Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Family.. ?

Posted by Siew Lee at 6/24/2008 03:21:00 AM
First of all, I would like to tell you guys that still don't know, that Im currently in SN9g class.

When the first day I stepped into the class, I only know 2 person, which is my Ah Sok@ Seow Yen and Tharma. Then, I get to know Yasini.

Then slowly Mei Mei, Jasmine, Ching Jia, Yun Hang, Wooi Liang, err...

sorry, let me refresh...

Ok, then, Cally, S.H.E.@ Selina- Jordan, Hebe- Wei Chie, Ella- Chong Keat...

So, here it goes, I finally now in the group of F4? haha. That is, Seow Yen, Mei Mei, Cally and I.

Cally is actually the "new" member, but she mix well with us. LOL.

I call our group, the 8 group, seriously, we are very talkative. XD ( I think GP teacher hates us alot)

Introduction ended.

Today, SUPPOSINGLY, we are going to KLCC. BUT, we get to know that there's this SWC interview for SPUS students.

So, I thought, we wouldn't be going, however, things always like to be in the other way.

The S.H.E. SUDDENLY say don't want to go. And, we had a "fight" on paper. Not all of us la, just Seow Yen, Me, Hebe and Ella.

I shall upload the conversation in paper and show how we "fight". XD

So, er.. We kinda of "discuss" which sounds more like I was forcing all of them to go. OK OK, I know I am that cruel, but don't tell me you guys don't enjoy that! *blek*

Then.. We wasted quite lot of times "discussing", "fighting", "forcing", "chasing", "staring", all thanks to S.H.E. deng.

They suddenly say " Okok.. I go", then another 1 minute later, they will say " I don't want go"

DEFINITELY, my face will go like this---> =.=''

and...---> :@:@ (try typing in MSN)

The easiest to persuade to go is actually Yun Hang and Ching Jia, but, sorry for letting to walk from Danau Kota to Cannes Tea House. *deeply in heart apologize for that*

Oops, I haven't mention that where are we heading. It goes like this.
KLCC--> JJ--> TBR--> KLCC--> JJ--> Cannes Tea House

So we made a quite good decision huh by going to Cannes Tea House. XD

And er.. Wui Liam (which I am not really close to, but I think he's ok) and Hao Teng are going as well.

Introduction Part 2 ended.

Cut the craps. We finally reach Cannes Tea House. We- Mei Mei, Jordan, Cally, Seow Yen, Hebe and I. (Imaging 6 people in Kelisa. OMG Hebe is so thin. XD)

Actually... lots of funny things happened there... But, you see, I don't have very good memory. I will try to remember all.

The main point is that, we formed a "new " family today, included the 10 person who went today and the only one person who 背叛 us- ELLA. *wahahhahahahah*

I know it's kinda of "childish" forming this family bond or what, we were just having fun doing so with no intention and who cares the "family" go long lasting or not, as long as all of us bond together.

Let me introduce then, the family.
My grandfather- Jordan (Selina)
My father- Wei Chie (Hebe)
My mother- Mei Mei
My mother's father- Ching Jia
My kai ma- Wooi Liam
My uncle- Yoon Hung

Hao Ting sesat one, I also don't know who's he. jkjk.

My sister- Seow Yen (formerly known as my ah sok)
My younger sis- Cally

And the "betrayer" Ella, I cant remember already.

All I remember is that, this is the first outgoing with my college friends and it's truly memorable. For those who are in college but still hasn't organize any, please do so. But make sure it's the outgoing that can bring fun not trouble. =)


This is my father@ Hebe, I tried to capture but.. ended up like this. and that's my cute "peace" besides him. haha.

"Cannes Tea House" menu.. We got nothing better to do. =)

This is Mei Mei@ my mother@ Class representative.

Mei Mei and I.

Mei Mei, I, Cally.

3 of us again.

Whee. I took one. XD That's Seow Yen and Hebe.

The 2 guys who walked from Old Town to here. *gomenasai* Yoon Hung on the left, Ching Jia on the right.

Mei Mei's banana boat.

"Chuen Kar Fok"
Top(from left to right): Yoon Hung, Ching Jia, I, Hao Ting, Wooi Liam, Jordan
Front: Cally, Mei Mei, Wei Chie, Seow Yen

From another angle. * Sorry to say, but the guy isn't really a good photographer, however, still thanks to his help. XD*

Ching Jia with his drink, and his "don't know what" face expression. =)

4 of us.

Mei Mei, Ching Jia.

Ching Jia, Seow Yen and Mei Mei's hair. haha.

Yoon Hung, Mei Mei

Mei Mei, Jordan

Seow Yen, Mei Mei

Random pic.

Ya.. 3 of us again. and, with the little veggie on Cally's hand. XD

and AGAIN. this one got different with the previous one... black and white. XD

4 of us. Cally is trying to do something on me. =)

Ching Jia and I.

Yoon Hung and I.

Random. *wonder what Wei Chie and Seow Yen look into the phone*

Random again.

Jordan and I. I don't know why he wanted to bent down. =.=''

Wei Chie and I. Very "can lan" hor. =)

Cally and Jordan. Look sweet huh? *runs before get beaten up by Cally*

And.. here comes the couple of the day. muahaha. My mother and father. They look match, aren't they? *anyone please don't beat me, I truly feel so.*

Well.. I didn't manage to take pictures with Wooi Liam and Hao Ting actually.
But.. after going grabbing some pictures here and there, I found Wooi Liam's picture.

Seow Yen

Mei Mei and Seow Yen.


Cally and I. (not forgetting the little veggie)

Cally and Yoon Hung.

Ching Jia acting cute. LOL

Cally and Ching Jia.

And.. this is Wooi Liam.

Yoon Hung.

Cally and Hebe. They always wear the same colour of shirt. haha.




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