Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Minnie Pig

Posted by Siew Lee at 3/04/2009 04:45:00 AM
Almost all the people in DK shouted when it was raining right before 4pm,
before we ended our very last lesson today.
It was extremely big rain
Barely can imagine it unless you see it yourself

Very big rain.and I still take my own sweet time taking pictures. haha.

I walked through the almost-flooded path all the way to canteen 2
so that I won't leave my sister alone.
(SEE!! I'm so good. still bully me everyday. T.T)

We were waiting patiently for my ji mui@Zheng Xiang's arrival..
We can't go anywhere if he's not here
('coz he's the driver hehehehe)

The driver of the day, with her mother besides him. =p

Minnie Pig~~ very cute and comfortable. haha.

Taken inside the car.

We canceled our plan to Feeling's Cafe and headed to JJ instead.
Well, McDonald's again. I'm seriously sick of it. >.<
Nothing much to elaborate.
He's still so funny,
with his
and he's always in shuffle mood.
Very wild mood swings. haha.

Small little McFlurry. Thank you. =p

Same pose. haha. Coincidently.

He realised something's wrong with the burger..

half cheese!! WTH~

and he's mixing it with sweet and sour sauce..

while he was trying to say his famous quote..
notice something wrong?
he was going fine with the first phrase..
but he mumbles through the others.
and I kept taking his picture
where he refused to take with me..
and I got this from him..
in Cantonese.
and he sent us home, safely.
very good driving skill. =p
*thumbs up*

The picture of the day

He's still single and available.
(promote abit ya..XD)

Another enjoyable day,though I was half dead even when I first arrived college at 7.40am.
and I'm still here blogging after hours of not-resting.





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