Saturday, December 26, 2009

ah sok's big day

Posted by Siew Lee at 12/26/2009 07:02:00 AM
omg looking at all those pending posts, I started to feel lazy to blog
coz I dowan to die so early :P

and so this day is my ah sok@Seow Yen's birthday.
suprisingly she's free for us for this day! LOL
heard some funny stories about her primary gang on her "birthday-countdown-yumcha-session" fuiiyoh damn long I give this outing a name :P
but that stupid bus driver never go to TARC which makes me a lil late to reach issshhh
so ya we were planning this for a week before I think to avoid her being reserved or fully booked. XD
4 of us again, Lee San, Chai Liang, she and I
went to One Utama for the movie, 2012
not to mention that we were actually still on our A2 examination period, but luckily we didn't have any exams on that date. pity those that's still with Physics paper on Fri.
damn long queue when we finally reached the cinema after some time searching the place since hmm only Seow Yen went that place more often but you know la she and I won't recognise road one LOL
so ya we queue for that of course hmm about 30 minutes
all of us were really hungry so we went to this restaurant called Dave's pizza or something
the same company with Dave's Deli, the birthday girl favourite-coleslaw restaurant.
the ambiance is quite good hmm but services was pretty disappointed I would say. lol
food was quite nice, serving was satisfying and yea she never finish hers and tapau-ed =D
Thanks for the treat! <3
(still feel weird with her "tradition" lol)

we walked awhile before the show starts
as it was the first day for this movie, so we were considered really lucky to get tickets
not to mention the crowd that was heading for the same show
what annoyed me the most is that, there's this aunty behind me who was keep kicking my seat.
very beh tahan.
but the show is nice. lol without the annoying kick of course

then she said she has to go home early so we didn't manage to get her a birthday cake so I got her a BR ice cream, with 2 scoops of i-can't remember-the-name-of-the-ice cream and Chai Liang bought her A&W root beer.

something really funny is that, we were still talking about academic even its for birthday celebration! if my memory never fails me coz I think we did.

oh ya and we never take our group photo! =.=
only took "couple pic"

so send her off safely and we're back to our home.
Nice outing.

since most of the photos I've already uploaded to Facebook, so I will just upload some here. hehe (good reason to be lazy =p)

our "couple pic" in the car. she insisted to show the BR. lol

and its her enjoying the BR. =D

Hope you do enjoy the day
Happy Birthday!! =D




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