
I used my elbow to actually prevent from real falling,
and yea, my joints on my left hand hurts, not my right hand.
simply because I have similar case before.
It wasn't that painful afterall.
But I have to put like 5 plasters on my legs.
and they are itchy.

I didn't think it was my slippers' fault.
I simply think its just an accident,
so I just have to be extra careful when I walk next time,
I suppose.


It was Tuesday,17/2/09, where I wore the slipper again.
I just wanna make sure that I can wear this slipper properly,
in case this is the factor for the falling.
So everything went well and phew no falling.
while I was walking down the staircase at H block heading to CITC.
I fell, again, from the staircase.
Nah, not a very serious one.=)

Now, its proven that, I'm not good in the slipper.
(but that doesn't mean that I ain't going to wear that again.. hahahaha)

Fell down.
Severe cough.
and something happened.
not bad enough?


Sunday, February 22, 2009


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I thought I could online yesterday and post about my "dating" at Mid Valley.

everything goes really smooth just before 8.30pm..
and turns out to be quite a disaster after 9pm..

Don't really feel like mentioning here
if you wanna know details can always pm me. =)

just that,
I'm glad that I'm still alive.

You might not even know,
things can turn out to be worsen.
and irreversible.
and you might not even can see me again.

oh, I really love my life.

**Why KTM hate me so much? zzzz**

Kinda a suprise that the person I feel like calling is not YOU
and I thought I will turn to YOU for solace
but I ended up not thinking of YOU..anymore

People! why keep call me go get a bf!
but I do realise that, Jan intake got few leng zais..
haha. =p

p/s: Thanks for your caring, you were always there, but you was not YOU.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

15 things about me

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I can't believe that I actually owe people lots of tags and left undone especially Jing Rong's one.
Sorry man! >.<

Ok since I got nothing to do now,
basically I have,
but its just that I'm so in the mood to do tags,
can or not!

(after viewing Cally's blog about her latest tag, only I remember it.. T.T)

So I will start with the very very early tag that I owe both Jing Rong and Ka Wah,
since its the same tag that they were tagging me.


1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things / habits / little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things / habits / little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tag and list their names.
4. No tags back!

1)I am lazy.[fact]

2)I love to wash my hands.[weird] [Yes, oh my loves know well about this]

3)I am an internet addict. [fact]

4)I drink plenty of water per day.[habit][Thanks to Yue Liang]

5)I have lots of nicknames. I don't know why but people just like to give me lots and lots of nicknames, but like I mind. XD so keep giving. haha.[fact]

6)I can't bare to have sore throat.[fact]

7)I tend to scare people away if I ain't talking, ain't smiling and ain't reacting. They said I look fierce.[weird]

8)I like to think, and when I'm not, that's probably when I'm day-dreaming or sleeping. [weird]

9)I used to say "good night" to my grandma almost every night, or else I can't sleep well. [weird]

10)I like to clean my nails and cut them when necessary. [weird]

11)I tend to love to listen to guys mellifluous voice. =p [weird]

12)I hate medicine and I haven't taken Panadol for years. [fact]

13)I love certain food that others might not eat, and I haven't eaten food that is very common to others but not me. hehe. =p [weird]

14)I love music, and I appreciate arts. (although I might seem not to) To a certain extend where, I accept a wide range of music genre. Though I'm not good in drawings, but I just simply love the art works. [fact]

15)I like to do research on horoscopes, not through the books, but by myself. weird huh? I don't fully depand on it, if you know me well. [fact]

and the 10 people to be tagged is...
Ma sis
Yue Liang
Xin Ying
Mei Mei
Lee San
Melvin Goh
Melvin Wong
Chong Keat


this tag is actually fun doing, as I can keep the list going. haha.
but its tough 'coz I have to crack my conscious mind to think of stuffs that I do with my unconscious mind.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An Unforgettable Valentine's Day

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Early in the morning for this lovely Valentine's Day,
we have Biology extra class at 9am.

But everyone seemed so not in the mood for the class
especially for our gang, I guess.

As for me,
I thought of not going to Sunway Lagoon at the first place,

due to some factors, (which is not going to be discussed here)

but still,

when I saw the exciting face of Cally when I stepped into the DK,

my mind started to change.
so all thanks to Cally who convinced to go, or not I would definitely missed alot of fun.

Cut short what happened next after we ended Biology class.

I guess we wasted quite some time for some.. unnecessary things,

so we fasten our pace so that we could make it there before it started to be crowded.

Sunway Lagoon wasn't as pack as I thought,
and I can say, its very few people compared to the usual weekends.

