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Last day at Bursary, 6th of May 2008

Posted by Siew Lee at 5/09/2008 03:57:00 AM
Since.. since.. since... the internet is so slow and I need some time to load my drama, so I come here and update my blog first. XD ( *piak piak* slap you! people wait your blog till neck also long, now only come to update..)

Sorry sorry loh. I have very less time to enjoy now before I start my college, so please let me enjoy kau kau first la !

Ehem! Perasan again...

When I went for my interview at Bursary Receipt and Payment Department, I once told my boss...

" I might be working until June or something like that..." Me

" What course are you going to take?" My boss

" A levels" Me

" Oh, you are not going to study at TARC?" My boss

"Hmm... still considering" Me


Ok, so cut the craps, I supposingly to work until June, but, due to I had chosen to study at TARC, so I will start my college at 12th of May, and 6th of May is my last day.

I promised my colleagues to work until the last Saturday, 10th of May, but, due to some reason also, I had decided to work until 6th of May.

The story.

My sister told me about the ITEX exhibition and we are going to work there.
So, my sister asked to work until Wednesday and there'll be a briefing on Thursday.

My mom asked me to take leave on Tuesday, because she wanted me to go bank with her to settle my tuition fees payment.

I went and told my boss that my last day would be 6th of May but I would like to take leave on Tuesday. Luckily my boss was kind enough, she approved my leave.

After that, I told my mum to give me cash and pay at Bursary straight, no need purposely take one day leave to pay at Public Bank. (Im the only one to exclusive paying cash at Bursary, those who reading my blog and you are TARCian as well, don't try to do this okay! hehe.)

So, I told my colleagues that I canceled my off, they show happy face but immediately after that, their faces are all sour 'coz I told them my last day would be Tuesday. And, Im only telling this the day before my last day.

They actually, don't really want me to leave so fast, but, since I have decided, they also can't do anything. I know, the reason is just because, I can help them to do filing and take care of the counter, nothing else. But still I feel happy that they actually care when I said I am going to resign earlier. 虽然要我留下是想要我帮他们做东西,但这也证明了我还有利用的价值。

Miss Tan kept nagging me and saying me that I " no heart " liao, wanna resign and all things cannot do well.
Where got! I always that blur, she purposely saying like that.

Miss Tan asked me, "Why you wanna resign so early? I thought you gonna work until 10th of May ?"

" I wanna enjoy abit mah..."

" No need enjoy one la... haha. If like this then you will rugi 4 days salary lo"
Miss Tan

"Haiyoh.. 你也年轻过嘛,现在不玩要等几时啊。钱可以慢慢赚,有些东西失去了就没有了的。" Miss Chong

I definitely agree with what Miss Chong said.
If you don't have money now, you can earn in the future.
But if you miss your 青春, you can't take it back later.

So, I took some photos before I actually "leave" Bursary. *sob sob*

Mr. Wong showing his tongue when my colleague capturing. XD

Miss Tan and I. She's a very nice colleague.

Miss Chua and I. She just came back from Australia.

Also curi-curi take one.

Mr. Wong and I. He very like to bully us especially after Hema left. XD

Miss Ong and I. Her table is besides mine so Im her assistant. XD

Bye Bursary. *cry*

Bye Room A 119B

Bye 8.00am at here~

The staff toilet that I used to go.

Bye the mirror that I always use.

Pics in front Bursary door.

Haha.BUT, they still need staff to help after I left. Don't blame me la, Miss Tan.

The path that I always walk.

To Bursary.

Bye Bye lo!


Sebastian on May 17, 2008 at 6:20 PM said...

Hahax.. I finally found ur post here! HAHAX.. A thousand apologies to you! SRy Sry sry!!! hahax..

Actually they can meet you and U still can meet them when u r colleging! and U also can work for them after ur class! hahax.. A good idea right?? ^^ hahax!

erm.. U still cannot say bye bye to the bursary.. bcoz U have to pay certain of thing in there! hahax.. Maybe they will put u in VIP la.. so don need to queue! hahax..

I know the Ms. Tan! She collected money from me! but she looks fierce la.. but nvm! I got u to prevent her! haha.. Protect me ok? when she "BOOM". hahax

Siew Lee on May 18, 2008 at 4:51 AM said...

Just too lazy to log in.
See I told you that I told my "reader".
But, you really read and found it! Congratz ya! haha.
Yeah, I can still them and so do them but Im not going to work for them after class la! It's freaking tired, and they need a full-timer.
"Bye bye" in term of as a part-timer there. VIP ah.. I dunno lo then. If really like that I guess many students would stare at me when I cut queue. haha XD
Actually Im the one supposed to collect money from you, but I went toilet when it was your turn, so she take over the counter.
And, she's can said the nicest among all. how come she looks fierce?


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