Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flying the kite

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/14/2010 02:26:00 AM
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Let us back to my unwritten post. =( nah..nothing to be sad about.. I'll just try to squeeze out whatever that I can still remember off my mind.. not much, I guess. xD

Apparently I forgot how this whole conversation came about, but deep down in my memory, I remembered ah sok sms-ed me asking me to go fly kite.. I was still half asleep half awake.. and for sure I can't remember what did I replied her.. but after some dragging or what, we finally made it. This was like, a success one after so many times we said we wanna go to fly kite.

Without much hesitation, I woke up and getting prepared for things.(nothing to be prepared actually xD) While ah sok, lame queen and cl were busy for the kite since they're going to bring theirs there. I don't have any, so that makes up for why I don't have anything to prepare. tee-hee.

It was late in the evening where they showed up in front of my house. I guess it was about 5.30pm. The weather wasn't good enough I would say. It was cloudy and its obviously that its going to rain, in any time. Still, we didn't cancel our plan, we went straight to the.. don't know what park at Kepong, famous for this activity and others like playgrounds. You can't miss this if you're driving at MRR2 towards Kepong.

We get down of the car, and it started drizzling. Well, we thought of heading back, but it was just some really tiny drops. Most that were still at the field went back, except for us and few others.

It was my very first time to fly a kite. I'm serious. Being a city-girl, lol, it should be normal that I did not play before and thus not knowing how to fly the kite. haha.

Luckily the 3 of them played before. So ah sok took out her kite, there was two, but one was without the thread I guess, so only one is usable. It was a rather big one. Well, at first the wind isn't really big enough to fly the kite, so ah sok need my help to hold the thread while she was running. But I was of not helpful, haha. I couldn't remembered how she finally could fly the kite. Pro. =p

far far away when she finally did it

coming closer..as you could see, its pretty empty there..being the peak time, in the evening..

On the other hand, cl and ls were experimenting their handmade kite. I only remember one was a success, but soon drop due to wind factor. One thing I do not like to play at this time was because, you will get really sticky because of the going-to-rain weather.

We stayed there for a rather short time. Later then there was thunder and we quickly pack our things and go back. FYI, its very dangerous to be at an open area when the thunder strikes, ya know what will happen. Be safe. :D

3 of us..

with the kite..

cl helped us to take this.. with ls holding his tiger-handmade-kite..

Before we head back, we went to Xiao Dong Fang@GK to have some meal, we were all tired despite low energy output. Nothing to shout about the food there, cheaper I would say compared to the other shops in the same area.

First outing with them after our last paper..
A not so long kiting experience, not much that I've enjoyed but definitely a memory. :)


Saturday, September 11, 2010

BookFest@Malaysia is back!

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/11/2010 04:24:00 AM
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7/9/2010 & 9/9/2010
5th Anniversary- Reading Embraces the World

Phewwwwwwww.. finally I'm back to my recent life blog post.. not feeling so outdated anymore (for this moment only xD)
So as what I know, its the holiday week for most people out there, and hence, Bookfest@Malaysia 2010 was held on 4/9/2010-12/9/2010 at KL Convention Centre as usual, from 10am to 10pm. Well for those that haven't pay a visit by the time you're looking at my post, you still have 2 days to do so. ;)
Entrance is free for aged 18 years old and below. RM2 and a BookFest Catalogue will be given to you for those not qualified for the FOC entrance, eg me. Although it did came across my mind to pretend as one, but I was going at 10am and I reckon that they'll check on my IC. duh, forget about it! and I wanted that guide book as well so that I can know which books are on special price and so forth. Its very useful when you're planning to buy books and not just for the sake of "visiting", "crowd" and "read for free". =D

