Friday, July 31, 2009

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Yoon Hung
Jian Shen
Hao Ting
Chai Liang
Kok Ping
Ah sok

and my family

and those who did ask

am fine with the sickness so far
though it comes on and off but overall its ok

stay healthy everyone..


Thursday, July 30, 2009


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it was raining this morning.. I was so reluctant to wake up as I just gone to bed at 4.30am.. it was so nice to sleep in this heavy rain atmosphere..
but but.. rain stops at about 8.30am.. and I saw rainbow.. not just that, its DOUBLE rainbows! yeah! that's so rare you know.. =)=)

though, today was kinda emo..

I felt dizzy, nausea, kind-of-fainting symptoms today..
not a good sign..
felt like I can faint anytime..
black-out.. O.O
even at home

I've been staying up for quite some hours with no nap today..
hope that I can still stand it for some time..


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Why don't you think on behalf of me..
on why I wanna do so..
and why am I doing so..
that I hope for your good.

do u know how I feel..?
that everytime I feel that, what I did was wrong,
for you.

I feel so sad

I don't have much strength left, to withstand the high pressure..



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When we were having Chem lecture this afternoon.. I think its this SMS members came in and start distributing apples for the Apple Day.. and.. someone actually gave me this~ =)=)

though the girl has difficulty in pronouncing my name correctly,which happens quite often for other people, but ah sok was so sure its for me..

The apple



Tuesday, July 28, 2009


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The mv suits the song lots.. =)


Friday, July 24, 2009

ask me

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I've always seen people that has that "click" with the others
which, I had and have this with some people as well

it doesn't really need you to explain, say, voice or tell
and the other can get it
somehow its quite amazing how this works
but it does works

of course this doesn't really happen purely by chance or fate
it requires understanding and more of each other
it sometimes, needs some guessing

most of the time, if there's this "click", most probably the guessing will be correct
well, you wouldn't know that you will be enlightened just because someone does reads your minds

but,how,how if the "click" isn't there
how..if guessing isn't bringing you the right way
and maybe, bringing you to the worst part

do you stop guessing, and ask?
regardless of the understanding of each other

do you make it clear when you want it, or you don't?

does it means that, if you're asking but not guessing, that you don't understand the other?

maybe, its just we don't wanna get it wrong, or make it worsen..
maybe, its just we wanna be sure that what we think what it will be is really what it is..
its just, always for a better one

so if you find oneself one day couldn't really get the "click"
just try
and try
and if you still can't
then ask

its no harm asking


Thursday, July 23, 2009

the trust that I have

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Is the quantity of time spent together more important?
or is that the quality of time spent more important..?

which one do you think?

it doesn't really matter for those that has strong basic of their relationships
to have just little time spent together
but the time spent is of the quality
and its almost equivalent to the amount of time spent for those that doesn't has a strong base of their relationships

its just the reassurance that,
more time spent together so that both can be sure of what each other is up to
both can be sure that, the other partner is "still there"
its the sense of security
thus more time is spent, and most of the time both are almost inseparable

is this the matter of choosing?

do you choose to have more time spent together regardless of the quality?
do you choose to have less time spent but its the quality that matters?

when one is spending less time with the other one
a bigger chance is that, they're not updated to what each other is up to
thus, many and many could happen
just because of not knowing
fades days by days

its the trust that you have on the other
that determines which option you could stand on

I somehow believe that
if there's strong basic of a relationship
and there's trust
of having less time spent together
is not a big problem

which, most, failed to do so.

a piece of my mind,
out of a sudden,
where I'm supposed to revise for pure maths =p


