Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Silver Cut, Desa Setapak

Posted by Siew Lee at 4/01/2008 04:44:00 AM
Right after I reached Wangsa Maju LRT station, I headed to my dad's friend's shop.

Big fly so shock that I changed my "style". =.=''

So, I just get to know that Spins, where I got my last hair cut will only be opened at 12pm. Lazy fella la.

Then, my cousin told me that Silver Cut has the offer where Rebonding+ Cut+ Treatment will be RM158. The price is so okay for me.

But I still decided to look at other saloon first before I give out my first time. What? Rebonding la.

Hair Exchange offer RM100& above. Wow. So nice huh? What does the above actually means? LOL.

Fix Hair Saloon didn't show the price list on the transparent door as the other saloons do.

Miko? Duh.

Stepped into the Silver Cut saloon, and greeted by a woman. (lou ban liong kut.)

I asked about the rebonding, then she answered me that, they are currently having a promotion where Rebonding + Cut + Treatment = Rm178 or RM238.

Firstly quite shock that I thought it should be RM158. But I think the RM158 would be the normal pricing. Maybe different treatment. Didn't ask much.

I tried to persuade the woman that I will be back. As I didn't tell anyone that I would actually do rebonding today, accidentally. Even I told me sis that, I MIGHT do it today. bla bla bla.

Went to an outlet to buy my prepaid card, then headed back to Silver Cut saloon.

Honestly, the professionals there are so friendly. =)

They try to communicate with you, to make you familiar with that place I guess.

I did mentioned to the woman that I hope my hair will be looser abit, not those stick to the head type.

Kevin, the creative director that did my haircut, rebonding, and treatment. Eventhough he's the one who in charge on me, but Deisy, the other assistant, actually did more than he do.

I thought Deisy is those not-so-pro type. No offend. But, he did a great job. Enjoy the washing part. So cool and cold. XD

Kevin taught me quite lot of knowledge on how to take good care of my hair. Well, it's a very deep learning, it's kinda impossible for me to digest all the inputs just within 4 hours.

Again, thanks to them. ^^

After rebonding



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