Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Together we go emo. T_T

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/09/2008 05:59:00 AM
First college day of the week.

Last week wasn't really a good week for everyone and I seriously hope this week will be better.

Who knows... the first day itself isn't a good start.

During the 3 hours break, Cally went to library. The rest of us went to Genting Klang.

At first, we wanted to go Wei Chie's house 'coz the big boss of the day, Jian Shen, wanna go there and play PS2. Then, suddenly change their minds wanna go Pizza Hut.

So, find a place to park and after so hard trying, finally settled down.

BUT....... it's only 10.30am. Which means, the Pizza Hut is only open at 11am.

Then stand there like idiots. The guys wanna play pool.

So walked to the opposite of Steven's Corner.

Too bad again. It's not opened yet.


Walking here and there we still can't make up our mind. So lastly, we went back to the same place- Little Tree.

I tell u hor.. today really.. haihz. 'coz the staffs of Little Tree are practising songs, so, they will actually only open at 12pm........

OMG. But I insisted to go in 'coz don't wanna walk here and there already.

Oh by the way, we met 3 coursemates of us from the same DK. They are from SN9h.

Nothing much we did inside there. Mei Mei and Wei Chie were looking after each other's hp's inbox. Jian Shen, Yoon Hung and Wei Yuan were "playing cards", right? haha.

I was......... doing nothing. Seriously nothing.

But one thing which all of us have in common today is that, we are so so not in a mood. Okay lar, maybe just few of us.

Eventually saw my sis and her bf at the same restaurant. See her until don't want to see already. XDXD

Since the driver isn't really in a mood, so it's quite scary if you sit on his car today.

Tune on to My Fm and I heard this song, 爱哭鬼.

It will just make me cry.


p/s: I seldom take my stand firmly. Once I do that, don't blame me for being stubborn. If I ever reach that stage, I will never know what is going to happen. I think, frustrated is the word that I can use.




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