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

up and down

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Its another Friday where we had only 2 practical classes.
Supposingly its another usual Friday where I will be having my violin class but teacher has a performance which I planned to watch but failed, so today's class is canceled.
and its Yoon Hung's birthday, the gang planned to celebrate with him, of course.
as I wasn't really know they have this plan so its kind of last minute decision for me to join them.
oh suprisingly, Yoon Hung came, after days of resting for his eyes viral infection.
the plan goes on, Pizza Hut for our lunch.
had some time drag here and there in college and while ordering at Pizza Hut.
Jian Shen keep scaring Yoon Hung with *ahem-you-know-what-it-is* and make it sounds so suspicious and Yoon Hung is
well then we have birthday cake cutting session.. the birthday boy is hell good in cutting the cake. make it so perfectly nice. but everyone was very full due to the pizza and was having lots of problems in finishing the cake..
so, they have this, "small lil game" with the birthday boy..
basically just wanna get his face full with cake. lol
then, it was 4pm I guess, where they decided to catch a show.
and realised that Yoon Hung's car has some problem with it..which drag us quite some time here as well..
so hmm, Alvin, Ching Jia, Pui Wen, Hazel and I went first to Kepong, and the rest who followed Yoon Hung's car came later.
Alvin and Ching Jia bought Harry Potter for themselves, and us, bought Ice Age 3.
6pm show.
they came relatively on time. speeding on the way? haha. no idea.
well, hmm, for me this show is kinda overrated for me, but they think its quite funny.
I find it quite ok, but its just ok, not too hilarious, but I enjoyed.
archade session after that.
since its Yoon Hung's birthday so I guess we gonna make him as enjoyable as possible? haha.
they played, hmm, basketball, car racing, foosball, and more..
oh and then its dinner time so we went back to Old Town, Genting Klang..
Hazel went back first with her
hmm not much thing really, (or basically I forgot what happened >.<)
chit-chatted with Pui Wen..
I think I reached home around..11.30pm..
though I was really tired 'coz..hmm I think I sleep late the day before.. but still managed to online for awhile and fall asleep (infront of pc, which is so rare)..

ok la I seriously can't remember much what we did that day
as for me, those kept are memories, moments and feelings..not what we did. lol

Thanks for the invite..
I had great time talking with you guys after so long..
and never hang out like this for long as well..
I shall join again,
if I have the chance to..


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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hate last minute preparation

tests getting on my nerves

something big gonna change

September 1st
Trial for A2..
omg omg omg

but, am not motivated enough yet..
p/s:out of a sudden,I do miss you,really.but,disappointment brings me down till the extent I can ignore how much I miss you.


to the July babies

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Happy Birthday to Andrew and Jun Yuen

Happy Birthday to Jian Shen

Happy Birthday to Joyyi

Happy Birthday to Yoon Hung

Happy Birthday to Carmen

Happy Birthday to Vivian

blog will be updated soon..

Friday, July 17, 2009

8 hours

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Siew Lee says, she has another fantastic record breaking today..
simply because she has a "nap" from 12+ to 8.30 pm today..

and she says, she doesn't think she can sleep tonight..
or maybe she can?

because I know that I will be sick,
because I know that eventhough I wish I could be sick,
I won't be doing so..

and I know I won't let myself to self-pity..

though at times I feel weak
my emotions won't show out
because I know there's no need for sympathy
and I know I don't deserve to have one



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this is so..OMG.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

X or Y

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As stated, that's the topic for my groups' biology assignment.
The 4 of us, Chai Liang, Lee San, Seow Yen and I had much time discussed which topic to be used at the first time, which kinda of delay our progression. from OPC antioxidant to egg in egg to transsexual to bird's nests to designer babies to whatever-else-things that you can think about when it come across Biotech or Genetech.. haha
and so tomorrow is the deadline, whereby today we finally decided to get it done.
we did research about these topics earlier so today's works is kinda more into compiling them.
4pm, we enetered the cubicle at CITC. came to realise that its very warm inside.
and the cubicle besides us is another group of Indian girls from our DK doing the same project as well.
without much hesitation, we started our works.
Discussed which topics to be used. whereby Chai Liang came out with the idea of combination of 3 topics. kind of creative right? hehe
Discussed how to start off with the brochure. and we chose the "story-based" to make it more interesting.
Discussed how to resentence all the words and stuff. and I'm the storry-teller. lol.
I then moved to another cubicle when it was empty, and start my story-writing and when I'm done, I will turn the monitor and let Seow Yen copied whatever story I wrote into the Microsoft Publisher. this is fun! haha.
Note pad
basically what a group should do, we did it perfectly well. haha

