Sunday, August 31, 2008


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As stated with the title above, do you think I am a patient person?

I guess, most of you will say... No ?


But, I think I am way more patient than what you think.

This topic raised out of my mind when a friend of mine asked me, " how come you sound so mang jang...?"

I think, I have acted to be a hot-tempered person. I have my own thoughts, and most of the time, I will voice out my opinion. I guess, the way of expressing my opinion has something wrong? haha. I might "sound" like one who is not patient, but I don't "think" like one. I don't think I have get angry over something for like more than 1 day? sometimes even only few minutes.

Anyhow, it's not really that important on how people look at me, as long as I know it. If every single thing you are going to mind about it, you are just being too busy. XD

Someone asked me a question yesterday, "What do girls want from boys?" "Is it the "safe" feeling?"
I answered in return, "I think that's quite important for me. But, in order to have that "safe" feeling, you need to have trust, confidence, and love...."
I would like to add another one, care.
Oh well, I think when you really have that "target", you will know what to do. But again, Im not too sure. XD

p/s: Happy Merdeka! =p


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stranger, KLCC

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It's finally our Test 2 for GP and Applied Maths. I was quite... scared.

Someone moody already...

Cally studied from 1am to 5.30am and she has tuition classes at night. omg. How can she stay up like that? killing man.

The first class was Chemistry lecture. Mr. Loh is just so funny. "Young people like us has no problem with this.." What you mean by us ? haha. And he was telling us that he can run for 10.69 seconds for 100m, even better than Usian Bolt. LOL. I know it's good to scare us so that we will study, but, 6 hours a day? His sentence.. " Time is precious..........." "You got no one to blame but to blame yourself..........." "...... if not you're going to fail".

So we had our tests done and, I really got nothing to say about both the tests. Just let it be. CK sat besides me when we were having lunch at Canteen 1. hehe. automatically sat there right, CK? haha.

The 2 gang, Wei Yuan, Yoon Hung, Ching Jia, Hao Ting, Selina, Hebe and Mei Mei skipped Bio lecture today and went to KLCC. I went to KLCC as well but after the lecture.

Ms. Geraldine was pointing out student to repeat the movement of sucrose from the source to sink. Cally was kept pointing and me, and BINGO, lecturer saw that, and said, "Oh ya, the one besides Cally. I don't think I had chosen you before for any repitition right?" THANKS so much Cally. I eventually repeated, without guidance of lecturer, and she praised for having good memory because she was suprised. (where normally guidance is given when student is repeating the lecture) For the very first time, someone is saying I have good memory. XD

Rush to KLCC and Jian Shen and Yoon Hung were waiting me in front of Romps. Thanks for waiting me. The show is called Stranger. and Im telling once again, I REALLY DON'T LIKE TO WATCH HORROR/SCARY MOVIE. 3/4 of the time I was sms-ing or listening to Yoon Hung's craps to keep me from being too scared. I got nothing to complain, but why Wei Yuan? I know the story, I just don't want to repeat. I will just watch the Zohan at 3 something if same thing happens again.

We had our lunch at Pizza Hut since they prefer this. No doubt their pizzas are nice but not the menu at KLCC. I hate KLCC's Pizza Hut. =.='' I ate 3 pizzas and I still don't feel full. Talk alot and basically I forgot what we were talking. XD Hao Ting, Jordan and Mei Mei left earlier. So left 5 of us, Yoon Hung, Ching Jia, Jian Shen, Wei Chie and I.

We eventually went to see boy's stuffs. While walking, and talking to Jian Shen, he asked me a question, which makes me rethink of it where this question has long disappears in my mind.

Went back at tha peak hour. Reached home safely before the it started to rain. Talked to my sisters for like 2 hours. and.. here I am. =)

Today's thoughts:
1. Jian Shen asked :" What type of guys do you like?"
At first I answered him, I really don't know. I said, " When saw that person, got feel means got lor." Then Yoon Hung immediately said, " First sight love la" I mean, not in that sense. So, Jian Shen said, there must be some criteria that you want from "him" right. A question to ponder again. Till now, what I think I can answer is just that, I can't really take guys who don't know how to care of others. Don't be suprise there's such person exists even they are in a relationship.