The first day that I went for book fest was on Tuesday. Before that I went to Guardian to look for feminine hygiene products. (ermm, you do not need to know about this, haha! but I bet many out there, esp Malaysian females do not care about this). Then, proceed to the book fest. 10am sharp that I went in. Many would choose to enter from Hall 5, instead I will go for Hall 1 first. Hall 1 and Hall 2 were exhibitor for Chinese books, from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Normally, Hall 1 and 2 would not be that crowded compared to Hall 4 and 5 except for the Child's book area. No photos that have been taken to show here, I forgot. :p
There was a main stage for talks at Hall 1. 11am was a talk from 小江, talking about his new book and views on men and women. kinda interested. I think his book title is 男人的秘密,女人勿看. There was plenty of seats since it was pretty early and not much people know about him there was not not much of crowd. I was there partly to rest myself for awhile. hehe.
Later then the crowd started to come in and it was pretty uneasy to move around that freely. As its a Book Fest, I think, its impossible for you to read or browse through each and every book that you're interested in, unless you're not book-lovers or just don't have much books that you're interested in. I myself find it hard to grab every single books that I'm interested in to view, not to mention to buy it and get the most out of it (its just too much!).

colour of the day..purple..

Later on, my dear came to find me, and my body is telling me, its time to get some rest. It was about 2pm, and I was still halfway at Hall 2. tee-hee. We both went to food court for our lunch, dear ordered Alfredo Spaghetti for me and Claypot Pan Mee for himself. (turn out that I ate his and he ate mine =p)

my lunch..opps.. I mean his. I forgot to take his(mine) lunch..

Rest for awhile and we were back to Book Fest. He wanted to buy me a bottle that's why he was there. Still, I dragged him around to show him my books-buying-list. haha! Surprisingly we have same taste on books. (is this the word to describe it?)
Until it was about 5pm, then we went out and had a BK cone and rest ourselves. Then, headed back home. (Some funny moments inside the train..well..leave it to us lol)
Tired but satisfied! Gotta sort out my buying list and head back to Book Fest again! :D

very useful one..

I bought this.. on Weekday Specials for RM19.90.. still yet to read..

my bottle.. 2@RM20..Weekday Specials as well..he has the same one :)

The list that I've made.. a total of 53 books! O.O

On Thursday, I was supposed to be prepared at 8.30am, and turned out, woken by dad at 8.30am. dang! I was superb late. Rushed and get out at 8.50am.. Breakfast with my parents at KLCC 4th floor food court, 3 sets of Roti set which consists of a cup of tea/coffee, 2 slices of Roti Bakar with Kaya and butter, and 2 half-boiled eggs at only RM4.50. Extra order by mom, a slice of Roti Canai@RM1.20 and another Chicken Porridge set@RM4.50/set. Breakfast set is only from 8am to 10am. Don't worry if you do not know which stall it is, because there will be queue everytime I visit there and its the only stall serving the breakfast set. :)
My dad and I went to Cyberjaya to fetch my kns sis as she's having her mid-sem break, which means I'm going to see her for a week. Owhhhh... =p
It was about 11pm that we're back to KLCC and went to Book Fest as well. The crowd on this day was alot more compared to Tuesday, though Tuesday was crowded as well, but not the long queues we saw at cashier at Hall 4 on this day.

colour of the day..orange.. camouflage with my shirt.. ;)

I was asking my sister to choose books for me, though we both have our liking, but its more likely that if she feels that book is boring, I feel the same. :D Owh and her job of the day was, to take care of the baskets! haha! Why they do not have trolley for us? I saw people having that on Tuesday. (maybe its personal ones)
I was having real dilemma to choose which book to buy when its time to pay. Dang! It was real hard to choose! I really hope dear was with me to choose. =/ 'coz even my sis wish to own them all!

the 2 baskets that we were carrying around..They were people who tried to steal our baskets! haha! funny enough when my sis told me about this.. XD

It was 2pm that we finally make our way to have lunch at Mayking,Jalan Pudu famous for their Lum Mee and handmade fish balls.. Super hungry by that time. I don't know why, but everytime if I walk at crowded place, I feel tired and hungry more easily. So, don't go out on weekends, especially public holidays. haha!

