Saturday, May 23, 2009

you disappoint me

Posted by Siew Lee at 5/23/2009 04:03:00 AM
Wednesday, 2oth May 2009
had GP paper on 9am..essays were fine I think. I hope its alright. headed to Oldtown with the gang.
back to Lee San's house..
they were having physics 2 on 2pm.. waited for Chai Liang to come back and he decided to go Connaughts' night market since the paper was kinda easy for him. asked Seow Yen, Tharma and Hao Ting but only Hao Ting turned up at last.
Frankly speaking again we don't know the way to roughly know where it is so we just depend on the signboard again.reached there safely.searched for parking for quite some time.
ok the night market is freaking long I must admit.
continuously you can see "Taiwan chicken chop", "Taiwan sausage", "Pearl tea" and more.the stalls are almost the same.basically all night market is similar.
Lee San and Chai Liang walked freaking know they wanna pak toh but not at the overcrowded-everyone-pushing-each-other place like there mah. lol.everytime Hao Ting and I have to look back and search for them.
I had my strawberry melon know I love Ting had his strawberry pearl tea.he loves strawberry as well.=)
Lee San and Chai Liang had the...pancake-like Hello Kitty shape
bear bear and I saw Hazel and her bf there when we were going back..
very hot. no leng luis. no leng zais also.
I just don't understand why girls have to dress up like going to shopping mall with heavy make up and freaking high heels to the damn warm night market? seriously weird.
while going back..really another "heart attack"..
do you know I always like to give wrong direction?lol. no sense of direction.
then then.. since we already don't know the way but Chai Liang can still keep at the 3rd lane.very wtf right?lol and its at night. don't have good eyesight ok.
ok went up to the road to bandaraya? then u-turn back to jalan cheras? then don't know turn left into lrt? I don't know. then turn turn turn get back to the round about near leisure mall only get the correct way.
that fella don't press break. only keep press oil. even its going up hill. even its cornering. =.=
still..I reached home safely. hehe

Thursday, 21st May 2009
not having any exams today.
early morning woke up for classes but then I forgot Miss Geradline said she wasn't there on that day and I went there happily thought can ask her questions..only to find out that I don't actually have any important lessons. damn sleepy the whole day. went back home after class by ah sok's car. slept from 3.30pm to 7.30pm. bath and then headed to Chai Liang's house. Hao Ting was there as well. stepped into the house already started the "solute potential" arguement. then other arguements. end up don't really studying except for plant topic. went out yam cha at 1 am. quite cooling to go out at this reached home and continue with studies.but still very sleepy."study" till 4am and off to bed.

Friday, 22nd May 2009
had bio 1 today..kinda tricky, but was okay I think.
had my brunch, tom yam fried don't buy that again please.hehe
after exam back Lee San's house to sleep again, together with ah sok. very very very sleepy I tell you.haha
bear bear tried to wake me up but failed=( lol I sleep like a pig 'coz for no reason I felt so tired.
still can't decide where to go though Chai Liang already decided to go waterfall.due to me wor he said.
went to Kepong to have dinner with the couple,bear bear and ah sok. not a bad dinner afterall.though we have so much of difficulties in choosing where to go to where to eat to what to really wasted quite lots of time.

Thank you for all the moments and memories through this circumstances.I appreciate and I shall thanks you guys for bringing me forward.

ok I'm very sleepy now.zzz
bye bye everyone.
study smart.

p/s:I felt sorry,but I felt sad as well. I am disappointed.




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