Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sleep nia. SPM? haha.

Posted by Siew Lee at 4/01/2008 03:28:00 AM

I was invited to my secondary school today, for a program called "Bersama usaha untuk kecemerlangan".

That day, one fella called my house phone, which eventually picked up by my mom, and the sad case is, she doesn't understand what is the fella trying to say.

I woke up and was told by my mum to call back that fella to confirm something about pelajar cemerlang. In my mind, I thought it was regarding the "Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang" on the coming Saturday. So, I don't bother about it.

Somehow, I still phoned that fella. She is our new teacher which, she didn't tell me the details on what I am going to do today. I just know that I have to reach school before 7.30am.

And... I don't even know what should I wear, since, that fella didn't tell me. But, Seow Yen told me it should be formal. I was like.. WTH.

Reached school 6.30am.

Bloody hell sleepy.

Go to bed at 2.30am.

I was still awake until 4.30am.

I was been waken up by my sis at 5.30am.

I need sleep!! =.=''

Okay. I got "Mars" and "When Prince Turns Into Frog" VCDs from my sis's friend.

I saw Nasrina.

I saw my so-called juniors. (same year with me la)

I saw Vivian, Xin Ying and Seow Yen.

Still remember I received a SMS from Seow Yen at 6.55am.
"Mrng... What time are u going to school?"
Something like that.

Swt. Im at school la.

Chat with my bf, Ain about their camp. She look so tiring yet so excited when saw me. haha.

At Bilik Tayangan.

Adibah came and Nasrina has company now. XD

Long story cut short.

They held at "forum", and we were the one supposed to give some tips to our juniors on how to face SPM but ended up with listening talk from our beloved Pn. Rokiah. Oops. Datin Rokiah. haha.

Usually after event like this, they will have a small "jamuan". Really small.

But, it's so cool to eat at the only teachers area. XD

Wei Wei look so cool with her attire. Becoming an OL. ^^

That's it.

I bet those F5 students wouldn't actually take our advice. As those are just our opinion, you can have ur own way of study.

Good luck. =)



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