Monday, September 22, 2008


Posted by Siew Lee at 9/22/2008 05:45:00 AM
Owh well, it's here for me now to talk about the past 2 days and the current feelings of mine....

Past 2 days
I told you... Im gonna to tell you next time, when the time comes.
I told you... There's always reasons why I wanna do like this.
I told you... I don't know and when there's uncertainty I wouldn't make it a Yes or No.

I understand, it's your way of solving problem. But, I have my own way too. I do it this way because I have the reasons for it. Making things clear is not a bad idea, but timing is important as well. I know, you think this way is better, for all of us, that's your point of view. Come to think of it, is it really a best solution? Don't you think it will actually make things worst? Perhaps, yes, perhaps, no. Of course, I still don't know yet 'coz everything is not over. I mean, try to think a little bit more. I know, I really know, it's impossible to you to stand in everyone's shoes and think like how they do, but, just in this case. This solution is not my way, but since you want it, I will just do it. No, Im still on my stand. But, toleration is there.

Those feelings are complicated and you said, yes, I have a crush on him.
My feelings told me.. I don't know, and if you would really say "I like him", and the answer is gonna be no. Ya, you said, it's shown, clearly shown. Gosh, it's my feeling, I think I know it. Well, up to you. God knows what will happen.When I mean it, I will admit. When I say I don't know, it's really going to be don't know.

I don't wanna think about it and I don't know how to think about it.
Running away from problems? NO. Im not escaping myself from this matter, in fact, Im facing and solving it.
Come to think of it, we are not going to stay in this situation and think think think over and over and over again right?
What is more important, it's not about the past, it's the future, what can we do to make things over, or perhaps, what can we do to make us like last time, like nothing happened.
When something happened, it's impossible for us to make it like it hasn't happened.
But, what we can do is, to overcome it, and go for a better one.
You are not going to be like enemy to each other and you are not going to sad for God knows how long.
Wake up, and look for the brighter future.

I don't know why I can be this "optimistic" I should say, but it's not a bad thing, right?

Grow stronger and welcome the challenges of life.




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