Saturday, May 30, 2009

a little warmth that I got

Posted by Siew Lee at 5/30/2009 05:37:00 AM
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unproductive day where I went to eat this. rainy day + cold stuff= cool =)

rojak which I don't eat. I prefer fruits one =)

heard that this shop is famous for their cendol..

my ais-kacang..not really nice =/


random picture of mine..=p scare you guys forgot how I look already.hehe
look at my eye bags.wth

ok this picture look damn like my sis..
oh and the t-shirt very the big size, until where I wear shorts=no wear
told ya I like big big shirt.haha=p


Kepong is heaven for food!

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it was after Biology paper 1 that we went to Kepong for dinner.
wanted to go waterfall but failed =/

after much consideration, we still head back here,though I don't really like to have steamboat as my main meal.

The couple

my ah sok

bear bear.also don't know why he looked so tired.

nice hor the egg yolk? by ah sok ^^

dessert. prefer vanilla =p

still decided to put this, not to talk bad about restaurant. c'mon, which restaurant don't have this? but this is slightly too "obvious" to be seen by customers.


when I say you're stone

Posted by Siew Lee at 5/30/2009 03:55:00 AM
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Slept at 5am this morning.roughly there,won't be
got up at 9am,
thought of not going already but still woke up at the very last minute,9.30am and got scolded from my sister.haha.
I know am gonna be very blur today 'coz I slept like 15 hours for the days before but only 4 hrs for anything.then reached my destination.1 hour earlier? hmm.
Borders again..=p my favourite place to hang around while waiting for people to reach.
read P.S. I Love You. quite nice to read =)
ok la I know I forgot to take the movie from you.
hoho... I finally have my McFlurry!!
McFlurry I love you very much! lol
walked around
shoped around
ok basically I got nothing to shop but still have to look
will really shop when my sis going with me after exam (yes! anticipating~~ =p)

then, a day passed.. just as simple as this.. =)



Friday, May 29, 2009

Qu Yuan

Posted by Siew Lee at 5/29/2009 02:31:00 AM
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Happy Dragon Boat Festival to everyone~~

happy eating and don't forget to drink more water later constipation wtf. lol

I ate 2 dumplings..till now. lol. still more to go =)

what I did today? basically nothing..

sleep-woke up at 12pm-talk with my sis awhile-online awhile-talk with my sisters awhile-sleep-change place to sleep-woke up at around 8pm-bath-online

really nothing right? lol unproductive day.
planned to go JJ with sister but failed =/

I want McFlurry~~~~~~~~~~

ok i went and measure my blood pressure just now, 107/73..
why systole so low? hmm
heart beat 87 =.=
when I woke up from my sleep and try to walk..hmm how to say..I can't see anything but black vision..if its not my house I definitely gonna bang myself on something.somemore walking down the stairs.

p/s:gonna shut my mouth as what I said.


Thursday, May 28, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 5/28/2009 02:06:00 AM
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talk about yesterday, I freaking slept for 15 hours (again?) continuously since Monday night 8pm until Tuesday 11am..something like that I guess.ok then woke up, people on msn because everyone was busying with Applied Maths revision except for me. frankly speaking I was not studying and was helping Wei Yuan to find the Lee Hom pictures. then it was raining so I off-ed my pc unwillingly. went to eat ais-kacang. cold + syok. lol but don't really taste nice. ok then I supposed I should continue my revision which I never touch for don't know how long, but, I then started my revision FINALLY at 10pm..until today's morning 4am. in between got talk awhile. phone awhile. play awhile. sing awhile. hang awhile. sudoku awhile. very sien one you know no people online. =/

so today 11.30am went to Lee San's house and have some discussion with ah sok and the couple. 1pm college hall. well kinda shock to know there's only 6 questions but no worry still 50 marks. freaking question 6 alone carries 14 marks. I draw and draw and draw that stupid cumulative frequency I better don't have any careless mistakes anymore..really tried to concentrate and be careful.

