Sunday, October 12, 2008

Painted Skin

Posted by Siew Lee at 10/12/2008 06:12:00 AM
There's been soooooooo long time since I last watched Chinese movie in cinema. I have chosen Painted Skin which seems to be quite nice. Watched it with my elder sister, and my kai kor at KLCC.

Well, Im not good in introducing movie, writing movie review or whatever it is. So, if you are intrested in this movie, just go google it or what.=p

But.. I still can show some photos here. hehe.

The main actor.

The main actress.

Before the show started, headed to Little Taiwan, Avenue K to have some light meal.

Jasmine Green Tea.


Well..obviously I wasn't hungry that time, 'coz I didn't order any food. XD

But.. still.. Im eating.. XDXD

Walked to Boulangerie Chaude (you don't have to know the name), a bread stall just right opposite the Isetan supermarket at 3rd floor. Bought some breads and took some pictures of the cakes there. They are so so so so tempting!!! haha. I wanna get it. XD

The bread stall. Cost us around.. 15 bucks. I think.


Tiramisu.. XD

Vanilla.. with a cute strawberry on top. XD

and.. my favourite, Mixed Fruit. XD

The big one.

Those cakes are tempting right? right? right? haha. Im not gonna force you to say yes. XD

Went to Food Court to have our lunch-dinner. The food... sucks. haha.

Nasi Pattaya that both of us ordered.

Japanese rice.. don't know what is this called. Kai kor's meal.

This is the best. haha. The dessert is even better. XD

If there's a camera, where can we don't camwhore? haha. XDXD

Window shopping for a while then went back already.Quite tired for the whole day, don't know why.

Exhausted. haha.




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