Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brother's Birthday

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/28/2008 07:20:00 AM
Well, let me tell u guys that, Im actually not really in a mood today. haha. Sorry if I ever throw any temper or what to you guys, but, Im being honest to my feelings, I said out because I feel so, eventhough it might hurts, but that's my opinion. And.. after I pour out all my temper or feelings, I will be okay. Hmm.. Dont't say Im hypocrite or what, I just think that we should let the bad things over, don't have to think about it. So, why not I give people a chance? Well, that's what I always do.

Okay, so shoo away those bad things.

First of all, Happy Birthday to Wei Chie! My brother here is officially 18 today! haha.

Our planning for today wasn't that smooth at first. 'coz we change from Sunway Pyramid to Sg.Wang then to Times Square.

Thanks, to Wei Chie and Wooi Liang who waited me for don't know how long. Then we headed to Sg. Wang. Got to know that Wei Yuan and others are at Times Square when we reached Sg. Wang. First time going out with Lee San and Chai Liang, the cute couple in our class. XD Straight away go find food first, 'coz seems like everyone hasn't take breakfast yet. McDonald's is the place. (fast food, again XD)
Eventually decided to go sing K at Low Yat instead of roller blade. I said I got my leg cramp this morning and my leg was still pain. Luckily there's still room for us, eventhough we will be only singing from 1.30pm to 3pm, which is obviously not enough for us. haha.
Our next plan was supposed to be watch movie, but, wth GSC don't have show until it's around 5pm. Went to sit at the Marry brown's place and supposed to DISCUSS what to do next. ended up chit chatting there for around 2 hours. XD
Lee San suddenly came out with the idea that she thought of buying cake for the birthday boy. We were whispering, and Mei Mei was guessing what we were talking. haha. And, Mei Mei got the correct guess. so geng! Eventhough Wei Chie was just right opposite me, but he totally has no idea about what Lee San and I were talking. XD
After a long discussion, of course only Lee San, Mei Mei and I, we decided to buy a cake at Secret Recipe. Problem occured, how are going to take the cake to their place? haha. Then asked Yoon Hung and Wooi Liang about their opinion. At last, we used the lamest reason in the world to "cheat" them there, where the cake is placed on the table at Secret Recipe. XD
Take our own sweet time to "swallow" the cake and chat over there until it's around 7pm. Mei Mei and Jordan left earlier. Lee San, Chai Liang, Wei Chie and I decided to take bus back to Wangsa Maju. It took us for about 1 hour to reach Wangsa Maju. Wei Chie and I were having our "brother's talk" in the bus. Luckily the traffic wasn't that bad.
3 of them wanted to take their dinner at Desa Setapak@Wangsa Maju. Lee San and Chai Liang are actually quite easy to mix with. haha. They are talkative and fun. XD
Went back at 9pm and this is the day. =p


Brother was so excited 'coz he thought Jordan wouldn't able to make it. =p

Wei Chie, Mei Mei, Yoon Hung, Chai Liang, and Lee San

4 jugs of Iced Lemon Tea. >.<

The 2 of them are trying to be taller than Wooi Liang(left). XD

Look at the heels. OMG. how can she walk with that.

Birthday cake. =)

Happy Birthday to Wei Chie and Wei Yuan.

Inverted cake. Cheese chocolate I think.

Cutting cake.

Server of the day. XD jkjk.

Both of them (Wei Chie and Wei Yuan) insisted to give us back the cake money.

Yoon Hung.

Wei Chie with his claypot porridge.

Lee San

Chai Liang's food.

Chai Liang.

Lee San again. I got nothing better to do since Im the one who's not eating. XD

Sorry for the late update 'coz I was so so so so lazy to wait to upload the photos. hehe.




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