hmm the couple and the gang decided to go TS and so I followed, actually just wanted to catch a movie. ah sok went back to have lunch with her mom. walked from TS to Sg.Wang..then back to TS again.cut the craps 'coz didn't join the gang to sing K. bear bear teman-ed me to TS to find the couple..and eventually followed us into the

I Corrupt All Cops (ICAC)..
well, a not bad movie? rating 6/10. kinda draggy towards the end, lack of stories I guess; censored quite lot of scenes. kinda rude, 18PL lol. very funny, its a comedy show? haha.
the 4 of us were so noisy in the cinema I guess 'coz everyone else was so quiet and we were the one not too loud one I mean, but its like pin drop silence inside, you wouldn't expect them can't hear right? haha. WHATEVER la.

straight away went back with the couple, while bear bear catch another movie with the gang, Night at the Museum 2. (I want to watch this!! anyone?=p)
saw the gang before we went back..
safely shown the direction using MRR2 back to my house.. phew. =p
reached home and sms
so coincidencely.
watch tv awhile.

am here now. =)

wth. neck still pain. =/

p.s. I want the big big big big BIG teddy bear in the D.I.E.. its huge!! hehe


Monday, May 25, 2009

Magnification; Closure

Posted by Siew Lee at 5/25/2009 10:06:00 PM
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home sweet home..
woke up slightly late today but not too late though..
reached my destination quite on time
met some weird guys lol
had my lunch and bath o.O

just reached home..

it was freaking hot in the morning and afternoon and now? raining soon.=.=
studied some chemistry but I really think I gonna work hard for it.
not gonna screw it anymore.
applied maths..hmm..I will tell you when I do the past year papers..

expect the unexpected..

p/s:sorry if I ever bring any inconveniences..can always tell know I wouldn't mind.don't hope to see you get scolded.oh ya thanks for the shirt =) hehe

Sunday, May 24, 2009

sleeping beauty

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boring Saturday..
slept for 15 hours..
being scolded by someone 'coz I slept too much. (eh you really got ask me to sleep more lor! haha)
and someone wanna steal my food away from

watched Mulan II
didn't know there's this movie
not a bad movie I would say
normal Disney-type movie



got this valuable thoughts from the movie..=)


Saturday, May 23, 2009

you disappoint me

Posted by Siew Lee at 5/23/2009 04:03:00 AM
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Wednesday, 2oth May 2009
had GP paper on 9am..essays were fine I think. I hope its alright. headed to Oldtown with the gang.
back to Lee San's house..
they were having physics 2 on 2pm.. waited for Chai Liang to come back and he decided to go Connaughts' night market since the paper was kinda easy for him. asked Seow Yen, Tharma and Hao Ting but only Hao Ting turned up at last.
Frankly speaking again we don't know the way to roughly know where it is so we just depend on the signboard again.reached there safely.searched for parking for quite some time.
ok the night market is freaking long I must admit.
continuously you can see "Taiwan chicken chop", "Taiwan sausage", "Pearl tea" and more.the stalls are almost the same.basically all night market is similar.
Lee San and Chai Liang walked freaking know they wanna pak toh but not at the overcrowded-everyone-pushing-each-other place like there mah. lol.everytime Hao Ting and I have to look back and search for them.
I had my strawberry melon know I love Ting had his strawberry pearl tea.he loves strawberry as well.=)
Lee San and Chai Liang had the...pancake-like Hello Kitty shape
bear bear and I saw Hazel and her bf there when we were going back..
very hot. no leng luis. no leng zais also.
I just don't understand why girls have to dress up like going to shopping mall with heavy make up and freaking high heels to the damn warm night market? seriously weird.
while going back..really another "heart attack"..
do you know I always like to give wrong direction?lol. no sense of direction.
then then.. since we already don't know the way but Chai Liang can still keep at the 3rd lane.very wtf right?lol and its at night. don't have good eyesight ok.
ok went up to the road to bandaraya? then u-turn back to jalan cheras? then don't know turn left into lrt? I don't know. then turn turn turn get back to the round about near leisure mall only get the correct way.
that fella don't press break. only keep press oil. even its going up hill. even its cornering. =.=
still..I reached home safely. hehe

