Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sing K, Neway

Posted by Siew Lee at 8/23/2008 06:15:00 AM
Got this "invitation" from Mei Mei and S.H.E. to sing K at Neway. No doubt I dislike going K on Saturday, but since I am going to Bon Odori at night, so nevermind la.

Ella again absent. =.=''

I reached there quite late 'coz I eventually forgot that I have to go out with them. Wei Chie called me but I was like, just woke up. So I asked them to go there first. Meet them at Food& Tea and saw Wei Yuan there, becoming light bulb to Kenneth. XD

I was like freaking hot, but Wei Chie and Mei Mei were wearing long sleeves. WTH. No need until gap like this gua... XD

Overall, we didn't sing any English songs, and Mei Mei slept after all her Jay's songs.
Not bad singing with Wei Chie, 'coz he said our voices can match.
But pity Wei Chie also, 'coz whenever Jordan and I sing, sure cannot hear his voice already. XD

Jordan and Mei Mei.


Mei Mei and I.


Jordan love the mic till don't want to let it go. XD

Don't know what song...

Peace. =)

More pictures to be uploaded. Still have to grab from Wei Chie's phone.



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