Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Posted by Siew Lee at 4/30/2008 03:20:00 AM
Okay, this blog should be continued from the previous one.

So, at first I thought of learning English at Lingaton, but I decided not to.

And, I told my colleagues I will be having English class on Tuesday, that's why I couldn't join them for the outgoing after work.

But, they ended up tuduh me purposely don't want go, because I didn't tell them I don't have class.

What la.

People very pai seh one mah. This outgoing was purposely created to farewell one colleague of mine whose going to work in a legal firm.

The reason I didn't notice them I have no class was because,

1st, not very very close with the colleague, so, if I go also go there become pokok.
2nd, people never double confirm with you, you dare go tell them " Tuesday I have no class, can I join? "

=.='' Not a necessary.

Cut the craps.

OT until 6.30pm then headed to the restaurant located at Genting Klang, near Kenney Rogers, a steamboat restaurant called Hometown or something.

We truly have fun when we were having our dinner.

All of us make joke, and enjoy the moment.

The colleague of mine was telling us stories at her working place.

Due to the first time working at "city", so she's so over excited.

The colleague of mine sent me back and she told me more stories.

Well, she's so happy to work at the firm near Ampang Park.

She told me about the LRT, the food, the people, their activities, her works....

It's actually not a very new thing to me, but Im happy that she enjoy that.

Since, some people don't really like to work at "city".

Say, the people's attitudes not good la, the people there look down at others la, and more.

So, this is the very first time of mine to eat steamboat with people other than my family.

Don't laugh!

And, this is the very time of mine to have outgoing with my colleagues.

That's why this is a very memorable one. Even with just simple food.

Everything will just go nice if you're in a bloody good mood. XD



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