After parking the car,

after queuing up for tickets,
after settling ourselves down,

and.. yes Sunway Lagoon we are coming!


its been really long since my last visit to lagoon,

and that was during my very young age

where I don't dare to try those fun games over there.
so I'm so not gonna repeat this for this time.

and we played almost everything there.

from the water park to the dry park.

we basically didn't separate ourselves,

as we believe that this way is more fun,

although separating is a better way.

For some reasons,
I don't dare to swim actually,

but my adventerous personality brings me to the fun of it.

I enjoyed it most of the time in the very-chlorine-smell water.

oh and where's the fun if we don't do crazy things!

since its once in a while and God knows that when we are going there for the second time,
so we enjoyed to the max.

and the crazy thing were.. hmmmm..

I would suggest you to go over to Cally's blog as she has a very detailed description for it.

and thats super daring for 3 of us to do these.
Learn things
la. XD

I actually forgot to take my breakfast before we went there
so I used up almost all my possible yielded ATP to play
and when we finally wanted to go back,
my legs were shivering,

where you know,

you can't control it.
you know its time for some food.

I would not dare to say the food we took were very delicious,

but that's more than enough in this very-fully-booked-situation.

and we had got some entertainment,
the waiter there can sings well in JJ's songs!

I eventually reached home at 11pm.

Thanks to Yoon Hung who sent me back. =)

we had great time talking in the car, right?


Since I'm single for like, since I was born?

so I don't really looking forward for celebration in Valentine's Day,
but they always turned out to be fun.

I still remembered years back I celebrated every 14th with my PBSM great friends.

those moments were memorable.

so do this one.

unforgettable one.

Thank you friends for everything.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valetine's Day

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Happy Valentine's Day to everyone..!

To couples:
Enjoy your very special day, as in symbolic day if you wanna say, but still, don't treat you other half badly if its not Valentine's Day and try to make things better in this day, this is way too..haha. Anyway, I have quite a number of friends who are in the sweeeeeeeet relationships, all the best to you guys. and remember, appreciate what you have now. =)

To singles:
Don't worry people, if you find people around you is so busy with their gf/bf, I'm here to be only one (perhaps) single people to celebrate Valentine's Day with you. Its not so sad though to be single right. =p Still, happiness comes first for me. hehe.

whether or not you are in a relationship,
you still can enjoy this day to the max as you can.
Have a nice day ahead..


Yogur Berry

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After so many times of delaying, postponing, and many other things,
my sister and I finally can come to an angreement to let Danial treat us. XD
its the Yogur Berry we chose.
instead of Baskin Robins and others.

Let me tell you what,
even as the name suggests "Yogur"
but I before I sat down there and make my order,
I still think this is a shop for ice-cream!

somehow the yogurt+ice cream from the menu don't look seducing to me,
so do the price.
eventhough I don't have to pay a sen for it,
but still I'm very concerned over the price.
(see how good I am.. haha)

Let's have a look for this shop,
its definitely photogenic.
it may not look exactly the same in real,
due to my good photography skill..

the boss-Danial, who name me after Chili Bau. =.=

Despite the ugly not so seducing picture in menu,
I still have some confidence in their products.
and they turn out to be great.

I love the smooth texture of the yogurt-ice-cream.
they just different from the normal yogurt that you might hate it.
and the fruits with it.

In this hot Friday,
especially after my class,
its always great to have such relaxation.

Too bad we didn't make it for the movie,
but still its a great day.

While on our way back,
we saw this...

gold man? its believed that if you touch him then you can good luck.

and this cute lady selling flower.
Anyone? Flower for Valentine's Day tomorrow..


The nite

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Finally it comes to an end for our Test 4.
I must be honest that,
Test 4 results are going to be terrible.
as in not enough preparation.
I'm sad. :(

Well, still,
our gang is famous for our last minute outing.
so this time we went to Jusco Kepong for a movie.
undecided movie until we reached there.
Finished our class at 4pm and drove there with 2 cars.
Many minor things happened before we could make it there,
still its not a big deal.

We have chosen Pink Panther 2, recommended by Cally.
so yeah, 7.20pm show.
Went for our late lunch and early dinner at Food and Tea.
Make the order quite fast since we were all starving.
Warning: Don't try the noodles, or at least don't try the food where Lee San, Cally and I ordered. They aren't tasty. >.<


Lee San's and mine.

Somehow even the food isn't tasty,
I still swallow all of it.

Random pic of Yoon Hung. The one who ordered French Toast, noodle and ice. He really can eat alot.