and when the cubicle was about to close, we shifted our discussion to the lab out there.
continued with what we did.
but this time we didn't google that much, because Chai Liang-the-professor was there applying what he learnt before into this topic. kind of brilliant. =p
oh oh and I played one sniper-kind-of game with Lee San. haha kill times while Chai Liang was figuring his rDNA technology procedures.

at about 8pm. we came to the end part of the discussion whereby I virtually forced Chai Liang to write report. haha but you can never deny his ideas. he has like tonnes of ideas, even with report-writing.
well then Tharma came to find us and 3 of them went to TBR to have their dinner.
and I head my way to bus stop.

I had fun while doing the assignment. though I do not like the situation where there's always dilemma into choosing which topic and stuff but its hell fun when everything get started. and its to do with bio =) you'll never know how fun it is to work with them. energetic throughout the working duration and never tired of finding more info. the feeling is plain great. =)=)

Journal of the day:
4.30am: sleep
7.20am: woke up
8am-12pm: Classes and App Math test 6. (arrrrghhhh. =.=)
12pm-1pm: Squash with Jing Yee. Jia Xian, Yuen Zhen, Lee San and Shu Ying were at the court besides us.
1pm-3pm: CITC, headache-ing + starving (sign of "take-your-meal-now")
3pm-4pm: Canteen 1. CL, LS, SY and JX were there as well. while eating, discuss as well.
4pm-8pm: CITC.
8pm-8.30pm: on the way back home
8.30pm-10.15pm: sleep

I have this bad habit where, if I'm concentrating with my studies/work, I will never bother about the noise made in my stomach. lalala~~ so though I feel headache and hungry, I will ignore it and continue with my work. yes, workaholic. lol

and now here I am, still editing the brochure and the report, and my dear blog. hehe.
having headache now..zz don't know what's wrong.

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I think, its just the matter of time that I will collapse and faint in front of you that you have to admit me to the hospital.
its very close to this stage.
headache.gastric.not enough sleep.stress.


finally I'm having my dinner..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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been in the library since 3pm..
first it was damn crowded as you know library is so cold and everyone enjoys the air-cond here while studying.(LOL)
then 5pm.. it was still quite an amount of student..
5.45pm..I really can't stand the hunger so I went to canteen 2 and buy myself a bread (very clever right? hehe) but its tasty 'coz its butter+ cheese~ lalala~
then 7pm.. the floor that I was in still left about.. 5 people? yea
and now, its 8pm.
am now in one of the most freaking cold place in this library
whereby my right-hand fingers feel so cold (o.O only right hand..weird weird)
unbelievable that I can stay till now though I do slack in between..
how good it is if I'm doing this everyday~ *day dreaming* lalala~~

one thing is, I'm hungry now. T.T
I want my dinner..

signing off and walking to TBR..


Monday, July 13, 2009

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"because I believe.."

Sunday, July 12, 2009

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hope to see you getting fine soon..
I don't wish to see anyone suffers like I did..

be the brave one, have the courage and don't be a coward..

all the best to you..