Lum Mee- dad, Chicken Hor Fun- mine, Curry Mee- sis.. fish ball@ RM 1 per piece

Unwrapped the plastic begs(so not eco-friendly, they should give recycled bag for free when you purchase RM100& above..sigh) and start taking photos! haha!

3 stacks..

The 10 books that we bought.. not enough!

bills.. quite cheap though..compared to normal selling price..

Abit off topic here.. later that I went to nap after some chit chat with my sis.. I was having this strange "Inception" movie-alike dream.. where I've been waken up for at least 3 times? and finally back to reality..
and today I'm having it as well.. this time I still remember in the movie, that they said you need to drop yourself in order to wake up from the dream, and I tried that, in my dreams, and I woke up from the don't know how many levels of dream, but still not waken, yet, to the real life.

think too much, perhaps..


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


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26/11/2009- 3/12/2009
Well I think I did stated before that I was keen on job hunting and if there's a chance I will grab it to work. I don't know its for me to purely earn extra money or I wanted to fill my life so that its not that much of resting and slacking. To be exact, this is the time that I'm truly resting, currently unemployed. =)
So, I got this short-term must-do for everyday, job hunting even I'm just awake. To my surprise, I got this job pretty easy as they urgently need people for only 1 week, just data entry. It was early in the morning (25/11/2009) that I found this post on forum, I remember replying it(the post) asap after I saw that. And my instinct told me I should give her a call or sms. I did, no reply. She was on a meeting or whatsoever it is. I don't like the person in charge, she's lack of some simple manners, in greeting people or answering question. I know I'm the one that's supposed to act nice but please, don't act bs, I don't really mind getting another job. But of course I wouldn't do so as the pay was rm7/per hour and for the sake of 1 week. I just bare with it. Oh did I mention that she totally didn't act like its an urgent matter oppose to what she wrote in the post.
Luckily I get another place for my sis as well, or not I would need to survive in that place till I yawn for n times.
Its very soon that the next day we're required to go to work. No interviews. No typing speed test. The company was JobsDB. funny huh? I'm working in a company that is looking for job for candidates. haha!
I could barely remember the scenario when I first entered that company. As usual, simply greeting to the person in reception. note, at that time there's no receptionist there despite its working hour.It was some random worker there and asked us who were we looking for.
The question came, WHO WAS SHE? damn. she didn't even tell us her name though I know its our part to get info. luckily I did remember her user name in the forum. phew luckily it wasn't some fancy name like starcraft, l4d, pinkylady, meow, and etc. or else I really don't know how.
We were being "invited" into a..... room. Somehow like an interview room. small. empty. a table with a cable phone. duh! looks like someone is going to interview us I presume.
In fact, not. nothing at all. We were there in the room just to wait for the lady to settle things down.
I wasn't complaining.. Ok, I am. I don't like her. haha.
bla bla bla tick tock tick tock.. time flies.
Our job: just to key in candidate's data into the system
It was a smart idea to tag my sis along with me. As we enter the data of different candidates, sometimes we do encounter some funny stuff to share. like seriously alot. haha.
but the job is
just the shoulder part. Although we do type very fast, and you might think we should get things done faster, it is, but that's the con. Severe muscleache we encounter..
and one more thing..
that office is COLD. SUPER. I became penguin. xD
to my surprise, almost all of them in the office, speak in Mandarin.
its awkward there if you talk in English.
there's another temp staff that joined us after few days I think.. a guy.from local university.couldn't remember so much details la. he is seriously.. weird. I mean, he look innocent, but as I always practise, do not judge a book by its cover. He is that type of person that you need to talk carefully. As far as I know. As what Adrian said, how do we not judge a book by it's cover. if the book itself chooses and presents itself to be seen in that manner, in that cover. and sooner that I realise that, he types slow, utterly slow, but I do not understand how he could finish the stack of data same speed as us or sometimes even faster.
There comes the trick. he's SMART. damn. I mean, you know how, he types in certain "format" of certain column that people usually writes, and then, COPY AND PASTE. damn. for me this is cheating. even its just a temp job, but please, responsibility. duh. from that on, I do not even bother to talk to him. haha.
The company is situated in Wisma UOA building near KL convention centre (not the bangsar one). Supposingly, to settle our lunches shouldn't be of big problem, but often, we do not know where and what to eat. As we only know KLCC has more eatery, and another problem comes, there's at least 10mins to get there and get a seat. not till the part that you order food and finally start eating. So most of the time our lunches become very rush and sometimes we just bring our own food there to eat.
To get to know the people there more, communicate with them, is hard. They hmm either is too busy or just don't bother to talk, except Mr. Chuah, nice guy that we met there and helped us alot when the lady in charge doesn't bother much. They talk to themselves, only, and maybe the computer. haha.
There's this afternoon, Mr.Chuah offer us to have lunch with him and the lady in charge, together with some from other department.
That experience has nothing to talk about. We practically just follow them, as in really follow to eat and pay the bill and get your butt back to your working seat. They have their own talk, we don't join, and wouldn't want to join, except certain part did they just ask abit about us. bah. Expected.
As we cannot change that fact, my sis and I just enjoyed anything ourselves. Who cares. haha!