Thursday, 21st May 2009
not having any exams today.
early morning woke up for classes but then I forgot Miss Geradline said she wasn't there on that day and I went there happily thought can ask her questions..only to find out that I don't actually have any important lessons. damn sleepy the whole day. went back home after class by ah sok's car. slept from 3.30pm to 7.30pm. bath and then headed to Chai Liang's house. Hao Ting was there as well. stepped into the house already started the "solute potential" arguement. then other arguements. end up don't really studying except for plant topic. went out yam cha at 1 am. quite cooling to go out at this reached home and continue with studies.but still very sleepy."study" till 4am and off to bed.

Friday, 22nd May 2009
had bio 1 today..kinda tricky, but was okay I think.
had my brunch, tom yam fried don't buy that again please.hehe
after exam back Lee San's house to sleep again, together with ah sok. very very very sleepy I tell you.haha
bear bear tried to wake me up but failed=( lol I sleep like a pig 'coz for no reason I felt so tired.
still can't decide where to go though Chai Liang already decided to go waterfall.due to me wor he said.
went to Kepong to have dinner with the couple,bear bear and ah sok. not a bad dinner afterall.though we have so much of difficulties in choosing where to go to where to eat to what to really wasted quite lots of time.

Thank you for all the moments and memories through this circumstances.I appreciate and I shall thanks you guys for bringing me forward.

ok I'm very sleepy now.zzz
bye bye everyone.
study smart.

p/s:I felt sorry,but I felt sad as well. I am disappointed.



Posted by Siew Lee at 5/23/2009 03:51:00 AM
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pictures again..
Chai Liang's birthday..

buying cake..

present..what's your problem now? lol


discussing physics..


make a wish..

the birthday boy..

keep calling people..haha

group photo before ah sok and Tharma went back..

lookout point..I must go there again I swear!lol


Thursday, May 21, 2009

My life still go on

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aku mau update blog but my place going to rain got thunder somemore.=.=
and the line suddenly very slow.=.=

Photos from the Bukit Tinggi trip..

chicken soup with peanut.

ice blended Strawberry. not bad but can't beat Cameron's one of

Chocolate ice blended.looks nice.

tom yam fried rice. I don't eat tom yam but I ordered this. couldn't finish lol

Graphite. hexagon shape? haha.

trigonal planar..=p

DNA-double helix.

=) =)

soh lou..

wth. lol kinda disappointed actually.

still very hot lol.sweat alot walking here and there.

ok its raining already and I feel very sleepy even since this morning when I woke up and I just finished my lunch so bye bye everyone I wanna go sleep.. lol
bio paper 1 tomorrow. haven't touch my book. good luck people!

to be continued..

*edited on 22/5/09*

ok seriously I dunno wth I was

yellow lily =)

heading back..


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dearest sis

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Happy 20th Birthday to Ma Sis
Happy 16th Birthday to Ma Sis



Sunday, May 17, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 5/17/2009 06:54:00 PM
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Happy Birthday to Chai Liang!

small warning, if you guys are not interested with the stories you can just skip this post as this is going to be freaking long. ignore it as you please. =)

it was a lovely Saturday where I slept till 1pm..hmm.haha.Well, today is Chai Liang's big day turning into 19.Lee San called me few times on the morning of Saturday as you know its free today. lol. cut the craps. was raining quite heavily over ah sok's and lee san's place, so we couldn't do anything but to wait. 5pm, lee san with ah sok reached my house and we were off to buy cake and choose present for Chai Liang. honestly, frankly, seriously speaking, (lol) it is really FREAKING HARD to choose present for boy la.haha.look at the way Lee San choose and the way ah sok and I struggling to find out what she actually have to took quite some time but not too long though for a present for boyfriend. =) then its hostel to fetch Tharma up. and we went to TBR to buy some food for the small party. actually, I would prefer this kind of celebration eventhough its small and kind of not "grand" but I love the feeling. =p call me weirdo I don't

