Sunday, October 12, 2008


Posted by Siew Lee at 10/12/2008 06:52:00 AM
Some random photos here.

At Ming's Tea..

Jian Shen, Ching Jia, and Yoon Hung. XD

Cally with the nerdy look. XD

The bear in Cally's car.

Cally driver.

I ate this few days back.. and I still don't know what noodle is this.

New couple. =p

So we were doing our last practical for Sem 1 chemistry practical. Planned to stay back but didn't make it 'coz sister will be only going back at 6pm. Went back home and went out again, with Cally. Accompanied her to Danau Kota to search for tuition centres. Well, finding job isn't easy. hehe. Rain so heavily out of sudden. Forced to sit down at a "char chan teng" and Cally ordered one hot barley. Walking under the rain is fun. XDXD Cannot wait for the rain to stop, so we kinda of playing+running back to the car. Before that, we were searching for Pusat Tuisyen Wawasan which doesn't exist at all. wth. So funny. Drove to shop lots near the Old Town. Then start finding again. Until it's around 6pm. Janson wanna follow Cally's car back, but he will be only finishing his class at 6.30pm. Waited him outside college and we saw one leng zai passed by. haha. Cally nearly go down and ask for his number. ROFL. Reached home around 7pm. It's quite fun one actually, having our "car windows shopping". XDXD Unplanned outgoing.

hot barley.

Cally. Nice body figure. XD

It's raining...

50% single. How about the other 50%? haha.

It was raining..and I was thinking..=)

2 scratches come out from nowhere. =.=''

Finally.. I get to try it. XD




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