act cool

last day..hence the smile..haha

work desk

no acting! XD

acting xD

put on jacket.(curi-ed from sis)

looks like penguin or not? =p

nah that's the result. extremities.

rushing on this.. typed super fast(in my capability) just to get things done on last day


Didn't get to say goodbye to Mr.Chuah.. the others? I don't care. booo! haha!
still need to go back there to get our cheque.. issh.. asking to bank in might need additional days to finish I guess, didn't bother to ask.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a lil warm up

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So that I thought I will be quite bored till death after I finished my A-levels, not so I think. hehe.
This day my parents, my younger sis and I woke up early and headed to One Utama for some..erm.. vegetables? lol I seriously don't understand why so far since its just Jusco that we are going to, and there's 2 at my place.
My sis and I get so over excited being the first time to shop at Jusco@ One Utama, and we being hyper to see everything as if we've never seen them before. and she keep nagging me that she wanna do some sushi ourselves, and when we were at the sushi corner so we kept record on the prices on items needed (ok, I'm the one who's recording down, not her). but until now, ya, as in the time I'm writing this, we still haven't get started YET. haha!
Then it was awhile till we headed for our lunch. having no clue in our mind and not familiar with this place, we chose Wong Kok to settle our stomach.

by the window

taa-daa! camwhore in action..haha!


my sis and I

lovely parents

their don't know what dish. not bad.



After our lunch, we separated our way since my parents wanted to view something they are more keen on. While my sis and I just wandering around and we stopped by this chocolate shop and get attracted (like a little girl). haha.

before that, we bought this. not really tasty.

she walked in first.

chocs and candies. imported stuff.

her showing Cadbury choc

Upon meeting with my parents, initially they decided to head back home.. After they drove the way out, they saw signboard showing to IKEA and.. next minute we know we're going to IKEA. haha!


bought this home. YELLOW

and this. guess what is this.

pimples and tired face.

I remembered it was about 5pm that we were leaving IKEA. Then, instead of heading home straight, we went to the night market near my house to settle our dinner. (pity us, no lunch and dinner. lol)

empty street. ppl just starting to put up their stalls.

soya bean and longan to quench our thirst.

not much choices there so decided to order this for my sis and I. this aunty get order from us like si beh beh song only. kns

too tired to continue walking and sweating so we finally back home. and its time to DIY what we bought from IKEA.


this is pretty easy. useful thing. still using till now. light and trendy.

unpack it.


this YELLOW. I'm sitting on it btw. took me FREAKING long time to finish it. pek chek. probably because I was noob in doing this. si beh. I think at least 3 hours to finally did it.

my stupid face.exhausted by the time I finished it.(unwillingly went to bath and continue after that. lol)

red hands thanks to YELLOW. haha

I still remember I on my pc while doing that stuff. phew. I don't think I really have the energy to continue blogging by then. haha.


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