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gastric II

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so I continued with my gastric research for about 2 hours
and I have to practice the "don't(s)" since now onwards..

no spicy food (this is fine..I don't usually eat spicy food.."
no fried or fatty food (then what should I eat? )
no caffeine (coffee, chocolate, colas, tea.. )
no fast food (bye bye McD, KFC, Burger King, PIZZA! T.T)
no carbonated drinks (okok plain water.. =.=)
no cold meals (no more McFlurry! no more ice more cold water..)
no delay meals (T_T where can like this one..?)
no skipping meals (I DON'T skip meals, I just DELAY..wth =.=)
no keeping stomach empty (and it says I have to keep snacking on healthy things for every 2-3 hours..walao then I mah keep eating only? =.=)
no eating too much (eat too much also cannot, don't want eat also cannot! =.=)
no sleeping late/not enough sleep (ok I know this is hard for me T_T)

means I cannot eat at whatever time that I like.. eat whatever amount that I like.. cannot simply simply delay meals according to my mood..
I will miss my flexible eating habit.. T_T

ok sorry for the mumblings..
have to eat my breakfast even I don't feel like eating,
have to eat before 2pm for lunch or not the pre-gastric symptoms will knock my stomach,
have to eat before 7.30pm for my dinner or not the gastric will go on and on and on..
and have to reduce my stress 'coz it can actually causes gastric..



on behalf of ah sok

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When you say you will tell everything,
but your response is nothing but "whatever", "anything", "...", "ok", "oh" and etc..
is that even considered as telling everything?

if you can't tell everything,
just bloody hell say you can't tell everything.

if ever you leave a person with expectation,
the higher disappointment that you will brought about.

make a promise when you can keep it
if you can't keep it, don't make it.

if you think you're the one that I'm saying, then yes, I'm saying you..

p/s:Sometimes I find myself don't understand you at all



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welcome back my dear gastric. I miss you alot
what the hell.
today felt hungry at 12pm eventhough I had breakfast at 8am
normally my lunch will be around 1pm-2pm.
so I know something is wrong.
and yea my dear gastric is back.zzz

so I came back and went online and check about gastric since I have only thorough idea about gastric, which you will feel pain, hungry, and when you take food, you will be alright.

and I google it and found lots of terms.well, there are really lots of different types of "pain", which normal people like us will be misunderstand/misinterpret the "pain".of course, if you wanna get a more detailed one, you have to consult the doctor.
of all symptoms, I actually meet most of the "requirements" to have gastric. *sigh*

but one thing I find it weird is that, when you type in the word "gastric" at google search, it seems to not find any relevant topic. I guess "gastric" is just a common term that we use for the "pain".

ok so I had my lunch at 2pm.
I was too hungry to only have ice cream as my meal. =.=

then the pain gone for few hours
and it came back at 7.30pm..
twice a day. killing =/

I took my dinner at 8.30pm..

and the worst part is, the pain is still not gone till now =.=
though its not very pain, but the pain stays on like nobody else business.

I got scolded 'coz got gastric but I seriously don't like people scolding me, I don't know why.'coz you seem to be impatient on it.not gonna tell you if I got gastric anymore.*choi*


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

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The Shadow in the IceBerg aka Michelle says (12:23 AM):
deng u
i wana roll down jor

-Siew Lee-17th July, KLPac.anyone? lalala~~™ says (12:24 AM):
why roll down?!
wtf i wan do tutorial

The Shadow in the IceBerg aka Michelle says (12:24 AM):
i waan watch drama
i miss u

-Siew Lee-17th July, KLPac.anyone? lalala~~™ says (12:25 AM):
shit u

The Shadow in the IceBerg aka Michelle says (12:25 AM):
i know u miss me too

-Siew Lee-17th July, KLPac.anyone? lalala~~™ says (12:29 AM):

The Shadow in the IceBerg aka Michelle says (12:32 AM):

damn straightforward can? lol
but I like it..
why wanna turn here and there if you can be straight? left turn,right turn, U-turn..then I will turn you upside down.. =.=

I hate


Sunday, July 5, 2009


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Do you even realise that its July now?

its so fast. time and tides wait for no man.
AS over and now its A2.
omg talking about this can really freak me out.
bloody hell damn very stress lor.
and I somehow realise this because I talked something to my sis today.

omg I'm so gonna miss you! >.<

I don't care.I will on my web cam everyday and you
but I scare I will be too busy with A2 and wouldn't online that often which I know this is crap.lalala~~

anyhow I will miss the moments..=/

you! better miss me also! hahaha.