2. Bio lecturer told us about Dolphin and Peacock were using some ways to attracts the females.
Then, she said, "Aren't Men just like them ?"
Guys are attracted to the beauty of girls, so do girls. So, here come my question. Are you guys that "skinless" until you just look at the outer appearance. I admit that everyone do look at the outer appearance, but not the ONLY factor that you are looking at. If you are doing so, Im telling you, I LOOK DOWN on you. If I have such friend, I will just say, " We are simply in the different world." I just can't accept this kind of "skinless" attitude, no matter girls or boys. So, what do you think, huh, those that isn't pretty or handsome isn't human being? WTH.

We make friends, because we share the same interests even there's some differences. So, just get lost if you are not in my world. It's as simple as that.


Late.. again

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Okay, I was late again on Thursday. Just for like 5-10 minutes? Luckily it was Pure Maths lecture, and the lecturer wasn't teaching yet.

Basically it was a study day for all of us, since Friday will be our GP and Applied Maths tests.

I got B for Chemistry Practical.. don't know what's wrong with the experiment. >.<

Wei Yuan really like to create names for people. He even created the name "Machi di di" for.. er.. someone. XD Then, my lab partner, which is Wei Yuan's buddy, Jian Shen, also tease together with Wei Yuan with the new name. Pity Cally. Cally, finally you know how I feel when they were doing this to me, for the CallyWHOLE day.

After class, went to library with 3 bodyguards- Hao Ting, Ryan, Melvin with me. haha. We went there to study, of course, the permutations and combination. Gosh Holly Molly. WTH. The topic is not easy. Oh ya, Melvin gave me a yellow lily. =) Thanks.

Ryan eventually got alot of topics to talk and he kept saying I was looking at him. Then somemore reminded me that he has a gf already. I was like.. =.='''... Okay then, they got the same reference book for STPM except for me which I don't know why they wanna get the same book.

Cally and I went to Canteen 2 at 5.30pm while waiting for Cally's mom and my sister. Cally bought Twisties and we sat down to have our Girl's talk. haha. I wasn't blur this time. I assumed alot of things and related it to some other things. As usual, Cally, you know I know enough. XD
(Don't go try guessing... )

p/s: As what Cally said, I really wanna see how far it can goes. I really don't believe there's not even one slightest mistake that we can see.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The "new" Wednesday

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After viewing C2m's blog, I truly don't feel like putting a title for my post. In fact, sometimes, and most of the time, I can't find any title for my blog as if it's random.

Well, our class has a new time table starting on from the previous Monday. Basically, it's only Wednesday and Friday that have changes. I used to have 9am class on Wednesday, and there's 2 tutorial classes. The new time table has the Biology practical class shifted to Wednesday, and we have 2 1/2 hours after that and before our last class for the day.

Everyone is so..... unusual today. I mean, I was late for morning class, for the first time, and it's like 30 minutes late. Gosh. It's like from the Wangsa Maju LRT to TARC, it took me for 30 minutes. hell yeah. WTH. Okay then, Wei Chie and Chong Keat were some kind of.. funny today. XD
Cally was totally crazy. Wei Yuan was abit lonely, 'coz Yoon Hung wasn't there. Pity Yoon Hung, he has low immunity.

Then, we went for Bio practical to see our pretty teacher, Ms. Junnie. Today's experiment was considered an easy one, since teacher actually prepared the 0.5% and 0.25% glucose solution for us. So what we have to do is just use the syringe and take the samples. =P

Cally used 2 water bath to make the experiment fast, which I think we should be using only 1. While doing, we realized that our last sample wasn't really changing the colour, so we started to worry, maybe we did something wrong. So when Ms. Junnie came to us, we were like keep asking " Teacher, okay or not?" and, she said, "Your results are quite good." *sigh of relief* haha. Guess what, we get one of the best results for the day. =)

Left- Seow Yen, Cally and I. Right- Wei Chie and Chong Keat. They got the best results as well.

Can see the colour change? The 3 test tubes from the left are the juices that we were testing, while the other 3 are for comparison of glucose concentration.

After the practical, we eventually went to library to study, as I promised Cally, without waiting Wei Chie, 'coz he's too slow. hehe. We studied permutation and combinations, which took us for like hour to solve few questions. I was solving some questions, which I took like an hour, but later then only I knew that those questions are not in the syllabus. =.='' Yet, Im happy that I can solve those questions. =)

You guys know that, phone should be on silent mode while you are in library right. But my phone rang while I was there..... And all the students around were like looking at my table. The ringtone isn't loud for normal situation, but, not in library.

Okay then we went to Canteen 2 to have our lunch. Jian Shen was merajuk-ing with Cally 'coz she didn't wait for him to eat. And, Cally saw the CUTE friend of mine, for her, from Japanese language class.

