Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thursday

Posted by Siew Lee at 11/28/2008 04:24:00 AM
Seriously, I never think Thursday or a day can be this happy for me.. haha.

If you are wondering what I am saying,

let me tell you..

I'm currently having my loooooooooong holidays, till next year. which is approximately 7 weeks la.

So everyday seems to be quite lazy for me, eventhough I really think holidays are not enough for me.=p


I went for my tutoring today for 2 hours.

Reached home and it started to rain. Well.. this is not the point.. =p

Went on chit chatting with my elder sister. I guess she seriously need some BREAK. 'coz she's getting her short term memory loss, so-called Alzeimer's disease.XD

Went to night market with my mother.

It's been long time (I guess) since I last helped my mom to buy vegetables and stuff.

I don't know why, but I kinda love to shop around supermarket or market to look for fishes, vegetables, fruits and etc.

Probably because I like to eat? haha.

Hmm.. quite satisfying after we bought lots of stuff. >.<

Saw Jing Rong there as well. UNEXPECTED one. Sorry la, I was kinda in a rush when I met you, didn't get to talk more then have to walk away. >.<

Went home happily with our dinner as well.=p

Not to mention it was still raining..

Nothing much to update nowadays, since my daily routine it's like wake up-->eat-->watch tv-->online-->dinner-->watch tv-->online-->sleep. XDXD

To those who are rushing their assignments or busying with their studies, gambatte ya! =p

To those who are having their sweet, lovely, fun, and happy holidays, enjoy your holidays ya!!

Oh wait.. why is this happy Thursday?
'coz it's been a "fully-used" day for me. =p




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