Posted by Siew Lee at 7/05/2009 05:10:00 AM
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Very boring..and found out that Wooi Liang tag me and asked me to do this.when I said I still owe him alot of tags, he said just do this very lame. =.=

1. What have you been doing recently?
Recently as in how recent? lol. today? yesterday? study or perhaps wandering or doing nothing.. basically stress-ing.=.=

2. Do you ever turn your handphone off?
yea.why not? you really think that I'm really that busy to sms almost every minute? =.=

3. What happened at 10am today?

4. When did you last cry?
oh.recently=) Adrian you remember when? lol

5. Believe in Fate/Destiny?
well. yea. Fate brings things together and, destiny, I somehow believe that its either in your hand or its totally not.

6. What do you want in life now?
now?get good results.get to the uni that I want.thats what a student should want.
happiness, as always.thats what human look for.
assistance..hmm..=) thats for me.

7. Do you carry an umbrella when it rains or just put up your hood?
no.not either of it. lalala~~

8. What's your favourite thing to do on bed ?

9. What bottoms are you wearing now?

10. What are the nicest things in your inbox?
hmmm.. I shall not recall it. its..the past.

11. Do you tend to make relationships complicated?
which relationship? some yes, some no. I somehow really think that I "tend" to."deep thinker" wth.

12. Are you wearing anything borrowed from anyone?
should I?

13. What was the last movie you caught?
Night at the Musuem 2. I wanna watch Transformers! =.=

14. What are you proud of?

15 . What does the oldest text msg in your inbox says and who is it from?
er.. same as question 10.

16. What was the last song you sang out loud?
wait, I can't I sang lots of songs.

17. Do you have any nicknames?

18. What does the newest text msg says and who is it from?
"how are you now?...." from bear bear.

19. What time did you go to sleep last night?
3am..I think..

20. Are you currently happy?
should be? I dunno. told you am stress =.=

21. Who gives you the best advice?
Sister.close friends.

22. Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?
used to.seldom eat.

23. Who do you talked to on phone last night?
no one.

24. Is something bugging you right now?
lots. told you I'm stress.wth.

25. Who is the last person to make you laugh?
errrrrrrrrr... can't recall. blame the Alzeimer's disease.=.=

26. Do you like yourself?
yea. why not =.=

27. You want $5 or $10?
you giving me? give me both then.

28. Do you think you are stupid sometimes?
yes. =.=

29. Who is your best best best friend?
myself. lol. ok I used to have a very best best best best best friend,where almost share everything but not till recently..think so.

30. What will you do if you like that boy?

31. Who are your favourite stars?
stars? not really fancy over celebrities or what. or you count Aaron as one? haha

32. You hate your mother sometimes in some ways?
er.still ok.used to be.but hmm.. not hate.

33. Do you had even stead before?
guess so?

34. What type of boy do you like?
ask the boy that I like. wth =.=

35. Now are you single/attached?
single and available la what you want? =.=

very lazy to answer the tag-10-persons-questions so am not going to tag anyone, happy? haha


Saturday, July 4, 2009

weird facts

Posted by Siew Lee at 7/04/2009 05:41:00 AM
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Google says, "From the age of thirty, humans gradually begin to shrink in size."

well I guess I begin to shrink in size as well.. @_@ thats what my sis told me about my size.
but I still think that I'm fat though I somehow look shrinker in size. =.=

and and I realised that my fingers actually grew longer! haha.should I consider this as an advantage? it would be easier for me to play the violin if so..=)

another thing is that, I feel cold easily recently which I find it quite weird..hmm.. I used to have strong resistance towards "air-cond temperature"..but I eventually feel cold at DK 2 (note:DK 1 is freaking hot previously but I think they fixed it or what and so I started to feel the coldness).. arrrgh not a good thing!

