Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sleep early

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/18/2008 04:35:00 AM
From the title above, you should know that, what happened to me as in I don't sleep early, all thanks to someone. (see see I blame you again! XDXD)

Kinda of kena scolded by my "darling" Cally, who said that I look so tired today. As well as Chong Keat, whose face looks tired as well. haha. Nothing much in Pure Maths tutorial.

Bio practical. Firstly, I wanna say, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CK!!!! haha. This fella keep teasing me. It's all because he is sleepy and he gone fishing. XD This time not catching shark, catching another type of fish. haha. They were saying to go pool after Bio practical. Then CK straight away said, "Siew Lee underage can go pool meh?" LOL. I didn't say I wanna go also. XD Mei Mei showed me a kind of Japan biscuit, which has a cute baby face infront, so I called it the baby's food. hehe. CK again said, "Siew Lee you go eat the Mei Mei's baby food la, suits you. XD" BOOO!!

Well then, we took some pictures in the Bio Lab since never take pictures with lab coat before.

Best results. From our group again. =p

Me. XD

Seow Yen, Bio lab partner.

Cally (my "darling"), Me, CK (Boo!), Mei Mei, Seow Yen(Ah Sok). Torn among the roses huh. XD

Then my "brother" merajuk, so we took picture with him. XD

Proving that he is the most yeng guy ever. hahaha.

Cally and I. XDXD

See see what's the CK showing. BOO! hahaha.

Break. Before they went to pool, we have our lunch at Little Tree. Cally was spotting her guy over there. haha. But she didn't take the action which she wanted to. XD Ordered creamy chicken chop rice, the food that I know I ain't going to finish it, for God knows what the reason is. Just can't finish. 12pm, all of them went to play pool except Cally and I, 'coz I haven't finish my meal yet. XDXD So Cally and I were dating there. haha. Our topic was first about, ideal guy. Well, Cally asked me this. I gave her my answer, "Loves me and support me" and she said, "Someone who completes me". I guess, it's hard to find, but it's not impossible. haha.
Since the words, "love", "support" and "complete" need other factors in it, such as trust, responsibilities and so on.
I told her, "If you are in a relationship with only love, that's not enough. You need to have other things."
Cally said, "You are just like me. We are like mirror.." haha. I don't know how true is this, but to some extend, yeah, it's quite true.
Why I said so? Hmmm.... We are kinda not that typical type of girl, in some case, we are like "boys". haha. I mean, I don't feel like Im feminine and I don't act like what a typical girl should act. haha. I like going outdoor activities and stuff. I don't really wear skirts to college. And, I don't put make-up. XD
Continue with the topic. You see, we are always improving ourselves, to be better, in a good way. So, it's kinda normal that if there's comparison between one couple and the other couple. But, hey, it's good to make someone to improve by comparison, but, we must learn how to appreciate and know how to satisfy with what you have.
And you know, 贵在人和. That's why, the harmony between people must be maintained.
Everyone deserves a second chance. When the chance is given, take it and use it.

Little Tree Cafe. Wanted to sleep. =p


Applied Maths lecture. We were late, of course, 'coz they went to pool until 12.55pm. I was soooooo sleepy in the class, but forced myself to copy the notes. Totally lost, again, in Probability. I really need help. T_T
Yoon Hung was teasing me all the way since yesterday, 'coz he said that Im small gas. haha. He said he was joking, but still tease me like don't know how. XD

Stay back until 4pm then went back. Don't wanna wait my sis 'coz she is going to be too late. haha. You guys always say that you need 2 hours to go back your house or what. But I tell you right, my house is 5-7 minutes from the college but I need 1 hour to reach my house by bus. =.='' So.. what do you think? XDXD

Luckily didn't go pool with them, 'coz they came back with the smoke smell, which I don't like. hehe. Oh ya, I created one new word today, "taber" for table. Wanna know why? 'coz I was envy-ing the table that Cally drawn, so I pop out with this don't-know-what word. XD Seriously I don't know how to use ruler properly and the table that I draw always look cacat-ed. I know, Im not good in this kind of arts thing. XD

Slept for 2 hours like that and dreamt of something. haha.

p/s: Finally can sleep early ord... XDXD Standby but not spare tyre. It's different. hehe.




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