Monday, April 13, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 4/13/2009 03:54:00 AM
I have had enough sleep..
and..and..I'm sure today is a weird day for me..

Seow Yen@ my ah sok..
she seems to be a little.....not sane today.
seriously, she must be too stress or what.
the conversation between me and her sounded so.. funny?
I don't know how to describe..
I shall upload bit of our conversation here and you will know it. =p

I'm listening to some.. "emotional&relaxing" music.
I'm ok, really ok. I like those songs though.
so soothing and ya, sleepy to a certain extend.
ideal partner when you're studying. =)

Yoon Hung, the one who called me ah ma,
talked to me in MSN. lol.
so rare. =p

Its been raining all day long.
like..since 2pm? until now.

I spill milo to my white shirt, leg and cushion.
I hate that milo stain and smell on my shirt la.
I don't even know how to drink. =(
worst of all, I spelled wrongly "smell" to "smile"..
I guess Yoon Hung is the only one who realised it =p

I ate orange...and..nearly, I mean nearly, drop the orange on the floor.
yes yes.
I know I'm old already.
Alzeimer's disease. Parkinson's disease. you name it. =(

CK said he didn't see me online for 2 days?
You sure boh?
Maybe timing not good. XD
eh..2 min=busy?
ngor yat kuen da bao lei geh tao~

It is just.. so weird~!




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