daily horoscope says, "Health: Take care of yourself because there are too many things you have to do."..
well, I'll try to do that huh.. =p

anyway this post is out of my randomness again 'coz I'm too bored..till the extent where I actually updated on my "poker face" (at the side) this morning that I couldn't remember it until I saw it just now. O.O
Alzeimer's disease is back due to lack of sleep as a consequence of being too stress..lalala~~


Friday, July 3, 2009


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You:What makes you take a stand?
Me: Depends.

eventhough this question was asked long time ago, but I still remember it 'coz it was the similar thing happening now like what it was that time.
if you still remember this question, the answer would be "now".
last time I said treat it as "cold war", this time I will say,
no more cold war.
the war is over.
everything ended.
get it?
you will, with your sixth sense.
'coz you just don't give a damn about it
and am tired of all the things that I do

if you know who you are..

memories are memories.they stay,store,and save deeply in my heart.
no matter what, friends are still friends.


Domino's day

Posted by Siew Lee at 7/03/2009 04:31:00 AM
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we had only 1 practical that day since the Teachers' Appreciation Day is going on and we (ah sok and I) at first thought to join but decided not to at ah sok insisted to send me back 'coz she said now got h1n1 which I know its a lie 'coz she wanted to ask me what
so on the way back I suddenly felt like eating KFC and then she drove to KFC only to find out that they were having pest control and so we walked to domino's to order.
and we place our order and asked the fella to send to my house instead of waiting. very wtf I know 'coz we can actually online
and ah sok never come to my house before though we knew each other for 5 she's so keen to come to my
when we walked back to KFC..we found out that the store is open.another wtf.zzz.the notice is false one is it? =.=
hmm ya the food came at 11.30am and its just the right time for both of us to sit down, eat and talk.the conversation is of course P&C.haha.
the session continues for about 4 hours where she went online using my pc after that. and she invited me to her house 'coz she said boring but I wanted to practice my violin sleep so rejected her.(next time next time hehe)
and this is the happiest day for the past 2 weeks I guess.=)=)
our "domino's day". haha.

Chicken Pepperoni, Aloha Chicken and that's my all-time-favourite cinnastix. =p

suprisingly we can finish most of the food as this is for 4-5 pax but since its thin crust and we had the 4 hours to finish them up so we don't find it difficult to finish up. another round? hehe

and she's wondering about the cinnastix that I talked about.

Domino's rocks! lol



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I had this post before about the anything and whatever..
so this is the "anything" that I had..
hmm.. its cola..
and I kept it in the refrigerator..and found out that the taste changed..into a quite weird taste..
anyway,I think this can be found at supermarket. not too sure is it easily available.

Sarsi and Strawberry.. my fav =)=) Thanks to bear bear..hehe

the other day someone said wanna give me prize 'coz I sleep early for that week and and, after that week I practically sleep late again =.= lol will try to sleep early but these few days can't sleep well and kept awaken by those weird dreams. =.=

slept at 4am and woke up at 6am..doesn't really sleep through the 2 hours, as I said, kept waken up by weird dreams. arrgggh. and I have muscleache again =.= at first thought it was because I'm being too tired but the ache continues for quite few days and I realised that its due to stress. =.=

A2 oh A2..


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 7/01/2009 01:25:00 AM
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this is a short post, 'coz I just wanna say BIG THANK YOU(s) to these 3 person below..

ma sis
who bring me shopping and had lots of fun.. wee~
ma ah sok
who listens to my mumblings almost all the time and our "domino day" is great! bubuu.. (lol)
and ma dear friend, Adrian
who still cares for me so much that even you're at NZ..and still "click" to me..(that proved that distance is not a problem.haha.)

I know I sucks in saying thank you and stuff but deep in my heart, you guys are seriously precious people that I'm very grateful of having..

I can endure the pain, but that doesn't mean that I have no feeling at all.
afterall, I'm still a gal..where I also need what a girl really needs, at times..


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