Tuesday, August 26, 2008

College resumes..

Posted by Siew Lee at 8/26/2008 04:17:00 AM
After 1 week holiday, I have no idea what I have ACTUALLY done in last week.

I think, I went to college for 3 times- Monday, Wednesday and Friday, went to KLCC with my younger sister, and had my Japanese language test.

Basically, that's what I did. How MEANINGLESS. I started to think back I shouldn't have done all these, but STUDY, which my test is as soon as this FRIDAY.

The first day after holiday isn't that bad, but isn't that good as well. The weather is windy today, which brings me a little feel of laziness.

We, except Cally went to Wei Chie's house after our Bio and Chem lectures. Since we have never been there before, except Mei Mei, so, it's kinda of "exciting" to visit his condo. Well, the environment is not bad, and the condo is still new, so I guess you won't feel kinda of "yerrr" thing. Oh by the way, his condo is at PV10, Danau Kota.

Not to mention what actually happened in Wei Chie's house, all thanks to Yoon Hung. XD

We headed to Little Tree to have our lunch there, and we were late again for GP. :S
Suprisingly, we don't have much to talk today.

GP class ended at 3pm. Staying back with Cally, 'coz Mei Mei will be going back at 4pm.

Stayed at Canteen 1 and we met Janson and Shawn.

We talked alot, for the 1 hour over there. Janson really told us alot of things, I mean, all these things that we don't know, since we aren't that close to the subject we were referring. Well, if you were to say I was suprised with his talk, not that actually.

I actually told Cally, "Im an insulator... and basically I can accept a wide range/scope of things.."

That's why when Cally was asking me about "flirting guy", I have a higher limit for that, as in, unless you are really really that flirting, or not, I won't regard u as someone who flirts a lot. Oh ya, and ur "intention" of flirting as well. Since people view "flirt" differently, so do I. I might not take ur "flirt" as "flirt" as what the others do. haha. sounds confusing?

While I was walking by to my home, I was keep thinking, about something that I've long forgotten.

I was thinking, about, how I have been through these years, by myself, independently. Where tears, sorrows and happiness come all in once. I am really glad that, all the obstacles that I have met, have made me a better person. I will really appreciate, those times where my family and friends are by my side, not to forget, my 2 best buddies- Xin Ying and Yue Fen. I have learned how to say "No". I have learned something called "communication" and "socialising". I have learned how not to let myself ever regret for things. I have learned how to take, give and forgive. Most of all, I have learned how to accept other's opinion, which I think is kinda crucial. If you know me well, you will actually realise that now I can accept wide range of things, and, I don't tend to get angry that easily. But, sometimes you might think that Im angry, which Im not. Eventhough being forgetful is not something good, but it helps me in erasing things that shouldn't be remembering easily. I ENJOY MY LIFE NOW, seriously, accompanying by my new friends like Cally, Yoon Hung, Wei Chie, Wei Yuan and more.

Owh well, that's basically what I thought while I was walking. Even after I reached home and when I was lying at the bed listening to 早知道.爱 which I have been listening to it repeatedly in 1 1/2 hours. Yes, only this song.

I just wish to tell my fellow friends, I AM WHO I AM, who you guys choose to be friend with. If I ever change myself, I don't think you guys will still like it.

And don't worry, the Alzeimer's Siew Lee is still optimistic and her life will still goes on with her laughter and her style. =)




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