Applied Maths lecture. Chong Keat so was pity, eating his "bau" alone there. S.H and Mei Mei went out to eat. Do you know why Chong Keat don't want to follow them? hehe. Im not telling why. I was sitting beside him, and we talk, laugh, tease and crap alot, as an unusual phenomenon. XD

Well then, Cally claimed that we were bullying her. But the truth is, everyone is attacking. And Cally wanted me to s*a* her. jkjk.

Cally asked Jian Shen about the movie for this Friday. Then, Cally said " You go then I go." Jian Shen asked " Wanna ask him to go or not? /gg". Then Jian Shen suddenly attack me and say, " Wanna ask Mr. *action* to go or not?" I replied " I DARE you. If he goes I go. XD" Then Chong Keat merajuk 'coz we didn't ask him to go.

Actually it should be a fun conversation, but I don't think I make it sounds intresting. Whatever la.

I went back with Seow Yen today. She is a good driver. =)

I tried to make the...... steamed egg today. It tasted quite nice.

Today's thought: The conversation between Cally and Jian Shen really make me so so so curious and no doubt I was kept guessing. Obviously they are not telling me. =(
Someone said he thinks too much. So do I. Sometimes will actually make go crazy.

Kah Seng, a friend of mine, asked me a question, "Why aren't you in a relationship?"

....................... speechless. What do you expect me to answer? XD

p/s: I forgot to give Cally the Meiosis notes again. This is me, the always blur girl. XD


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


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It's truly raining season now...

It's a sudden heavy rain at 12pm. And, it's freeeezing in the Bio lectures. Not to mention about Chemistry tutorial. I truly pity Yoon Hung. He was shivering all the way.

Cally has started her new role as a tutor. She really needs money, so whoever knows people who need tuition for UPSR and PMR, can contact her. She can be a good teacher. XD
I knew that she is getting her car soon, but just today I got to know that she's paying her car by her own money as well. Such an independent girl she is. But I hope her job as a tutor wouldn't affect her studies, as she needs to travel at night and it will be quite tiring. Since she really wants
her car, so I think nothing can really blocks her from getting it. XD

All the best to her.

Switching to Channel 854, my younger sis and I heard a song from BeeGees playing. This song reminds us a lot of our memories with my family. and... I really miss my father... >.<

The song, "Too much heaven". It's a nice song, and it means a lot to me. In fact, BeeGees' songs are the one that kept playing in my father's car last time.

I am really looking forward to next year CNY, which I hope we can really go to Shanghai. =)


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

College resumes..

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After 1 week holiday, I have no idea what I have ACTUALLY done in last week.

I think, I went to college for 3 times- Monday, Wednesday and Friday, went to KLCC with my younger sister, and had my Japanese language test.

Basically, that's what I did. How MEANINGLESS. I started to think back I shouldn't have done all these, but STUDY, which my test is as soon as this FRIDAY.

The first day after holiday isn't that bad, but isn't that good as well. The weather is windy today, which brings me a little feel of laziness.

We, except Cally went to Wei Chie's house after our Bio and Chem lectures. Since we have never been there before, except Mei Mei, so, it's kinda of "exciting" to visit his condo. Well, the environment is not bad, and the condo is still new, so I guess you won't feel kinda of "yerrr" thing. Oh by the way, his condo is at PV10, Danau Kota.

Not to mention what actually happened in Wei Chie's house, all thanks to Yoon Hung. XD

We headed to Little Tree to have our lunch there, and we were late again for GP. :S
Suprisingly, we don't have much to talk today.

GP class ended at 3pm. Staying back with Cally, 'coz Mei Mei will be going back at 4pm.

Stayed at Canteen 1 and we met Janson and Shawn.

We talked alot, for the 1 hour over there. Janson really told us alot of things, I mean, all these things that we don't know, since we aren't that close to the subject we were referring. Well, if you were to say I was suprised with his talk, not that actually.

I actually told Cally, "Im an insulator... and basically I can accept a wide range/scope of things.."

That's why when Cally was asking me about "flirting guy", I have a higher limit for that, as in, unless you are really really that flirting, or not, I won't regard u as someone who flirts a lot. Oh ya, and ur "intention" of flirting as well. Since people view "flirt" differently, so do I. I might not take ur "flirt" as "flirt" as what the others do. haha. sounds confusing?

While I was walking by to my home, I was keep thinking, about something that I've long forgotten.

