Thursday, July 16, 2009

X or Y

Posted by Siew Lee at 7/16/2009 05:20:00 AM
As stated, that's the topic for my groups' biology assignment.
The 4 of us, Chai Liang, Lee San, Seow Yen and I had much time discussed which topic to be used at the first time, which kinda of delay our progression. from OPC antioxidant to egg in egg to transsexual to bird's nests to designer babies to whatever-else-things that you can think about when it come across Biotech or Genetech.. haha
and so tomorrow is the deadline, whereby today we finally decided to get it done.
we did research about these topics earlier so today's works is kinda more into compiling them.
4pm, we enetered the cubicle at CITC. came to realise that its very warm inside.
and the cubicle besides us is another group of Indian girls from our DK doing the same project as well.
without much hesitation, we started our works.
Discussed which topics to be used. whereby Chai Liang came out with the idea of combination of 3 topics. kind of creative right? hehe
Discussed how to start off with the brochure. and we chose the "story-based" to make it more interesting.
Discussed how to resentence all the words and stuff. and I'm the storry-teller. lol.
I then moved to another cubicle when it was empty, and start my story-writing and when I'm done, I will turn the monitor and let Seow Yen copied whatever story I wrote into the Microsoft Publisher. this is fun! haha.
Note pad
basically what a group should do, we did it perfectly well. haha

and when the cubicle was about to close, we shifted our discussion to the lab out there.
continued with what we did.
but this time we didn't google that much, because Chai Liang-the-professor was there applying what he learnt before into this topic. kind of brilliant. =p
oh oh and I played one sniper-kind-of game with Lee San. haha kill times while Chai Liang was figuring his rDNA technology procedures.

at about 8pm. we came to the end part of the discussion whereby I virtually forced Chai Liang to write report. haha but you can never deny his ideas. he has like tonnes of ideas, even with report-writing.
well then Tharma came to find us and 3 of them went to TBR to have their dinner.
and I head my way to bus stop.

I had fun while doing the assignment. though I do not like the situation where there's always dilemma into choosing which topic and stuff but its hell fun when everything get started. and its to do with bio =) you'll never know how fun it is to work with them. energetic throughout the working duration and never tired of finding more info. the feeling is plain great. =)=)

Journal of the day:
4.30am: sleep
7.20am: woke up
8am-12pm: Classes and App Math test 6. (arrrrghhhh. =.=)
12pm-1pm: Squash with Jing Yee. Jia Xian, Yuen Zhen, Lee San and Shu Ying were at the court besides us.
1pm-3pm: CITC, headache-ing + starving (sign of "take-your-meal-now")
3pm-4pm: Canteen 1. CL, LS, SY and JX were there as well. while eating, discuss as well.
4pm-8pm: CITC.
8pm-8.30pm: on the way back home
8.30pm-10.15pm: sleep

I have this bad habit where, if I'm concentrating with my studies/work, I will never bother about the noise made in my stomach. lalala~~ so though I feel headache and hungry, I will ignore it and continue with my work. yes, workaholic. lol

and now here I am, still editing the brochure and the report, and my dear blog. hehe.
having headache now..zz don't know what's wrong.




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