Saturday, August 11, 2012

愛無國界 Love without borders

Posted by Siew Lee at 8/11/2012 01:36:00 AM

今天課堂上看了一段紀錄片  忽然覺得  我是不是也該做點什麽
這短片說著一位澳洲醫生到西藏時 發現當地大多數的人都患有碘缺乏病

紀錄片裏頭大概的述説了他的“旅程”  從他第一次拜訪當地的居民到提倡加碘鹽和一些過程中遇到的阻礙、文化差異、語言不通等等  都深深的感動了我
因爲他的這項舉動 在西藏人的眼裏而言 是一項多麽偉大的行爲

感動我的不僅僅是他做這件事的恆心  而是讓我感覺到作爲一個專業人員可以為這個世界貢獻到什麽東西  一個人的力量也可以做到什麽地步

我們可能都不會發現  衣食住行對於世界上一些人來説是非常難能可貴非常值得珍惜的


片子裏看到他們無助的樣子  實在讓人非常難過

可慶的是  在這活動實行了一段時間以后  得到的結果令人十分安慰

這是國際非政府組織防碘缺乏病的網站 有興趣的有時間的沒事做的可以去看看

p/s: 在youtube上沒能找出相關的短片所以很遺憾的沒有辦法和大家分享

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wondrous times

Posted by Siew Lee at 8/09/2012 05:19:00 PM
I wonder what blogger write about when they don't know what to write. Could they just randomly find a topic to talk about as if like there is a "blog index" in their mind.
I am not particularly interested in writing my daily life/journal/diaries in this blog as I realised this kinda put me off writing the blog after a while. .
BUT, since everyone seems to be interested in knowing how my uni life is, I shall, in good faith, fulfill your wish. *wink*

This year has been a hectic year as usual (though its not the end of the year already, but I can foresee the trend to be like that).
I have gotten more of a feel that I'm a nutrition students, doing some nutrition papers and some extras alongside. Papers have gotten harder and workload increased tremendously. Especially in semester 1, there was no one week without any assignments due or test, literally. Remembering there were so many labs in a week, some being really short and some went on for 7 hours long. Life has been good, despite all the hard work and stuff.

Other than that, I had also decided to make good and full use of my uni life, to experience (truly) how students life are. I made it to the Malam Malaysia 2012 (translated: Malaysian Night) audition and will be performing on the September 1st, for both modern and Chinese dance. And for the first time, there was Chinese dance performance on Malaysian Day, another event to raise fund for WWF Malaysia held in Dunedin.

Attended the first (proper) ball ever with Li Kee and Kah Yenn. From some hilarious conversation till we decided to attend and till I gotten my first proper gown (one day before the event). The whole process was rather rush but enjoyable. We had so much fun in the ball, ate like there was no food, captured photos like there was no one, dance like there was no tomorrow. The night wouldn't had been so amazing without the both of them.

My first road trip in New Zealand during the Winter break. Weather wasn't all great to shout about but the whole journey was relaxing and rejuvenating nevertheless. Plus, the scenery and people that came with the whole package were priceless.

Food venture started not long ago as well, with Li Kee and sometimes on my own. You never know how exciting things could bring you if you don't dare to take the first step. Having tried lots and lots of unfamiliar foods ever since I came to New Zealand. Though it's not new that I love foods but I definitely hadn't tried this much (new) food before. It's really exciting and will definitely continue doing this if everything's ok (student-budget you see).

Also, been cooking for myself for the second year already, things had gotten so much easier compared to the first time I tried cooking on my own. No more weird combination, bulk buying and the worst of all- burnt kitchen tools! Always enjoyed cooking as compared to baking (though I will not say I don't know how to bake by now after several successful attempts), and had managed to find a way to go around tight budget, delicious home cook, time and relatively limited ingredients (at home). 

This year has been really exciting and amazing, and I am anticipating to every single moment that is going to be happened. 

Photos and videos might not be uploaded by me if you've encountered problems viewing them. Thanks to fellow who had made effort taking down pictures and videos and uploading them!

p/s: life's too exciting till there's no time spare for blogging. :p

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My return, really

Posted by Siew Lee at 8/02/2012 09:23:00 PM
Every single time that I mention something like "I'm gonna start blogging from now on!", and next minute you see me disappearing for another year or so. I officially give up on trying. haha.

Just to update you guys a little bit of my life (like you care):
1. I'm still in New Zealand
2. It's winter here (and yes, it should be cold)
3. I'm in my 2nd sem of 2nd year
4. I'm going back Malaysia at the end of the year!

'coz that's like what everyone will ask me so make sure you read 'em before you ask me or else I will know you haven't read this post yet and you should.


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