I was thinking, about, how I have been through these years, by myself, independently. Where tears, sorrows and happiness come all in once. I am really glad that, all the obstacles that I have met, have made me a better person. I will really appreciate, those times where my family and friends are by my side, not to forget, my 2 best buddies- Xin Ying and Yue Fen. I have learned how to say "No". I have learned something called "communication" and "socialising". I have learned how not to let myself ever regret for things. I have learned how to take, give and forgive. Most of all, I have learned how to accept other's opinion, which I think is kinda crucial. If you know me well, you will actually realise that now I can accept wide range of things, and, I don't tend to get angry that easily. But, sometimes you might think that Im angry, which Im not. Eventhough being forgetful is not something good, but it helps me in erasing things that shouldn't be remembering easily. I ENJOY MY LIFE NOW, seriously, accompanying by my new friends like Cally, Yoon Hung, Wei Chie, Wei Yuan and more.

Owh well, that's basically what I thought while I was walking. Even after I reached home and when I was lying at the bed listening to 早知道.爱 which I have been listening to it repeatedly in 1 1/2 hours. Yes, only this song.

I just wish to tell my fellow friends, I AM WHO I AM, who you guys choose to be friend with. If I ever change myself, I don't think you guys will still like it.

And don't worry, the Alzeimer's Siew Lee is still optimistic and her life will still goes on with her laughter and her style. =)


Saturday, August 23, 2008

I miss...

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If you notice.. this is my MSN name:
私は... ++ Do you... miss my smile? MASK. 我不知道...我应该怎么办.++

I miss my blue nails on left hand..

I'm currently like this...

Do you....




Sing K, Neway

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Got this "invitation" from Mei Mei and S.H.E. to sing K at Neway. No doubt I dislike going K on Saturday, but since I am going to Bon Odori at night, so nevermind la.

Ella again absent. =.=''

I reached there quite late 'coz I eventually forgot that I have to go out with them. Wei Chie called me but I was like, just woke up. So I asked them to go there first. Meet them at Food& Tea and saw Wei Yuan there, becoming light bulb to Kenneth. XD

I was like freaking hot, but Wei Chie and Mei Mei were wearing long sleeves. WTH. No need until gap like this gua... XD

Overall, we didn't sing any English songs, and Mei Mei slept after all her Jay's songs.
Not bad singing with Wei Chie, 'coz he said our voices can match.
But pity Wei Chie also, 'coz whenever Jordan and I sing, sure cannot hear his voice already. XD

Jordan and Mei Mei.


Mei Mei and I.


Jordan love the mic till don't want to let it go. XD

Don't know what song...

Peace. =)

More pictures to be uploaded. Still have to grab from Wei Chie's phone.

Wanted and Get Smart

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Eventhough, we didn't watch it on the same day, but, it's the same group of people going out. lol.
Cally, Siew Lee (which is the blogger), Yoon Hung, Ching Jia, Wooi Liam, and Hao Ting.
But it's always odd number when we go out.

We watched Wanted at KLCC first, Hao Ting didn't join us. We have Pizza Hut as our lunch. 3 of them- Yoon Hung, Wooi Liam and Ching Jia can really eat. They ate.. chicken wings, don't know how many slides of pizza, bread stick and a cup of drink. And if Im not mistaken, we ordered 1 large and 1 regular pizza. But, I dislike KLCC's Pizza Hut. haha. Ching Jia knows well how to use the knife to cut the chicken wings.


and.. the funny face of Ching Jia. LOL.


2 of us.

3 of them.

Ice cream... =)

Heading to the cinema..

Yoon Hung, why so emo? XD

Wooi Liam.


3 bachelors. hahaha.

Overall, Wanted is a nice show. haha. Angelina Jolie very very very YENG! haha.

NEXT. We went all the way to Pavilion to watch Get Smart, since TS is showing at quite late. It took us for like 1 hour to reach Pavilion. And... to get over this kind of boredom. This is what we do. XD

Camwhore! haha. Can notice Cally's hair? It means that, this should be the latter one. =p

The little kid that looked at us whenever we tried to take pictures. haha.

I think they are too tired... =p

OMG. Almost get caught by Wooi Liam. XD

And.. he's so cute. haha.

Hao Ting was right behind me. But, he woke up before I manage to capture his picture. haihz. WASTED. XD

His hand behind us.

The place that I used to pass by...

Upon reaching Pavilion, we headed to cinema for tickets. The lady was too kind to let me purchase student tickets without showing ID card. Our cards were with Mei Mei since at first we thought of going TS. Next, search for some foods. Cally and I were starving all the way.

