Saturday, July 11, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 7/11/2009 01:39:00 AM
welcome back my dear gastric. I miss you alot
what the hell.
today felt hungry at 12pm eventhough I had breakfast at 8am
normally my lunch will be around 1pm-2pm.
so I know something is wrong.
and yea my dear gastric is back.zzz

so I came back and went online and check about gastric since I have only thorough idea about gastric, which you will feel pain, hungry, and when you take food, you will be alright.

and I google it and found lots of terms.well, there are really lots of different types of "pain", which normal people like us will be misunderstand/misinterpret the "pain".of course, if you wanna get a more detailed one, you have to consult the doctor.
of all symptoms, I actually meet most of the "requirements" to have gastric. *sigh*

but one thing I find it weird is that, when you type in the word "gastric" at google search, it seems to not find any relevant topic. I guess "gastric" is just a common term that we use for the "pain".

ok so I had my lunch at 2pm.
I was too hungry to only have ice cream as my meal. =.=

then the pain gone for few hours
and it came back at 7.30pm..
twice a day. killing =/

I took my dinner at 8.30pm..

and the worst part is, the pain is still not gone till now =.=
though its not very pain, but the pain stays on like nobody else business.

I got scolded 'coz got gastric but I seriously don't like people scolding me, I don't know why.'coz you seem to be impatient on it.not gonna tell you if I got gastric anymore.*choi*




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