Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gastric II

Posted by Siew Lee at 7/11/2009 06:39:00 PM
so I continued with my gastric research for about 2 hours
and I have to practice the "don't(s)" since now onwards..

no spicy food (this is fine..I don't usually eat spicy food.."
no fried or fatty food (then what should I eat? )
no caffeine (coffee, chocolate, colas, tea.. )
no fast food (bye bye McD, KFC, Burger King, PIZZA! T.T)
no carbonated drinks (okok plain water.. =.=)
no cold meals (no more McFlurry! no more ice more cold water..)
no delay meals (T_T where can like this one..?)
no skipping meals (I DON'T skip meals, I just DELAY..wth =.=)
no keeping stomach empty (and it says I have to keep snacking on healthy things for every 2-3 hours..walao then I mah keep eating only? =.=)
no eating too much (eat too much also cannot, don't want eat also cannot! =.=)
no sleeping late/not enough sleep (ok I know this is hard for me T_T)

means I cannot eat at whatever time that I like.. eat whatever amount that I like.. cannot simply simply delay meals according to my mood..
I will miss my flexible eating habit.. T_T

ok sorry for the mumblings..
have to eat my breakfast even I don't feel like eating,
have to eat before 2pm for lunch or not the pre-gastric symptoms will knock my stomach,
have to eat before 7.30pm for my dinner or not the gastric will go on and on and on..
and have to reduce my stress 'coz it can actually causes gastric..





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