Thursday, May 21, 2009

My life still go on

Posted by Siew Lee at 5/21/2009 06:50:00 PM
aku mau update blog but my place going to rain got thunder somemore.=.=
and the line suddenly very slow.=.=

Photos from the Bukit Tinggi trip..

chicken soup with peanut.

ice blended Strawberry. not bad but can't beat Cameron's one of

Chocolate ice blended.looks nice.

tom yam fried rice. I don't eat tom yam but I ordered this. couldn't finish lol

Graphite. hexagon shape? haha.

trigonal planar..=p

DNA-double helix.

=) =)

soh lou..

wth. lol kinda disappointed actually.

still very hot lol.sweat alot walking here and there.

ok its raining already and I feel very sleepy even since this morning when I woke up and I just finished my lunch so bye bye everyone I wanna go sleep.. lol
bio paper 1 tomorrow. haven't touch my book. good luck people!

to be continued..

*edited on 22/5/09*

ok seriously I dunno wth I was

yellow lily =)

heading back..




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