Friday, August 21, 2009

Posted by Siew Lee at 8/21/2009 04:10:00 AM
I don't know why but I suddenly feel that I kinda agree with the following statement.
"We tend to do things that we hate others doing them to us.."

at first, I wasn't quite sure how this saying comes about not till I have experienced it myself.
most of us, I would say, might like to say things like, "I hate liers", "I hate fakers" and so on so forth. well its quite common and most that said so, don't appear to have this personality that they hate. so it doesn't proves the statement that I stated above.This is the common situation.

but, let's make things this way.
A tells B some stuff that B wanted to know. C interested to know as well and asked B, but B asked C to ask A. and C gets a lil pissed off why isn't B telling C.
so there's another time where, B wanted to know what C and D were talking about and B asked C. and C did the same thing as what B did to C. C asked B to ask D. and B gets pissed off as well where C isn't telling B.

so you see the connection?
B isn't liking the way C did that to B, but in fact, B did the same thing to C as well.

maybe we're just not that sensitive to notice this little matter but when little matter turns big, only then will you realise the importance of tiny things.

think twice for your action
for they might be others weapon to kill you

in most scenario, there's reasons as to why this decision/action had been made or taken. and most of the time, those reasons are unexplained and maybe they can't be explained.

being understanding or put yourself in others' shoes is not an easy task but at least, for what that you dislike other people doing it, you don't do it as well.




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