We still have plenty of time after we finished our meal.
So we went walk around and eventually ended up at the arcade.

This is fun. but too bad the time is too limiting.

Hao Ting and my brother playing, featuring Yoon Hung as the speaker. lolx. this part is funny. =p

and I saw this little cute child.

and yeah its time for the show!
kinda of excited for the show since I heard quite alot of good reviews for it.
and obviously it doesn't disappointed me.

even before the show actually started,
I have already started laughing.
I'm abit crazy I know. >.<

But I don't know why my bro and Hao Ting who were sitting besides me,
have no reaction. zzz
The French English slant is so funny!
Musn't read the sub 'coz they aren't representing the funny part.
and I heard the loudest laugh from Yoon Hung who was sitting approximately 7 seats from me.

this show is great,
if you are looking for some laughter,
or you called it "brainless".

Its kinda late after the show ended.
and you wonder why I can stay up so late outside?
'coz I'm staying at Lee San's house for one night.
and the first time I overnight at people's house.

Reached 9.30pm at TBR.
and settled down everything at Lee San's room.
so does Hao Ting,
who was staying overnight at Chai Liang's room.

Results of not resting enough lead me to severe headache and dizziness.
Felt like sleeping only whenever I see the bed.
Too bad can't really spend time talking to Lee San or Chai Liang or Hao Ting,
I suppose thats what I wanted to do.=(

Well still I have some small talk with 3 of them
and we spent some time having supper at 12am.
and tried the Roti Cheese there.

ya I know I can't live without cheese.

set myself alarm to woke up at 6.45am
which is a good thing
since its not a norm for me to do this at home
where I have my special alarm to wake me up almost everyday.

walk to school for the first time.
overnight for the first time.
supper at so late for the first time.

I enjoyed the Thursday night alot.
really have fun.


Hot N Cold

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Its the last day at Cameron.
Although I do felt a little bit sad,
but still I'm quite neutral.

Woke up early in the morning as usual,
but this time we didn't managed to see sunrise,
for those that didn't saw it the day before.

Went to Boh Tea Plantation at Sungai Palas,
just right when the centre is opened.
but Im not too sure,
since I saw quite an amount of cars there before we reached.

Nothing to see but, really wow.

Fresh air.
Nice weather.
Nice scenery.
Its just so undescribable.

A walk to the centre makes me feel so refreshing.

The path.

I took these while the car was moving. =p

Small refreshment. smoothest teh tarik that I have ever tasted.

Roti telur.

You can easily spot this all over Cameron.and it can still move.=p

While, after the last visit,
its time for us to make a move,
back to the busy city KL.
Its utterly hot,
like for sure.

Went to Ipoh first before we headed back to KL.
and its was raining.
and I was sleeping,
peacefully. XD

Lion dance.its been time since I last saw it in CNY.

My lunch.
Very tasty.I can say for sure, its nicer than those that you can find in KL.try it if you get the chance.

Wonderful trip to Cameron.
These 3D2N were really another good experience of mine.
and Im so gonna remember this.
Raining all the while when we reached KL.
unpacked all the stuff and clean up the house.
tiring yet feeling worthing.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


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With the help of red wine,
*ahem* I drank for not more than 10ml I think,
and soon I felt some kind of dizziness.
and yeah I off to bed early, unexpectedly,
no gamble at night!! >.<

simply because I'm not good in drinking..

Naturally woke up from the nice sleep,
and I'm really lucky..
very lucky to see this..

Its fabulous

yes. my just-woke-up face.
and was chilling. I was shivering all the way but smiling all the way as well..
this scene is so gonna stick in my mind forever. xD

suprisingly I woke up so early as normally I will be last one to wake up,
and is the one whom if you don't yell or shout at me,
I might not wake up from the nice dream.=p

drove down all the way to Tanah Rata to have our breakfast.
as I was nagging about T-Cafe since before we reached Cameron,
so yeah,
T-Cafe for our breakfast.=)

Warmly welcomes you. =)

The menu.

The only Strawberry scone in Cameron. =p

so you should know what you shouldn't give us the most. =p

another picture with her.

my burger.

their breakfast.

my Strawberry milkshake. *thumbs up*

Concentrated Mango juice.

must try Strawberry scone? hmmm...

traffic jam.. no choice but to get stuck there. =.=

didn't go anywhere else for the rest of the day..
as it was raining..

staying at apartment particularly do nothing besides talk, eat, watch tv and sleep.
not really that bored though.

Love never gives up, never loses faith.
Love is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance.
Love will last forever.


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