Thursday, November 19, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 11/19/2009 02:58:00 AM
I remembered there was this day in 23/9, I think, that we had the movie "Gamer", with Lee San, Chai Liang and Tharma.. turned out to be quite, not nice.haha! I like the idea of the movie but the way the story goes and the effect and stuff made me kinda sick. lol. but you can always have a look at this movie.

because we couldn't get the tickets for Where Got Ghost, so Lee San was very unhappy and she said before our break and our exams, we must watch Where Got Ghost! haha!
so we went for that movie on the week after this day, 29/9, together with 2 more friends, Wei Chie and Hao Ting and had my first "bak kut teh" at at at dunno where LOL

there's 3 parts:
1. Ghost besides the road

2.Ghost in forest

3.Ghost in the house

so this movie practically is not entirely a ghost movie, quite funny at times.

before we headed to Kepong for movie, the 2 kids guys were playing this game.

so my "first time" belongs to this restaurant.
nice servings.




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