Sunday, March 1, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 3/01/2009 01:17:00 AM

"We are fine, but WE aren't."

It was rather a suprise that Friday was a sweltering day,

though recently the weather changes like how woman changes clothes. =p

Chemistry practical today was about to test the organic compound containing in 4 solutions.
The testing for hydrogen gas presence is rather fun,
'coz it was the very first time to hear the "pop" sound coming out,
where I usually know this in theory, not through experiment.

Testing for aldehyde is very satisfying
where I got silver mirror formed.
very nice thingy in the test tube.

Thanks CK for holding it.=p

Headed to Sports Complex again,
for gym.
Met Melvin there and have a small talk while waiting for my sister.
Quiet and solitary moment at gym.
but I enjoyed. =)

A very quick one,
but ultimately satisfying.
Sat at canteen 2 for some rest,
and headed to basketball court to find my fellow friends.

Playing basketball with jeans?
lol. in formal shirt?
but they look so much into it.
and they don't wanna leave the court.

Went to JJ McDonald's for our lunch
and I headed back after that
while the others continue with their "da gei" session.




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