In the process
and then we back to Lee San's house and pity the poor Chai Liang being left by Lee San there for 2 hours.but then I can really see that Chai Liang is happy,or maybe a little, 'coz we went there to celebrate for him.hehe.that birthday boy said he wanted to eat pizza, so its my job to call the pizza waited for less than 30 mins I guess and the party is started! =) its been ages that I didn't eat birthday cake, sing birthday song and have small party. its a memorable moment. Chit chat, eat, drink and keep calling other maxis users. haha. thats very very fun! lol.
oh and we called Hao Ting 'coz he didn't wish Chai Liang and guess what? lol. he said he wanna came all the way from Serdang to TBR. I knew he wasn't joking but still wanna make 101% sure. Lots more conversations with him and the others that I don't think its really necessary to write here. lot la.hehe. After that he said he don't know it was Chai Liang's birthday. There's lots more funny and happy moments that made us lol but I couldn't really recall. just that I know its fun. =p

End of celebration
then it was time for ah sok and Tharma to go back.while we were still thinking about the issue of me staying over there struggle.but it was fine the end.they sent me back home first and we're back to Lee San's house with 4 people left, the couple, Hao Ting and I.back to take bear bear's car first.first time to see him driving.good skill =)

After party
of course there's after party 'coz for them its still early, some time at Lee San's house and deciding,again,whether to go out again 'coz they said I look reluctant to go out.haha.I was having some mild headache 'coz I forgot my bottle and didn't drink still, it was still Chai Liang's birthday, and I can see that he really wanna enjoy it, so do the others, so of course I shouldn't turn this plan off just because of me.cut the craps. we went on calling everyone again haha.then, fetch my bro at his condo where he reluctant to come out but still he did. went to the pool above WCG infinity and the 8 pool cafe. but we chose to save our 5 years live. haha. went into WCG infinity but it was full. went into Steven's Corner but no one wanna layan us. lol. wasted almost 1 hour there but did nothing. very wth. its then time to decide went to Amazone. they played CS and left 4 dead. bro and bear bear rule the games. haha but Lee San also very geng. =p it was 1.30am when we left CC. it was supposed to be yum cha session after it but bro wanna go back first, he seemed a little sick. sorry to drag you out =/

Midnight trip
sent bro home and Chai Liang decided to go oldtown.turn here and there a big round back to oldtown.we went in and sat down.and went out'm pretty sure we're weird.and its time to decide hate to decide seriously.suggested to go small genting or KL lookout point.thought of going there earlier where we stood at GK for that 1 hour.but none of us know the way.ok wasted quite some time again and by the time we finally decided to go there it was 2.30am.called and sms-ed friends to actually find out where it is located. Thank you so so much to Wei Yuan 'coz we called you at this time and wanted to go your house. really thanks. pretty cool to drive at MRR2 at this time.that fella is speeding at 120km/h like nobody business. normal your information, we seriously have no idea where it is but roughly, da gai, agak-agak, then we're off there at this freaking very crazy.reached the place and I think we got the wrong place..don't know why.maybe its too dark or what we can't really see the signboard and the winding road has no lamp at depending on the driving skill. but then the breathtaking scenery definitely worth it. and then we headed to another small genting which is at the residential area. swing-ed. went down and bear bear said he was hungry. regardless of what Chai Liang said we still insisted to go to McD. nice trip! hehe.

Back to house
4am when we reached her house. thought of having pillow talk but guess Chai Liang was too tired and straight away slept after that. 4.30am good night everyone. =)

very nice day ahead.
and unforgettable.

There's things that we can't do it everytime, nor we have the second chance to do so..grab the chance as you got it.


Friday, May 15, 2009


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ok. we are too free of them wanna come to citc..


Nothing to do here,seriously.



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