Sunday, June 1, 2008

69 Bistro, Times Walk

Posted by Siew Lee at 6/01/2008 01:20:00 AM
Yesterday, 6.5.08 was my last day working, today, 7.5.08, I already come out "pou" a.k.a. "wet".

Wei wei wei, not purposely one okay, my sister and I need to get some blouse for our job at ITEX exhibition.

Here it is, we reached KLCC as early as 10 am. Then go walk walk see see jog jog run run, after that decided to have our lunch at 69 Bistro, which is the main point of this post today.

Let me give you see some photos that I have taken on that day.

You dowan see also must see 'coz the pictures speak better than thousand words.

I saw this bunch of small little cute boys over here. I don't know exactly whether they are cute or not, 'coz this is the usual way to describe people who are younger and smaller in size than us. XD

69 Bistro located at Times Walk, behind Times Square, near the entrance of the TS car park.

Besides 69 Bistro, there's cafe and restaurant like Wing's Cafe, Wang's Garden and more.

This cafe open at 10am but actually they really "open" the cafe door at 10am, so they can only serve you after they have settle down the tables and chairs.

The inner look. The cafe is most likely a 60's designed shop.

There's this newspaper pasting where they actually recommend this cafe to the readers. And the lower part has the photos of artists that visited their cafe, like, Twins, Hins, Amber Chia and more.

Seats for couple I guess. Can see what's the time showing? haha.

I actually don't want to include the person there in my photo, but since she has seated there, so I have no choice. XD *ouch! don't beat me*


We wanted to sit here, but, I think it's kinda hard for us to eat right? haha.

The wall.

The window and curtain.

The I with curiousity. XD

The sister with passport pic pose.

And finally, the menu! If you notice, the "69" logo is actually the logo for Cancer.

Read this.

Waiting patiently for the food. XD

Result of insufficient sleep. XD

Random pic.

"Why look at me at one kind? " haha.

Now, let me show you some photos inside the cafe, before I enjoy my food.

I ordered this drink, Little Hawaiian. I like the taste.

Black Pepper Chicken Rice.

My sister's Cheese Baked Rice.

Their cute faces.

And my cute faces. XD

Can see any difference compared to the previous one? XD

The toilet.

The blazer and blouse we got.

Phew~~ Finally finish this post. XDXD



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