The Western food stall at food court.

Too sien.. waiting Cally to come back from washroom.

My order- Black pepper chicken.

It's delicious and affordable. Go try it out! XD

Cally's order- Fish and Chips. A nice one also.

Since 3 of them ate their lunch, so only 2 of us were eating there. I know it's quite full that time, but I still wanted to have pop corn while watching Get Smart. haha.

While going back, we choose to walk from Pavilion to KLCC and take LRT.

Wooi Liam while crossing the road. He was the only one who hasn't cross yet. XD

Do he look like tourist? haha.

Not to mention the train station was packed.
Get Smart is no doubt a nice show. =)
Looking forward to watch movie again with them.


Science Exhibition

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Well.. basically I had forgotten the sequence of activities happened for these 3 months. So, don't blame me if I ever update not following the sequence.

I joined the SMS- Science and Maths Society. I don't actually know why I wanted to join, I think, it's for the sake of joining a society. I might as well go join Chinese Society then. =( But I didn't. I will be too busy then if I did that.

The SMS was having this Science Exhibition annually. According to my seniors, they said, this was one of the biggest event this society, which I found out to be... speechless. hehe. Public Relation should work hard on it I guess. =p

I was in Group..................... 7, I think. Who cares. It's a PHYSICS booth. Yeah, and Im not taking Physics for my A-Level. BUT, Physics is no doubt a fun subject to learn. And, it's a fun booth too, besides the volcano eruption which I had done it during form 4, and it's not exciting. Ooops, Im just telling the truth.

Im quite glad that Im in this group, nice seniors and groupmates. And our current president, Bala is also in our group, but he can't remember people's names.

I like the frog disecting! haha. Not really saw the whole process, but the person damn geng.

I did the medical check-up as well. Hmm... overall the person said quite okay, but low blood pressure? If Im not mistaken. Thank god my muscle still there.

There's other booth like.. the SEX education booth, Maths booth, Computer Science booth, Astrology booth and Food and Souvenirs booth.

Cally and her groupmates. She was in Computer Science group.

The Astrology thingy. The horoscope explanation was........... no comment. haha.

Sex education booth.

Physics booth. The guy was trying a quite fun activity.

Hardwares for Computer Science booth.

Mei Mei with her "Warning" board. She was promoting our booth.XD

Ya. It's me with the volcano thingy...

I went back earlier 'coz I went to Times Square to shop. haha. To shop for OO Nite if Im not mistaken.


Saturday, August 16, 2008


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Okay, fine, I just admit it that Im emo today.
I wasn't, but, it's a complicated thing.

At first, it's just that I don't really feeling well.
Then Wei Yuan and Yoon Hung they all don't want to talk to us. (Cally and I)
which I actually found out later that they thought that we are emo, or maybe just me.

So, I still don't think that Im emo.
But after Bio practical, Ella told me that, why do I look so emo, no talking, no smile and cannot hear my voice today?

And I go @_@ again, 'coz seriously I don't think Im emo.

Come to think of it, it's possible that, I don't even know Im emo, eventhough Im actually emo.

Weird. My face shows to everyone that Im emo, but I myself don't know that Im emo.

There's too much things going in my mind now. I need time. Time to think, time to digest, time to analysis and interpret, and time to accept it.

Holidays just come at the nice time. =)

Friday, August 15, 2008

OO nite

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First time going a big event in college,( besides Mass Call) I was abit.. er.. over excited? haha.
I really don't have any thing to comment for this event, but one thing is that, the emcees truly funny XD, especially Faizal. Oh yeah, TT finalists were sitting right in front of us, and making all sorts of cheer throughout the event. The lucky thing is that, they didn't use any wisel.
We didn't chat alot when we were inside. 'coz not that close to Gordon and Janson, and, basically just wanna enjoy the nite quietly. =p

3 of us inside the College Hall.

Try 1.

Try 2.

Try 3.

And.. finally a clear one. =)

random picture in the College Hall.

Too sien until go unpacked the gift.

Got all sorts of vouchers and samples.

Ex-TT Finalists perfoming.

OO Nite Finalists doing their casual wear cat walk.

F6 and M6.

OO Nite finalists perfoming a drama.

Can spot the Superman? XD

The good ones win. =)

Cat walk as well.

Mei Mei left the event quite early. Well, 3 of us left before the show ended, and we headed to JJ to have our dinner at Nando's.

Walking down the road with heels and it's slippery.

Cally, Me, Janson. Gordon was infront.

4 of us.


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