Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Posted by Siew Lee at 9/10/2008 04:22:00 AM
I reached college quite early today, 7.45am. Suprisingly I saw Yoon Hung sitting there already 'coz he told me to wait him there and don't go Physics lecture. There was Jordan, Yoon Hung, Matthew, and Melvin. Then Wei Yuan came after me.

Why I wanna go Physics lecture?

'coz hor... Everytime I reach so early, then no one reach yet. So I was saying this to Yoon Hung. But since today Yoon Hung and Wei Yuan were there, so didn't go in to the lecture. XD and Yoon Hung really thought that I wanna go Physics lecture that's why I was early today. =p

Today's mood was kinda sleepy at first, 'coz of the stupid blog layout and some personal problems yesterday, but then becoming more energetic after Chemistry lecture.

The source to become more energetic---> keep on talking. XD

but the problem comes, whenever I start talk alot, I cough alot as well. wth. =.=''

However, today my first victim was Chong Keat! wahaha. 'coz he wore all white today. Then I zat him, saying "eh.. u think PBSM is it?" (so bad) But he was a first aider before, same like me. =)

Jordan was saying he's my prince 'coz it's all white. then I BOO him. XD

Then Chong Keat followed me to boo him. then everyone boo him. =p It's just a joke la, don't take it serious.

Chat alot before we entered the lecture hall since Pure Maths lecture (the lecture before) finished earlier.

Cally... nitrate ions... and yeah she's super hyper because of this. XD

Super yeng inside the hall, 'coz we booked the whole row for our gang! =p It's 12 of us, and 2 more seats for Kalai and Abby.

Then we continue to go hyper inside the hall. haha. All thanks to Christina, who initiated the reaction, and Cally, who promoted the reaction. XD (we didn't drink coke today!:S)

We were discussing to have a movie after class tomorrow, so I asked Ching Jia to pass the message to the gang members on his right. Then, I still remember 1 question that Cally asked me, "Siew Lee.. where?" which was supposed to ask me where to watch, instead I asnwered, "Siew Lee.. is here. XDXD" (=.='' very zha dou...)

Chong Keat sat besides me today, again. =p Today he was very tired, keep fishing only. I wonder he can catch a shark or not. haha. He said the only way to wake him up is to keep teasing people. wah sei! Luckily today Wei Chie was his victim,not me. XD Then I helped him to tease Wei Chie. So unfair, Wei Chie said I tease him but didn't say Chong Keat tease him. What brother is this. XD Dont' angry la, I really don't mean it.

After Applied Maths tutorial, there's one hour break for us. We decided, not us actually, it's me who decided, to go Wangsa Maju to have our lunch. Since it's only 1 hour, so we can't go too far. At first I thought we can't make it on time 'coz Wangsa Maju is really near. I really thought that.

Went to Fancy Pan Mee or whatever name it is. Guess what, I saw a "couple" there. wahahha. not my sister this time. it's the other pair. XD Da jie, you know I know enough lor hor...

I never know Desa Setapak got such restaurant before. Probably never been here for too long. A quite good place though. The food here not bad. But it's just that the selection isn't that much.

I became the waitress today. (I don't know why.. but I like being a waitress) Placing order for each of them to minimize the time taken for them to make any decision on eating or drinking what. And.. I think Wei Yuan is the one who called me waitress if Im not mistaken. =)

It was 12.30pm when we reached there. The food arrived all at around 12.45pm. By looking at the bowl, the food doesn't seems alot to me, but I was kinda of struggling when I try to finish it. So shock to see that Cally actually finished it! OMG. hahahaha.

We were late for Bio lecture. Sorry Ms. Geraldine. >.< so chun.. 12 of us went in to the class by our leader, Cally and sat at the last row.

Then when teacher asked us "Why everybody is late for class today?"
Cally answered "Tayar bouncit" as what we discussed to give the excuse.
"But do you need so many people?"
Yoon Hung then said, " We help each other"
"Can you fit so many people in one car..? 2 cars also not enough"
"No no teacher, it's 2 cars. " Cally
"One car help on another car is it" Teacher
"Ya ya.. "Yoon Hung

LOL...... omg omg. I really laugh out loud. XD

Didn't really concentrate in the class, due to the higher concentration of blood in my intestine rather than in my brain. hahaha.

To Cally: I actually don't like to lead others. But when there's necessary, I will make decision. 'coz somehow sometimes, I don't like the feeling of being leader. But there's sometimes, I will "tend" to be the leader, temporary, maybe there's a need in doing so.

Yoon Hung sent me to LRT today again, but Chong Keat so tak tau malu follow his car also. XDXD Met my younger sister there and went back with her.

Today's weather was windy. And so.. don't know what wind blows her, she wanted to go swinging at the small park nearby my house, before we walked back home. Saw Mok in the bus before leaving.

I still remember I love swinging alot last time. But... everytime after I swing, I will sure catch cold. So, Im praying nothing going to happen after I do this today.

My younger sis said, she's in a good mood today, that's why feel like swinging. I think I should be the opposite one. Being too hyper and when it comes to quiet, it will somehow make me feel abit down.

While swinging, I thought alot. Smiling answering her questions but thinking another matter of mine which troubles me for these few days.

I guess I know what to do next time when Im not in a good mood. =) Swinging and u can feel the wind, how nice.

p/s: We really need some time. As what you said, "It's worst than like stranger." I guess I can feel what you felt. Sorry.




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