Sunday, June 1, 2008

Briefing and shop, KLCC

Posted by Siew Lee at 6/01/2008 03:45:00 AM
Since, tomorrow is the day of exhibition, so, today(8.5.08) is the briefing. Owh well, my sister and I were actually quite angry with the management, since, we don't even know where to meet up for the briefing on today ? 0_0

Omg. haihz.

Even like this, we still know la where to meet, 'coz I got one very very clever de sister mah! *see see someone flying already*

I was quite shock to know that, there's quite few of us working for this exhibition. Yea, not a big exhibition why need so much man power, and there's this MIHAS going on at MATRADE.

And and, I saw my kai kor. wahaha. From far far already can recognise him and along with his gf.

So envy la. I also want bf. >.<>ciao after like 15 minutes talk.

Then, it's time for us to go walk walk at KLCC! haha

Okay la, I admit that Im shopaholic, when, there's this mood, time and money at the right place. XD

Actually, not really much thing I bought. Just a slipper, pencil case, magazine and the foot care thingy.

Slipper at Miphosis, Isetan.

Eventhough it looks small, but still can fit all the stuff I bought.

Small plastic covering the slipper.

Pencil case at Presents 4 Them.

The most happy part is, it's Hello Kitty!!

Magazine at


Foot care at Guardian.

The shoe I bought, but, I can't really wear it. painful. >.<

The slipper. Can notice the "red mark" on my toes. Result of wearing the shoe above. XD

My long fingernails with sharp red nail colour. Scary leh.

I am posing. Don't bother about me. haha.




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