Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My dad is back!

Posted by Siew Lee at 4/30/2008 03:38:00 AM
Immediately after I have decided to go to eat steamboat with my colleagues, my grandma called and told me about my father's matters. (will not be mentioned here, private! XD)

So, I was quite worry because of grandma's voice was like, so nervous or what. BUT, she said everything is gonna be alright.

Apa la.

Scaring me only.

I was really happy + excited after I heard my father is coming back from Shanghai, even it's not for the good purpose.

Who cares? Can see him then enough liao. XD

Then, he reached LCCT on Wednesday, flight from Macau to KL, since the flight from HK to KL all fully booked, so he has to go to Macau and fly back to M'sia.

We (My sisters and I) didn't managed to pick up him 'cos my brother will go straight to the airport after his work.

Well, he actually reached KL at 5.30pm, but we only see him when my bro sent him back home after don't know where they went to lepak at 9.30pm like that.

My younger sis so miss my dad until go hug him when he just stepped his foot at the front door.

Who says I don't miss him?

I just don't show it out by action, as what my elder sis didn't as well.

Walau. His voice si peh loud leh. Maybe used to it at China already. haha.

He was so busy until everyday go out and meet his friends and no time for us. XD

We understand, but he do spend time with us as well.

Somemore got one night, he was drunk and came in to our room and was like going to sleep at out place! omg! Then, of course got halau him out. XD

He said, " Im not mabuk, I just blur"

Wasai! Macam itu pun boleh eh?

So long, our family have never been out like this, all of us present.

On the last day for him at M'sia before flying back to Shanghai, we went to KLCC and IOI Mall.

And, that's the time we share, in the car.

We actually made a decision, and I truly hope the decision/planning will come true. Im so looking forward into it. (Shh.. don't want tell you first. XD)

Chilis and Isetan(outside)

Pictures speak it all. haha.

It's on the way to KLCC, in the train... Proving how fat I am. XD

My elder sis and younger sis.

My sis said this pic is so funny, "Why?" 'coz macam take passport pic la. XD

Our drinks, Iced Lemon Tea and Apple Juice.

Tastada chips! I want eat lah.

Chicken crispers. Nice! Especially the chips and corn. haha.

My father and I.

Hmm. Guess what they are talking?

Can see the difference? Tall vs Short, and, Dark vs Fair. XD

My sister punya shoulder.How much I wish it could be my honey's one.But the thing is, for the moment I don't have honey, darling, honey bee, nectar or what-so-ever it is.

My sis and my sis. =.='' ? haiyo. already very cute, don't act cute there please. XD

O_O What's the matter? " You dare not obey ? " said me.

"Sorry sorry dai lou !" said my sis.

"Give money!" XD

Bei dui bei aka back at back. Why the people looking at us? I know we are pretty. (Hmmph! tak tau malu one)

Sei gai bei! Make me laugh only.

Like twins? haha.

Wakau. The face damn qian da.

"Oh no!! Don't squeeze me! No no!!"

See.. Im not as violent as you. XD

*cry* Very pain one you know.

Obviously, Im not the one who point on mine nose. XD

Disappointment after knowing the truth. XD kacau only my sis.

Do you think it's romantic? Hmm. I would say no. haha.

Yoyo! Here comes the penceroboh! haha.

Let me proudly present you, ma papa and ma mummy.

I specially like this pic. "Ah woon you really very de kacau one!"

Mini Toons, IOI Mall

This is me. (=.='') at.... BIG PEOPLE restaurant. haha. please kindly translate it in Mandarin.

As all of you know, both of us very tebal muka one. XD (Those who don't know also pretend that you know, ok? hehe.)

Im the paparazzi. haha.

Ok la. Put one pic at my blog la.

"Rabbit" that my sis bought at Mini Toons. and.. no doubt, the spec is hers. haha.

My "piano". "What do you think? Hero protecting the loved one? haha. abuthen why rabbit hides behind you?" Haihz. Don't think too much, Siew Lee.

Do my sis looks like those stewardess? BUT, so sad is that, the luggage is not hers. XD

I like this pic, eventhough it's blur. At KLIA.

Huhu. I love KLIA.

Actually hor, I also don't know what happened to both of us.

Leng mou? Leng leh.

Seriously, I just simply pose. haha.

Si peh long la her legs. ENVY! >.<"

Packing. *cry*

My papa and mama.

His daughters and him. XD

Me me me. lol.

Me and *ehem* my SIS. =.='' (some was saying, the one behind me macam my bf wor. *pui pui*)

Papa and Kor Kor.

Last pic of the day, last pic before his flight.

OFFICIALLY done uploading photos. haha.

p/s: I try to update my blog la, but the streamyx sot jor. I also cannot do anything. >.<"



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