Friday, September 19, 2008


Posted by Siew Lee at 9/19/2008 05:27:00 AM
Seriously, Thursday is the most tiring day in college. haha. But due to something, this day can be quite happy also. XD

And.. I don't know what is the reason Im not in the mood to blog today. duh~ Not a good sign. 'coz if this happens, I wouldn't update my blog for like don't know how many "years". =.=''

Early in the morning, I saw someone with the sharp red shirt, the woof woof Chong Keat. Cally gave him a new name, "woof woof" as in dog and Im the "meow meow" as in cat. The reason is just so simple that we always quarel. Most of the time he's the one who tease me. Boo! XD

CK, I just can say that the monkey really loves you! No choice, the monkey attracted to the same species. Ooops.. hahaha.

Not really feeling well during Bio lecture. (someone la.. also not feeling well, that's why.. XD)
Jian Shen said I look fierce. omg. Cally as well. Now I know why Yoon Hung will say I am "small gas".. Misinterpret my face expression already. >.<

Shared sizzling noodle with Cally. So rare that I will share food with people 'coz I can always finish by myself. haha. I know I know. Wei Chie and the "dog" CK kept asking whether I am still hungry or not. =.='' And... the ice cream got colouring one la... You like the purple then say la.. no need pretend that you like yam. hahaha. XDXD At first don't feel like eating, but after reconsideration, (partly because of something XD) I think I should have some food.

Chemistry Practical. Today's experiment was quite easy. But my lab partner seems to be quite blur today. He almost break the measuring cylinder. Almost only. =p. I was shocked so I told him don't touch anything besides the thermometer and the plastic cup. XD So I will pour the acid and alkaline. And.. I guess I got some acid and alkaline spilt on my left hand. First my hand goes itchy, then quite painful, then slippery. =.='' Wei Yuan keep on cannot get the result and thought it was the thermometer's fault. haha. But later found out that it's the solution that they were using. Finished practical at 2.45pm I guess. So early. XD
Ching Jia was too scared about hair falling when Mr.Siva mentioned about the kimotheraphy. haha.

Don't feel like going back yet 'coz it's like quite early. So talk with my gang for a while, then go see my "brother" they all play basketball, only I headed to Bus stop. But basically why I don't want to go back was because of something. hehehehe. XD

Reached home safely. XD Didn't sleep until 6.30pm like that 'coz wanna make sure someone reached home safely as well. XDXD

To Mei Mei: Thanks for your hp! Im charging it. XDXD

To Wei Yuan: All the best to you.

To Janson: Don't use IE. haha.

p/s: That's really the thing I do after I wake up. XD And and... I heard your voice today. XDXD




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